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Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

1) Why Choose

At, we strive to offer our clients the absolute best. We operate with five, simple core values; authentic and quality products, uniqueness, affordable prices, trusted and secure transactions and a smooth customer journey.

We are a small but agile team, we don’t have large sums of overhead costs like other sellers, meaning we can pass those savings directly on to you. Furthermore, we will bend over backwards to provide you with the best service prior to, during and after you’ve shopped with us.

Too often there are sellers misguiding and cheating customers, selling them subpar products and providing an overall far from acceptable service. It only takes a simple google search to see the terrible people who have reviewed all these other vendors.

We view your desire to purchase a sex doll as an important investment, not only monetarily, but in your sexual pleasure and overall happiness and well-being. This is why we offer the best customer care from the day you begin window shopping on until long after the purchase of your sex doll companion.

In addition to quality customer care and high-quality sex dolls, we offer:

  • Shipping to clients all over the world for free.
  • A guarantee that ensures your sex doll is perfect upon arrival or we’ll make it right.
  • Lifetime after-sales customer care.
  • 24-7 customer service.
  • The finest sex dolls curated from the best and most reputable artists and manufacturers.
  • The widest, most beautiful, diverse, and comprehensive collection of sex dolls within the industry.
  • Personalized customer care from sex doll owners and professionals as we are NOT just another doll reseller. Most of our team owns and handles sex dolls and are happy to share hands-on tips and advice at any time.

2) Where Is Based? 

We are an Australian-based company. However, the majority of our manufacturers are based in China. This allows us to keep costs of production down and customise your orders to your needs. This also allows us to innovate quickly and efficiently.

3) 18 Easy Steps to Order a Custom Sex Doll

You’ll see easy navigation at the top of the page or our search bar to help you locate your perfect doll. You can shop by brand, breast size, and more.

18 Easy Steps to Order a Custom Sex Doll

Ordering a sex doll with customisation, is extremely easy to do at Once you have found the right sex doll for you, you will want to select her to go to her page. You will then want to select “customised”, and then let the customisation begin!

STEP 1 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s skin tone. Maybe you’ll love the sex doll you’ve chosen with a golden tan or light, porcelain skin.

STEP 2 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s hairstyle. Whether you love blonde curls, a cute short hairstyle or long-flowing locks, you can choose the hairstyle that best frames your sex doll’s beautiful features facial.

STEP 3 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s eye colour. Considering you’ll be staring into her beautiful enchanting eyes for many years to come, you might as well choose a colour that makes your heart race.

STEP 4 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s fingernail colour. Whether you’re after beautiful French tips or a vibrant nail colour we’ve got it for you. Remember, you could always paint and add nail decals of your choice once she is all yours.

STEP 5 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s toenail colour. There is nothing like pretty feet with perfectly painted toenails. Therefore, you’ll want to choose a colour that’ll make you want to caress her feet.

STEP 6 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your doll’s breast type. Whether you like full and soft pillows to snuggle up to or our extremely realistic gel-filled breasts, we guarantee you hours of fun no matter which you choose.

STEP 7 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your doll’s nipple size. No matter her breast size, a beautiful areola and nipple completes the perfect pair.

STEP 8 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s nipple colour. From light to dark, nipple colours accent her skin tone and complement her breasts.

STEP 9 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your sex doll’s public hair. If you’re a man who likes it smooth and clean-shaven or a man who likes a little hair down there. We can accommodate that for you too.

STEP 10 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select her vagina type. Whether you love the ultra-realistic look of a fixed vagina or the ease of cleaning and the customisation that comes with removable vaginas, the choice is yours.

STEP 11 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select your doll’s mouth type. The standard mouth is wonderfully realistic but other enhanced mouth options offer incredible detail and an unforgettable oral experience.

STEP 12 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select standard or standing feet. Both are lifelike, soft and human-like, but standing feet allows for your doll to bear her own weight whilst standing, or in other bent over, positions.

STEP 13 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Choose from standard or enhanced shoulders. Although the standard shoulder is absolutely perfect, the enhanced shoulder enables your sex doll to be moved into more natural, human-like positions.

STEP 14 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Select an insertable penis option. If you’re into shemale dolls and want to switch things up or just try something new, you can choose from two sizes of insertable penises.

STEP 15 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Add in the storage hook. For a small additional cost, you’ll be able to hang your doll the way the manufacturers do! This will keep your doll’s skin looking pristine and protected whilst she’s stored away.

STEP 16 (Applicable When Customising)

(Subject to specific dolls) Would you like a deluxe flight case? Now you can have exactly that. Our reinforced flight case is heavy-duty and allows you to lock up your sex doll for added privacy and peace of mind.


Once you reach the bottom of the page, you’ll see the grand total of your sex doll with or without any additional options you added. Now you’ll want to simply click the “Add to Cart'' button.

Step 18

Fill in your details, process your order and you’re finished! Your doll will be at your front door before you even know it!

4) How Many Types of Sex Dolls Do You Sell? has more than 20 diverse and unique categories of dolls to choose from. Therefore, whether you want to shop for a sex doll by breast size, body type or ethnicity, we can cater to your every need and desire. 

5) How is After-Sales Support?

