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Looking for the best-selling sex dolls in Australia? Explore our top-rated selection of lifelike sex dolls designed to meet your every desire. Our premium sex dolls are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and an incredibly realistic experience. Whether you're seeking a specific body type, skin tone, or customizable features, our diverse range caters to all preferences. Each doll is meticulously detailed to provide the utmost satisfaction and companionship. Shop with confidence and discretion, and discover why our sex dolls are the top choice for customers across Australia. Experience ultimate pleasure and fulfillment with our most popular sex dolls today!

beginner-friendly sex doll Torsos

Searching for the most affordable sex doll torsos in Australia? Look no further! Our collection of budget-friendly sex doll torsos offers unbeatable quality and realism at prices that won't break the bank. Our dolls provide a lifelike experience while being easy on your wallet. With a variety of body types, skin tones, and customizable options, our affordable sex doll torsos cater to diverse preferences and needs. Enjoy discreet shopping and fast delivery across Australia. Find the perfect blend of quality and affordability with our top-rated, budget-friendly sex doll torsos today!

Most luxurious Sex Dolls In Australia

Discover the most luxurious sex dolls in Australia, where sophistication meets unparalleled realism. Our premium collection features high-end sex dolls crafted from the finest materials, offering an exquisite and lifelike experience. Each doll boasts intricate detailing, customizable options, and optional advanced features, ensuring a truly personalized encounter. Whether you desire a specific body type, skin tone, or unique attributes, our luxurious sex dolls cater to your every fantasy with elegance and discretion. Indulge in the ultimate pleasure and experience why our dolls are the epitome of luxury in Australia. Shop now for the finest sex dolls and elevate your satisfaction to new heights.

New Sex Doll Arrivals

Discover our exciting new arrivals in the world of dolls! Our latest collection features the newest and most innovative designs, from lifelike sex dolls to beautiful anime dolls. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and made from premium materials, our new arrivals balance price, unmatched realism and quality. Whether you're seeking the perfect companion or a unique addition to your collection, our fresh selection caters to all preferences and desires. Shop our new arrivals today and be the first to experience the cutting-edge designs and features that set our dolls apart. Stay ahead with our continuously updated selection and find your perfect doll now!

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Indulge In Unforgettable Intimacy & Peace Of Mind With SxDolled

Discover the diverse selection of the most realistic sex dolls at SxDolled, your trusted destination for realistic sex dolls in Australia and the world. With careful attention to detail, lifelike materials, and advanced realistic features such as a flexible metal skeleton and customizable options, our sex dolls provide an unmatched lifelike experience. Enjoy discreet shipping for your privacy and convenience. As the leading vendor in Australia, we specialize in both TPE and silicone sex dolls, offering an exceptional range to choose from. Rest assured, we only stock authentic love dolls from renowned manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality for our customers. At SxDolled, we are dedicated to providing the finest love dolls in the world, catering to all preferences and desires. Whether you're looking for female or male sex dolls, we offer the best selection to suit your needs. Our inventory includes various body types, such as sex dolls with large breasts, thick butts, slim figures, and diverse ethnicities, including Caucasian, Asian, Latino, Black, and more. You can easily refine your search by whatever you desire, or explore all of our popular sex doll models. Don't wait any longer! Experience why SxDolled stands as Australia's top choice for premium life size sex dolls.

Good Purpose

Everybody dreams of finding someone who will fulfill all of their wildest fantasies. Experience the ultimate pleasure with a realistic sex doll.

Good Experience

At SxDolled we pride ourselves in taking care of all our clientele throughout their whole experience. That's before, during and after. 

Good Products

We only stock authentic sex dolls from the best manufactures in the sex doll industry, to ensure you're always receiving quality sex dolls.

Ready To Experience Love?

Discover immediate connection with our lifelike Sex Dolls. Our sex dolls collection offers a range of styles, from classic beauty to modern looks. Each doll is carefully made to feel real and warm, offering more than just a realistic appearance—they provide true companionship.

Bring home your perfect match today! Our love dolls are ready to start a genuine love and share in your life’s moments.

Our Promise

We are dedicated to delivering top-quality sex dolls to customers both in Australia and around the globe. We take pride in offering the safest and finest dolls, ensuring that every client receives a product that meets the highest standards of excellence.