At, our customers are at the foundation of our business. This is why we offer lifetime after-sales support. After-sales support offers you the knowledge and expertise of our team who are always ready to provide you with tips to care for your doll, refer you to products and services in relation to your doll and can even help you to repair minor imperfections on your doll at home.

Most importantly, we offer you this at no extra cost! All we want is for your sex doll to bring you joy for years to come. If there is anything we can do to help you maximize the life and longevity of your sex doll we are happy to help!

Simply contact us at and we'll get back to you (replies can take up to 12 hours, but are often much faster than that).

6) Can I amend my order?

We want your sex doll companion to be the doll of your dreams. Therefore, depending on how far along production your doll is, you may or may not be able to make any changes.

Unfortunately, the longer it has been since you've placed your order, the less likely you will be able to amend your order.

Although we cannot guarantee any changes can be made after production has begun, we would like to work with you and see what we can do. Email us at

7) Does Sell Knock-Offs Or Fake Products?

Absolutely not. only works with authorised manufacturers who produce the most popular and high-quality sex dolls in the world.

Aside from offering our clients the best customer care, we also guarantee that our sex dolls are quality, genuine, name-brand sex dolls from only the best sex doll manufacturers. Furthermore, we guarantee our sex dolls are authentic by:

  • Personally, visiting our designers and manufacturers.
  • Personally, doing walk-throughs of their manufacturing facilities.
  • Working with manufacturers and their quality-control procedures.
  • Inspecting our dolls to ensure our clients get only the best.
  • Physically handling randomly selected dolls myself for quality control purposes.
  • Full transparency: we will never lie to you about your doll.

8) Are Authorised Sex Doll Sellers?


Many of our sex dolls come with authenticity certificates to prevent fakes and prove that all pf the dolls we sell are authentic. Additionally, some of our manufacturers such as WM Dolls has a fake doll search engine for you to easily verify if your sex doll is a genuine or fake WM Doll.

9) The's Best Price Guarantee

At, we understand that purchasing a sex doll is a significant financial investment. It is for that reason that we offer you the best price guarantee. If you find the same sex doll product listed cheaper somewhere else, we will match their price!

10) Our Certified Customer Reviews

We pride ourselves on reading each and every one of our customer’s reviews and following through with them. We do this in order to improve and make any changes necessary to ensure our clients are satisfied with our services but more importantly their dolls. As a result, we are constantly improving our service to you. 

11) How to Tell if a Sex Doll is Fake

Unfortunately, many sex doll buyers have been scammed by illegitimate manufacturers who use photos from the best companies but deliver sub-par, cheaply made sex dolls. Therefore, it’s important to trust your sex doll vendor and be on the lookout for fake sex dolls. 

Common factors amongst fake sex dolls:

  • Super low prices. Quality sex dolls almost always start from $1,000 USD and only go up in price.
  • Fake sex dolls look fake and lack the care of crafted details and facial features that only the authentic manufacturers provide.
  • Some fake sex dolls have unesthetic seams as a by-product of the molding process.
  • Many fake sex dolls are cheap inflatables covered with TPE.
  • Strong chemical odours emit from fakes, these could even be potentially dangerous.
  • Sites that have hidden costs, no money-back guarantees and no direct contact or support team.

12) Why don't you have any smaller dolls?

The simple answer, smaller dolls are prohibited. It is borderline illegal in some countries to sell or possess smaller dolls as they can appear underaged (under 18) either by size, facial features or other attributes. 

13) I’m having trouble adding a doll to my cart, what do I do?

Please make sure you have selected all available options, otherwise, you won’t be able to add the doll to your cart. If you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

14) I need customizations not currently available for selection. What do I do?

No worries at all!

Please contact us via email at with what you require with as much detail and photos if possible and we’ll do our best to cater to your needs.

15) Why are all sex dolls renamed?

At SxDolled we have chosen to rename all dolls to prevent overlap and confusion with our huge catalogue of dolls. If you'd like to know of the original name of any specific doll, please don't hesitate to reach out to us 😊 

General Sex Doll Questions

1) How Long Do Sex Dolls Last?

A sex doll can last up to 10 years, maybe longer, if your doll is cared for properly. For example, if you use your sex doll frequently, do not wash her regularly and store her in hot or humid areas, she’s likely not going to last very long.

Therefore, it is important to clean, dry and care for your sex doll on a regular basis. If you adhered to these simple guidelines, you will be protecting your investment and increasing the longevity of your doll.

Furthermore, to give you an even better idea of how long sex dolls last, The Doll Forum has extensive threads dedicated strictly to the buying and selling of used sex dolls.

Considering people are reselling their preowned dolls, we believe it speaks volumes as to how long well-made and high quality sex dolls can last.

2) Can I Try A Sex Doll Before I Buy It?

Unfortunately, you cannot try a sex doll before you buy it. It’s simply not feasible to have a showroom of sex dolls that you can take for a “test drive” before you decide to make that purchase as this is highly unhygienic and extremely dangerous. That being said, there are many other ways you can gain a feel of how sex dolls look and function. Some examples include:

  • Watching videos online from sex doll manufacturers and enthusiasts.
  • YouTube videos from real doll owners describing and detailing how sex dolls feel.
  • Read articles and comments from sex doll owners.
  • Join the sex doll forum, home to doll owners from all around the world detailing their vast and differing experiences.
  • If able, travel to your nearest sex doll brothel and try before you buy.
  • Do you live in Canada? Rent a sex doll.

3) What Comes With My Sex Doll?

What comes with your sex doll varies slightly from sex doll to sex doll. For the most part, most sex dolls comes with the following:

  • A starter cleaning kit
  • A white cotton gloves (for handling the doll while unpacking and assembling)
  • A basic clothing piece
  • Your doll’s body
  • Your doll’s head
  • A full-sized blanket

4) Can I Customize my Sex Doll To My Liking?

Yes, you can customize a sex doll exactly to your liking. Let’s walk you through some of the many customisation options you have at your finger tips. Here are most of the customisation options available to you, including cost where applicable.

  • Skin colour (no charge)
  • Hairstyle (no charge)
  • Eye Colour (no charge)
  • Fingernail style and colour (no charge)
  • Toenail style and colour (no charge)
  • Solid or hollow breasts (no charge) or lifelike gel breasts for $99 USD
  • Nipple size (no charge)
  • Nipple colour (no charge)
  • Pubic hair style; bold (no charge), light, medium or heavy, starting at $50 USD.
  • Fixed or removable vagina (no charge)
  • Regular mouth (no charge) realistic enhanced mouth $50 USD
  • Regular feet (no charge) or standing feet for $75 USD.
  • Regular shoulders (no charge) or lifelike, poseable enhanced shoulders for $75 USD
  • [Optional] insertable 6-inch penis for $40 USD or 8 inches for $50 USD
  • [Optional] storage hook for $30
  • [Optional] flight storage case for $550 USD

Keep in mind, that this is a broad list of customisations and optional additions. Whereas all sex dolls are unique and exclude or include different customisation options.

Furthermore, each brand of sex doll varies greatly in customisation options and features.

Finally, don’t forget to email us at to potentially craft a one-of-a-kind sex doll catered to you from scratch.

5) What material is my sex doll made of? 

Our sex dolls are made of a material called Thermoplastic Elastomer (more commonly known as TPE), silicone or a hybrid of the two. 

6) What Is TPE?

TPE stands for thermos-plastic elastomer and is a material made from a combination of polymers such as plastics and rubbers. TPE is used in sex doll production because it:

  • Is easily moldable
  • Feels the most like real human skin.
  • Is bouncy and moves/jiggles naturally and realistically.
  • Is warm to the touch.
  • Is one of the most widely used materials for sex toys.
  • Is found in everyday items such as toothbrush handles, soft-tipped spoons for babies and dental guards.
  • Is easily used in injection molding.
  • Has no strong chemical odour.
  • Is body safe.
  • Is very stretchy and elastic, making sex dolls feel more realistic.
  • Is often considerably cheaper than silicone.


  • TPE can break down after long-term use due to wear and tear.
  • TPE stains easily (especially when coloured clothing comes into contact with it).
  • TPE is porous, meaning the material has microscopic pores that can absorb and hold oils, dirt, and bacteria.
  • Thorough cleaning is required for TPE sex dolls to avoid staining and bacteria build-up.
  • TPE should be powdered regularly to keep its skin-like feel.
  • TPE can deform, melt and become misshapen from high heat or weight.

7) What Is Medical-Grade Silicone?

Medical-grade silicone is usually referred to as medical healthcare-grade silicone and is a type of rubber. Silicone is used in sex doll production because it:

  • Is hypoallergenic, making it safe for those with allergies to use.
  • Is firmer to the touch and therefore can be molded and refined to higher details.
  • Has no chemical odour
  • Is body safe.
  • Is used in high-quality cooking utensils, medical devices, and implants used for various types of plastic surgery, making it perfect for sex doll production.
  • Is non-porous, making it extremely silky and smooth.
  • Is non-porous, making it harder for oils, dirt and bacteria to get trapped in its material.
  • Can be cleansed and sanitized easily.
  • Can be molded to be extremely lifelike, especially in facial features.
  • Is stronger and more difficult to damage.
  • Is a “thermoset”, meaning it cannot be reshaped with high heat.


  • Silicone of this grade is very expensive.
  • It can dry out and crack with ageing and improper care.
  • Fragile areas can tear.
  • Silicone has less bounce or “wiggle” than TPE, making it move less naturally than TPE.
  • Oil and silicone-based lubricants and moisturizing products could damage the silicone composition of your sex doll.

8) What Are Hybrid Sex Dolls Made Of?

As the name suggests, hybrid sex dolls are created with a combination of medical-grade silicone and TPE, giving you the best of both worlds. Some of our hybrid sex dolls have silicone heads, so you receive extremely lifelike facial features with a less porous material. Whilst, the bodies are made from TPE so you enjoy the real feel of human-like skin and a more natural, bounce or “jiggle”.

Hybrid sex dolls feature:

  • Unique skin tones (depending on the doll).
  • Implanted hair, rather than wigs.
  • Stunningly realistic facial features.
  • Incredibly lifelike bodies that feel like real skin and “jiggle” like real human body parts.