We recognize that dolls often play a crucial role in forming rewarding relationships and enhancing personal wellbeing. For many, buying a sex doll transcends mere companionship—it's about enriching lifestyles and fostering significant bonds. Whether as love dolls, sleeping aids, or life partners, our dolls provide not just company but can also be transformative in one’s life.

We understand that the full potential and positive aspects of doll ownership are not yet widely recognized. As our world evolves, we are committed to challenging misconceptions and increasing cultural acceptance. It’s our mission to reveal the diverse and enriching experiences of doll ownership to a broader audience, promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of this growing community.


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Most Common FAQs

Why Choose SxDolled.com?

At SxDolled.com, we strive to offer our clients the absolute best. We operate with five, simple core values; authentic and quality products, uniqueness, affordable prices, trusted and secure transactions and a smooth customer journey.

We are a small but agile team, we don’t have large sums of overhead costs like other sellers, meaning we can pass those savings directly on to you. Furthermore, we will bend over backwards to provide you with the best service prior to, during and after you’ve shopped with us.

Too often there are sellers misguiding and cheating customers, selling them subpar products and providing an overall far from acceptable service. It only takes a simple google search to see the terrible people who have reviewed all these other vendors.

We view your desire to purchase a sex doll as an important investment, not only monetarily, but in your sexual pleasure and overall happiness and well-being. This is why we offer the best customer care from the day you begin window shopping on SxDolled.com until long after the purchase of your sex doll companion.

In addition to quality customer care and high-quality sex dolls, we offer:

• Shipping to clients all over the world for free.

• A guarantee that ensures your sex doll is perfect upon arrival or we’ll make it right.

• Lifetime after-sales customer care.

• 24-7 customer service.

• The finest sex dolls curated from the best and most reputable artists and manufacturers.

• The widest, most beautiful, diverse, and comprehensive collection of sex dolls within the industry.

• Personalized customer care from sex doll owners and professionals as we are NOT just another doll reseller. Most of our team owns and handles sex dolls and are happy to share hands-on tips and advice at any time.

Where Is SxDolled.com Based? 

We are an Australian-based company. However, the majority of our manufacturers are based in China. This allows us to keep costs of production down and customise your orders to your needs. This also allows us to innovate quickly and efficiently.

18 Easy Steps to Order a Custom Sex Doll

You’ll see easy navigation at the top of the page or our search bar to help you locate your perfect doll. You can shop by brand, breast size, and more.

18 Easy Steps to Order a Custom Sex Doll

Ordering a sex doll with customisation, is extremely easy to do at SxDolled.com. Once you have found the right sex doll for you, you will want to select her to go to her page. You will then want to select “customised”, and then let the customisation begin!

STEP 1 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s skin tone. Maybe you’ll love the sex doll you’ve chosen with a golden tan or light, porcelain skin.

STEP 2 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s hairstyle. Whether you love blonde curls, a cute short hairstyle or long-flowing locks, you can choose the hairstyle that best frames your sex doll’s beautiful features facial.

STEP 3 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s eye colour. Considering you’ll be staring into her beautiful enchanting eyes for many years to come, you might as well choose a colour that makes your heart race.

STEP 4 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s fingernail colour. Whether you’re after beautiful French tips or a vibrant nail colour we’ve got it for you. Remember, you could always paint and add nail decals of your choice once she is all yours.

STEP 5 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s toenail colour. There is nothing like pretty feet with perfectly painted toenails. Therefore, you’ll want to choose a colour that’ll make you want to caress her feet.

STEP 6 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your doll’s breast type. Whether you like full and soft pillows to snuggle up to or our extremely realistic gel-filled breasts, we guarantee you hours of fun no matter which you choose.

STEP 7 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your doll’s nipple size. No matter her breast size, a beautiful areola and nipple completes the perfect pair.

STEP 8 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s nipple colour. From light to dark, nipple colours accent her skin tone and complement her breasts.

STEP 9 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s public hair. If you’re a man who likes it smooth and clean-shaven or a man who likes a little hair down there. We can accommodate that for you too.