9) Which Sex Doll Is Best? Silicone vs TPE vs Hybrid

Purchasing a sex doll is a huge investment. Therefore, it is important that you are as informed as possible about how sex dolls are made, how long they last as well as the costs involved before taking the leap. This chart will provide you with a good but quick summary of most of the information you’ll need to know to help guide you towards the best decision for you.

*Life expectancy depends on how you care for your doll and the frequency of use

*Prices are from as of 19/02/2023 and are subject to change

10) What Is The Skeleton of a Sex Doll Made Of?

A sex doll skeleton is often made of stainless steel and is composed of an intricate system of joints and connectors that enable your doll to move and bend into human-like poses. Additionally, these metal skeletons are manufactured to be tough and withhold the weight of men and women up to 180 kilograms. In addition, some sex doll brands offer reinforced skeletons that can bear weights of up to 270 kilograms!

That being said, sex dolls move like real humans. Therefore, if you move, twist or force a sex doll into unnatural positions (that is positions that you would feel uncomfortable in), you run the risk of permanently bending, breaking or damaging her skeleton. Thus, treat your sex doll well and don’t overly abuse her, but be assured that she can handle all the rough sex play you can give her.

11) What Does A Quality Sex Doll Feel Like?

If you have ever seen or felt an old, blow-up sex dolls, you already know that these dolls have come a very long way.

Nevertheless, what exactly does a quality sex doll feel like? TPE and silicone sex dolls both feel very soft (yet firm), silky and extremely life-like. However, until you have physically experienced a quality sex doll yourself, you’ll never quite understand just how amazingly realistic sex dolls feels.

12) Tips For Better Sex With Your Sex Doll

Once you have purchased your dream sex doll, you probably couldn’t imagine that things could get even better!

However, if you follow these tips for better sex with your sex doll, you’ll find new and exciting pleasures await you ahead.

  • Warming your sex dolls vagina makes sex feel much more realistic. You can achieve this by giving your sex doll a warm bath, flushing your dolls vaginal canal with warm water, giving her a warm shower, covering her with an electric blanket on low or warming up your lubricant before use.
  • Proper Lubricants can bring a world of difference between a good sexual experience and a fantastic one. Water-based lubricants will not only make sex better, but it also helps with the longevity of your sex doll.
  • Your sex doll will come with a enema bulb to irrigate/clean her cavities. Keep it with you when cleaning her to wash out your doll’s holes and remove any leftover lubricant and residue.
  • Using skin-softening powders (such as baby power) will help to keep your sex doll’s skin feeling soft and silky whilst ensuring her longevity. Some sex doll owners prefer baby powder while others swear by corn starch. TPE powder is a good option that’s available at most sex stores.
  • Get creative with your sex doll’s positions.
  • Using lubricants on all her orifices will make sex with your sex doll even better. Using a water-based lubricant for oral sex makes the experience feel that much more real.
  • Using condoms whilst you’re getting it on will help to make post clean up a lot easier.

13) What’s The Difference Between Standard and Enhanced Shoulders?

One of the most confusing options when it comes to ordering your sex doll are the shoulder options. You may be asking, what’s the difference between standard and enhanced shoulders?


If you choose standard shoulders for your sex doll, it won’t affect the operational aspects of your doll. She will be perfectly capable of posing in various positions as well as move her arms. Many doll owners prefer standard shoulders as they fear another complicated joint may bring an additional worry.

Though, these fears seem to be unfounded as sex dolls with enhanced shoulders, although their sex doll possesses a more complicated skeleton, are well made and do not fail with regular and proper use.


You may not believe it but shrugging (enhanced) shoulders do make a difference in your sex doll’s functionality.

Although enhanced shoulders cost slightly more, they are well worth it and here is why:

When you choose enhanced shoulders, oftentimes referred to as “shrugging shoulders”, you’re your sex doll you’ll receive a greater range of motion from your sex doll that isn’t available with the standard shoulder. To put it simply, enhanced shoulders are an upgraded skeleton with a more natural shoulder joint which allows your sex doll’s shoulders to roll forward, backward, up and down.

As a result, your sex doll can much more easily raise her arms above her head, shrug her shoulders, twist naturally to one side and lay down on her side with her hand propping her head up. Additionally, enhanced shoulders is preferred by doll owners that love photographing their dolls as enhanced shoulders makes it easier and provides a wider range of positions to place your doll in.

14) Do Sex Dolls Come with their faces Made-Up?

Yes and no. Most sex dolls do not come with make-up on them, although they may look like they do. Other sex doll brands have a full inhouse makeup team to apply makeup to your sex doll’s face before shipping her off to you.

Each sex doll has her own, unique look. It depends if you’re after a more natural look or a more glamorous, made-up look. That being said, most dolls are airbrushed and have colouring applied which is a form of semi-permanent “make-up”. However, with continued use, touching and wiping down, the colouring will slowly fade over the long term.

Many sex doll owners like to glam up their sex dolls or apply make-up later after the airbrushing begins to fade.

15) How to Keep Stains off Your Sex Doll 

The biggest downside to owning a sex doll is that their skin can get dirty and stain. That’s why it’s vital to have the knowledge to keep your sex doll clean and from staining.

It’s important to note, sex dolls made from TPE stain more easily due to the fact that the porous material collects oil, dirt and stains. Silicone dolls can stain too, though not nearly as easily as TPE sex dolls.

To keep your sex doll clean and free from stains, follow this list of tips and tricks to keep your sex doll from staining:

  • Wash or bathe your sex doll at least every 4 weeks (much more often if you’re regularly using her for sexual activity).
  • When your sex doll is laying down or sitting, be sure she is on a clean, dry, colourfast fabrics and materials. You’d be surprised how dirty surfaces in your home can get.
  • Never use soaps, bath bombs or bubble baths that have dyes in them.
  • Keep socks on your dolls feet when moving her around or while she’s sitting with her feet on the floor.
  • Wash all clothing a few times before dressing them on your sex doll. Dark clothing is notorious for bleeding dye and staining.
  • The darker your sex doll’s skin, the less likely she will stain.
  • Make sure the clothing isn’t too tight.
  • Keep your sex doll away from grease, paint, stains and other ink based products like magazines and newspaper.
  • Pay close attention to your sex doll’s elbows, knees, feet, buttocks and the back of her thighs as these areas most often make contact with surfaces.
  • The lighter the clothing colour you dress your sex doll in, the less risk you hold of staining your sex doll.
  • Use caution when applying make-up on your sex doll.
  • Don’t use lotions, oils or perfumes on your sex doll as these products will attract dirt.

16) How Do You Move a Sex Doll?

Today’s sex dolls are more realistic and lifelike than ever before. It’s because of that, sex dolls can weigh up to 45kg or more.

So, how will you move your sex doll that weighs nearly as much as a real human, especially when it is purely dead weight? Very carefully.

  • Carrying your sex doll properly will protect her skin and small joints from damage caused by bumping your doll on walls, corners, doorknobs or furniture.
  • Knowing how to properly carry and move your sex doll is important to protect you from injury and muscle strain.

The following are 4 methods of safely moving and carrying your sex doll.

  • The Hug Carry
  • The Bridal Carry
  • Piggy Back
  • The Roll Around

17) Will my sex doll look the same as in the pictures? 

In short, yes! Though depending on the customisation options you selected for your sex doll you may receive a slightly different doll (you will receive a doll according to your specifications).

All our photos are 100% unedited and professional shots to provide you with the optimal sense of how your doll will look when she arrives at your front door.

Something to note, depending on your colour settings, your screen may vary images slightly, and so the colours you see on your screen may slightly vary from the real colours.

Also, all product photos were taken using professional lighting and photography, clothing is also not included. Clothing is often only used for demonstration purposes only as shipping outfits with your doll subjects her to damages and stains. Please check with us if you have any worries or doubts. Your doll will often come with a simple article of clothing or lingerie.

18) Does my sex doll come with the pictured outfit?

The clothes used to showcase your doll in her product photos are not included in your purchase. However, we do include a simple garment or lingerie with all doll orders.

19) Can I Break My Doll During Sex?

A very valid concern, especially considering that sex dolls are a big investment. Fortunately, the answer is, not likely. Though, bear these things in mind:

  • Sex dolls aren’t capable of posing in as many positions as humans. Therefore, if you force your sex doll into odd positions, you could potentially break her.
  • We all know how passionate and wild sex can get and I can not say that I have not had my fair share of sex injuries. By the same token, being too rough with your sex doll could potentially damage her.
  • Be especially careful with your sex doll’s limbs, hands, feet, fingers and toes as these are her most delicate body parts and they’re more prone to breaking.
  • Do not put too much weight on your sex doll’s joints as you could break them. As much as you want to jump her, always be mindful of her pose and her surroundings.
  • Make sure there are no sharp objects on your bed or near your doll.
  • Applying too much pressure on your doll against a hard surface could cause depressions in her skin, leaving deformities and indents.
  • Don’t leave your sex doll in positions that place weight on her knees, ankles, feet, elbows, wrists, and hands for long periods of time. Use pillows or soft surfaces to offset your doll’s body weight in these positions.

20) Are These Sex Dolls like blow-up sex dolls?

Absolutely not.

Yes, the first sex dolls made widely available to the public were cheap, inflatable dolls. These were not good sex toys. They were ugly and unrealistic dolls that, had extremely uncomfortable orifices.

Sex dolls have come a long way since then. Nowadays, you’ll want a high-quality, realistic love doll. A sex doll that turns you on and feels amazingly real.

No serious doll lover would consider an inflatable doll to be an acceptable alternative. Don’t short-change yourself by purchasing an inflatable sex doll.

21) I bought a sex doll so I could have unprotected sex, but I keep seeing people recommending using condoms with sex dolls.

Condoms help make cleanup a whole lot easier and faster with your sex doll post-sex.

Furthermore, you can have unprotected sex with your sex doll as much as you’d like if you’re using it by yourself, but if you are sharing your sex doll with someone (something we highly discourage) by having unprotected sex with the same doll you carry the risk of contracting STIs or other infections.

22) What is better TPE or Silicone Sex Dolls?

The short answer is that it depends on your needs. It is hard to say which is better as they both carry their own characteristics. For example, TPE sex dolls feel and jiggle more realistically, whilst silicone sex dolls look aesthetically more realistic. 