STEP 10 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select her vagina type. Whether you love the ultra-realistic look of a fixed vagina or the ease of cleaning and the customisation that comes with removable vaginas, the choice is yours.

STEP 11 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your doll’s mouth type. The standard mouth is wonderfully realistic but other enhanced mouth options offer incredible detail and an unforgettable oral experience.

STEP 12 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select standard or standing feet. Both are lifelike, soft and human-like, but standing feet allows for your doll to bear her own weight whilst standing, or in other bent over, positions.

STEP 13 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Choose from standard or enhanced shoulders. Although the standard shoulder is absolutely perfect, the enhanced shoulder enables your sex doll to be moved into more natural, human-like positions.

STEP 14 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select an insertable penis option. If you’re into shemale dolls and want to switch things up or just try something new, you can choose from two sizes of insertable penises.

STEP 15 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Add in the storage hook. For a small additional cost, you’ll be able to hang your doll the way the manufacturers do! This will keep your doll’s skin looking pristine and protected whilst she’s stored away.

STEP 16 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Would you like a deluxe flight case? Now you can have exactly that. Our reinforced flight case is heavy-duty and allows you to lock up your sex doll for added privacy and peace of mind.


Once you reach the bottom of the page, you’ll see the grand total of your sex doll with or without any additional options you added. Now you’ll want to simply click the “Add to Cart'' button.

Step 18

Fill in your details, process your order and you’re finished! Your doll will be at your front door before you even know it!

How Many Types of Sex Dolls Do You Sell?

SxDolled.com has more than 20 diverse and unique categories of dolls to choose from. Therefore, whether you want to shop for a sex doll by breast size, body type or ethnicity, we can cater to your every need and desire. 

Can I amend my order?

We want your sex doll companion to be the doll of your dreams. Therefore, depending on how far along production your doll is, you may or may not be able to make any changes.

Unfortunately, the longer it has been since you've placed your order, the less likely you will be able to amend your order.

Although we cannot guarantee any changes can be made after production has begun, we would like to work with you and see what we can do. Email us at info@sxdolled.com.

How is SxDolled.com After-Sales Support?

At SxDolled.com, our customers are at the foundation of our business. This is why we offer lifetime after-sales support. After-sales support offers you the knowledge and expertise of our team who are always ready to provide you with tips to care for your doll, refer you to products and services in relation to your doll and can even help you to repair minor imperfections on your doll at home.

Most importantly, we offer you this at no extra cost! All we want is for your sex doll to bring you joy for years to come. If there is anything we can do to help you maximize the life and longevity of your sex doll we are happy to help!

Simply contact us at info@sxdolled.com and we'll get back to you (replies can take up to 12 hours, but are often much faster than that).

Are SxDolled.com Authorised Sex Doll Sellers?

Absolutely! Many of our sex dolls come with authenticity certificates to prevent fakes and prove that all pf the dolls we sell are authentic. Additionally, some of our manufacturers such as WM Dolls has a fake doll search engine for you to easily verify if your sex doll is a genuine or fake WM Doll.

How to Tell if a Sex Doll is Fake?

Unfortunately, many sex doll buyers have been scammed by illegitimate manufacturers who use photos from the best companies but deliver sub-par, cheaply made sex dolls. Therefore, it’s important to trust your sex doll vendor and be on the lookout for fake sex dolls.

Common factors amongst fake sex dolls:

• Super low prices. Quality sex dolls almost always start from $1,000 USD and only go up in price.

• Fake sex dolls look fake and lack the care of crafted details and facial features that only the authentic manufacturers provide.

• Some fake sex dolls have unesthetic seams as a by-product of the molding process.

• Many fake sex dolls are cheap inflatables covered with TPE.

• Strong chemical odours emit from fakes, these could even be potentially dangerous.

• Sites that have hidden costs, no money-back guarantees and no direct contact or support team.

I’m having trouble adding a doll to my cart, what do I do?

Please make sure you have selected all available options, otherwise, you won’t be able to add the doll to your cart. If you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I need customizations not currently available for selection. What do I do?

No worries at all! Please contact us via email at info@sxdolled.com with what you require with as much detail and photos if possible and we’ll do our best to cater to your needs.

Still have questions?

No worries! Please visit our detailed FAQs page to get all the details.

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