23) Will my doll look like in the pictures?

Yes, your doll will look like the doll in the pictures.

Note, wigs may slightly differ. The pictured clothing will not be included. 

Male Sex Doll Questions

1) Are There Male Sex Dolls With a Penis?

Yes, there are male sex dolls that come with a penis. When ordering a male doll, you have a few choices of penis size available to you. Furthermore, his penis is removeable. Therefore, it is easy for you to clean your doll more thoroughly as well as providing you with the option to shop around for new penis attachments.

For instance, a flaccid penis will make your sex doll easier to dress, whilst an erect penis is more satisfying for those nights when you need a little more.

2) Does Sell Male Sex Dolls?

Yes, we have a wide selection of male sex dolls. As the market for male sex dolls has grown over the years and is ever changing, many sex doll manufacturers are finally catering to the desires of men and women around the world whom prefer male sex doll companions.

Therefore, male dolls are aesthetically more realistic than ever and the market will only continue to grow and improve as time goes on.

3) How Much Does a Male Sex Doll Cost?

At, male sex dolls start at $1,399 USD and go up to $2,200 USD. Our male dolls are just as high-quality as our female sex dolls. However, they are larger and weigh considerably more than their female counterparts.

Considering the level of artistry and craftsmanship that go into the production of male sex dolls, they are well worth the cost.

4) What is The Biggest Penis Male Sex Doll I Can Buy?

Our largest male sex doll companions come with an erection of up to 8 inches. 

5) Can a Male Sex Doll Be On Top?

That depends, considering that male sex dolls are quite heavy, you this depends if you’re able to bear his weight. Yes, you can certainly lay under your male sex doll and feel the weight of his body on yours. However, having sex whilst he is on top will take a lot more work and creativity on your part. Hopefully, these tips below will help you use your male sex doll on top:

6) Why Aren’t There Male AI Sex Dolls?

Honestly, this is because the vast majority of the sex doll market is dominated by men who are after female sex dolls.

Male AI sex dolls really haven’t come about yet because those developing AI sex dolls are predominantly men designing sex dolls for men, leaving women in the cold.

However, hope is not completely lost, a couple of companies have started developing male AI sex doll prototypes but haven’t quite hit the mark yet.

Female Sex Doll Questions

1) What Are My options in terms of Vaginas for my Sex Doll?

Our sex dolls have two basic vaginal options; fixed and removeable. Each type of vagina has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if you’ve never purchased a sex doll before, learn about the differences before you decide. Rest assured, whichever vagina option you choose, you will still gain an incredibly lifelike sexual experience.

2) What is the difference between insert and built-in vaginas?

Sex Doll Insert vs Built-in Vagina

Insert vaginas:

Sex dolls that have an insert only hold one main difference. The insertable vagina allows for a longer cavity inside the vaginal area of your sex doll. The idea behind this is so that you can remove the insert and wash it with ease at any time.

Externally looking at the vagina and labia, insertable vaginas are actually still highly detailed and not far off from built-in vaginas, so the difference is mainly only internal.

Built-in doll:

The nubs and pleasure points are built-in into the doll and therefore there is no insert nor space for an insert.

Her vaginal cavity will need to be washed with a douche as her vagina can not be removed. Some argue that built-in is better as it is or feels “more natural”.

As previously mentioned, the vaginal details externally are practically the same. The only difference is inside the cavity.

3) How to Insert a Removable Vagina Into Your Sex Doll

If you choose went with the removable vagina with your sex doll, the insert will come separately packaged. Therefore, you will have to insert her vagina before use.

But how do you insert a removable vagina into your sex doll?

It’s actually really easy.

You’ll need talcum powder (baby powder) or TPE powder.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Lay your sex doll on her back.
  2. Gently, slide your hand under the bend of her knees and lift them up towards her chest, pushing her legs outward at the same time, spreading her legs open.
  3. Generously apply talcum or TPE powder into and around your doll’s vaginal opening.
  4. Generously apply talcum or TPE powder onto the outside of the vaginal insert.
  5. Spread your doll’s vagina open with your fingers and carefully insert in the vaginal tube.
  6. Adjust and make sure the openings align.

4) What Is The Difference Between Solid, Hollow and Gel Breasts?

At we offer a range of customisation options for your sex doll. This includes her breasts. Therefore, when you order your doll with us, we provide you with the choose of 3 different breast types (not taking into account cup size nipple style and nipple colour). These three options include solid, hollow and gel breasts.


Solid breasts are made of either TPE or silicone, depending on the material your doll is made from. Solid breasts are often heavy and firm. Furthermore, solid breasts do have some jiggle and bounce to them but aren’t the most natural in turns of jiggle and feel.


Hollow breasts aren’t actually completely hollow. Rather, they contain a small pocket of air inside. As a result, the sex doll’s breasts are often lighter in weight making them softer and giving them a moderate level of jiggle. Hollow breasts slightly cuts down on the overall weight of your sex doll but still provides you that soft place to lay your head at night.


Gel filled breasts are the newest option available on the market for sex dolls. Gel filled breasts provide you with the perfect medium between solid and air filled breasts. Gel filled breasts lay more naturally on your sex doll’s body, are of a natural weight and move, jiggle and bounce like real breasts. Additionally, gel filled breasts feel the most real, the most like real female breasts.

5) Sex Doll Nail Glue

Sex doll nail glue is the adhesive used to attach your doll’s fingernails and toenails to styled nails. However, if you’ve run out of nail glue or misplaced yours, simply pick up some nail glue from a dedicated nail vendor.

If you are satisfied with your sex doll’s nails and you want a more permanent solution you can use a clear super glue or TPE glue for a more permanent manicure.

Caution, this is a more permanent method which made damage your doll if you try to remove these nails after application.

Clothing & Dressing Your Sex Doll

1) What Types of clothing does my sex doll come with?

Sex dolls come with the bare minimum and we mean bare! Most sex dolls come with a very simple top, gown or lingerie and nothing more than a smile. Therefore, it’s up to you to have some nice pieces waiting for your sex doll when he or she arrives.

2) Where To Buy Sex Doll Wigs

Sex doll wigs are the same as any normal wig. Therefore, you can purchase a sex doll wig anywhere you can buy wigs. Just be sure to buy a wig that has a sticky cap inside to keep the wig from slipping off your doll’s head, otherwise you can use other methods to keep your sex doll’s wig on. You can purchase synthetic wigs, synthetic human hair wigs and human hair wigs (although this type of wig can be quite expensive) for your sex doll. Additionally, you can purchase wigs of all colours, textures, styles and lengths to mix up your sex doll’s look at your leisure. 

3) Dressing And Styling Your Sex Doll

Each and every sex doll we sell look absolutely stunning in her (and his) photoshoots, but how do you get that look at home? After all, most sex dolls aren’t sold with the clothing you see her presented with.

Fortunately for you, all it takes is knowing the size of clothing your sex doll wears and maybe a little bit of knowledge on make-up application and wig care.

Unfortunately for you, if you’re not so skilled in makeovers and hairstyling, these skills aren’t that easy to pick up.

To combat this, you can purchase styled wigs or follow make up tutorials on YouTube.

4) What Kinds Of Shoes Can My Sex Doll Wear?

Your sex doll can wear any type of shoes you’d like. Provided that they are not too small and overly constrict your sex doll’s feet. Furthermore, sex dolls with the standing feet option may have a more difficult time standing in heels of any kind.

Most sex dolls feature very fine structures in her feet and toes. Standing feet may lead to your sex doll sliding down her heels smashing and deforming her toes and feet. Therefore, if you really want to see your sex doll in sexy heels, you’ll want to place her in a sitting or lying down position.

Most sex dolls with the standing feet are able to stand in flat shoes without an issue. Most sex doll enthusiasts recommend sneakers, especially high tops, as they help to support your sex dolls feet and ankles.

Most doll owners pose their sex dolls leaning against a wall, a counter, a chair, or a piece of furniture to support her from falling over.


  • Buy the correct sized shoes, don’t buy shoes any larger or smaller than 1 size up or down respectively.
  • Do not leave high heels on your sex doll for too long, it will crease her feet and ankles.
  • If possible, always leave socks on your sex doll for added protection to her feet (make sure these socks aren’t too tight).
  • Be careful when slipping shoes on your sex doll’s feet. Her feet and toes are delicate.
  • Stockings, socks, and baby powder helps you to slip shoes on to your sex doll easier and helps to prevent sticking.
  • If you want to put boots on your sex doll, pick boots with zippers. Slip on boots could twist, fold, or deform your dolls feet and ankles.
  • A few clever sex doll owners have learned to utilise steel plates on their sex doll’s feet enabling her to stand in heels. Click here to see this clever trick.
  • Use thick insoles, memory foam and gel insoles as they help to protect your sex doll’s feet.
  • Pointed toe shoes will squeeze your sex doll’s feet and toes together, potentially deforming them.
  • After removing your doll’s shoes, sprinkle baby powder on her feet to prevent her toes from sticking together.

5) What Types of Clothes Should I Buy My Sex Doll?

I recommend white clothing if not lighter-coloured clothing as there is less of a chance the dye from the clothing will transfer to your sex doll’s skin.

If you really want to dress your sex doll in darker clothing, try washing those pieces of clothing a few times to test if the dye leaks and transfers.

Otherwise, anything you’d like! You’re only really limited by your imagination. If you love lacey and racy lingerie or if you’re into classy, sophisticated clothing, you may dress your sex doll in anything you’d like.

I recommend clothing that stretches as it is easier to wear on your doll. I also recommend button on and light, loose clothing that’s easy to wear on your doll. Lastly, always make sure to always wash your doll’s clothing before dressing her.

Types of clothing to choose from can be:

  • Ready to wear like loose jeans, shorts, tees, sweaters and blouses.
  • Dresses, sundresses, cocktail dresses and other formal wear.
  • Undergarments, panties, bras, stockings, corsets, garter belts and bustiers.
  • Costumes, fantasy wear, Lolita, babydoll, gamer costumes and BDSM wear.


  • Chainmail or any other metal items
  • Clothing with metal grommets, snaps and accessories
  • Cheaply dyed or poorly made clothing
  • Clothing that is tight or far too small

Maintenance, Care & Cleaning

1) How Do I Clean My Sex Doll’s Vaginal, Anal & Oral Openings?

Cleaning your sex doll’s openings is the most important thing you can do to extend the lifespan of your sex doll and keep her healthy for you to continue to use. This about it this way, would you have sex with a someone who you know never bathed, brushed her teeth, or cleaned her vaginal or anal holes? I guarantee your answer is no. Your sex doll may not sweat or secret anything at all, but, the build-up of bodily fluids on and in your sex doll invites yeast and bacteria to grow as well as dry out her silicone or TPE skin.

2) Caring For Sex Dolls With Rooted Hair

The most important aspect of caring for your sex doll with rooted hair is to keep your doll’s face and head from getting saturated. Therefore, this will take a little time and talent. Fortunately, since your sex doll doesn’t have a scalp that sweats, it’s only necessary to shampoo the hair every 4 to 6 weeks.


To wash your sex doll’s rooted hair, you must first decide on which position is the easiest and most comfortable for you. Here are the easiest positions:

  • Seat your sex doll in a tall chair or bar stool with her head leaning back over the sink.
  • Seat your sex doll on the bathroom floor with her head leaning back over the side of your bathtub.
  • Lay your sex doll on the edge of the bed or on a table, facing upward, with a bucket or large tub underneath (you will need a cup for rinsing).

Before beginning, you will want to cover your sex doll’s face with an absorbent towel or cloth.

You’ll want the following items to efficiently wash your sex doll’s rooted hair; sex doll grooming kit, bucket, shampoo/conditioner (a dedicated wig shampoo and conditioner is best), towel and wig brush or comb.

Follow these steps to wash your sex doll’s rooted hair:

  1. Fill your bucket/sink/bathtub with warm water.
  2. Use a plastic cup to dip into the warm water and carefully saturate your doll’s hair making sure not to saturate your doll’s face and eyes.
  3. Lather your doll’s hair with shampoo starting from her scalp and working down to the tips of the hair.
  4. Use a cup to rinse the shampoo out of her hair until all of the shampoo has been washed out. You may have to change your water if it becomes too concentrated with shampoo.
  5. To condition, change out the water bucket and repeat steps 3-4.
  6. Gently squeeze any excess water from your doll’s hair.
  7. Wrap a towel around your doll’s hair and gently squeeze to remove as much moisture as possible.
  8. Sit your sex doll upright and comb through her hair, supporting the roots of her hair in your hand. Careful not to pull too hard as this will tear the hair out of your doll’s scalp and cause irreversible damage to your doll’s head.
  9. Allow your doll’s hair to air dry or use a blow dryer on a cool setting.
  10. Once dry, style as preferred.


  • Use hair barrettes, clips, twist pins, ponytail holders, scrunchies, headbands, bandanas and bobby pins for easy, cute hairstyles.
  • If all else fails, hats make a fantastic fashion statement.
  • Follow YouTube hairstyle tutorials to be a hair pro in no time.
  • Find stylists that will do house calls.
  • Call your local beauty school or salon and ask if they do wigs. You can drop off your wig then pick it back up later.
  • Keep several wigs of all styles and colours on hand to easily change up your sex doll’s look at any time.
  • Use a wig stand for drying and styling your sex doll’s wig.
  • Using and brushing dry shampoo into your sex doll’s hair will give it a wonderful scent.
  • Using a sponge or memory foam rollers on her damp hair/wig and then allowing it to dry will provide you with an easy way to style your sex doll’s hair with sexy waves and curls.
  • Your sex doll will come with the correct sized wig for her head. You can use the measurements of this wig for purchasing new wigs. Furthermore, you can purchase wigs with adjustable caps built in.

3) Cleaning Your Hybrid Sex Doll

A hybrid sex doll combines the best of both TPE and silicone sex dolls. These sex dolls have stunningly realistic silicone head with but a soft, lifelike TPE body.

You’ll need to thoroughly bathe or clean your hybrid sex doll every 2-4 weeks to prevent the build-up of oils, dirt and bodily fluids on your sex doll that could break down your doll’s skin. Your hybrid doll can be sponge bathed or even given a bath.

4) How to Repair Your Sex Doll’s Orifices with TPE Glue

Knowing how to repair your sex doll’s orifices with TPE glue is an extremely difficult thing to do.

Important things to note before proceeding:

  • It’s no surprise that tears inside your sex doll are tough to reach.
  • You could potentially glue your dolls anal canal, vagina or mouth closed, causing greater issues and much more damage when you try to use your doll again.

There are several threads on The Doll Forum that address this issue. Some doll owners have been successful at making the repairs, whilst others have had to send their doll back to our manufacturers for professional repairs, replacing their dolls vaginal insert or replacing their dolls completely.

This decision is entirely up to you, but I do not recommend repairing your sex dolls internal orifices.

5) How Do I Remove Creases On My Sex Doll’s Skin?

Your sex doll’s skin is likely made from TPE or silicone, materials that feel extremely lifelike and similar to human skin. Similar to human skin, after your sex doll have been in the same position for a long period of time, you may notice wrinkles or creases in her skin.

In order to remove those creases in her skin, you simply need to reposition your doll into a position. However, if your sex doll have been creased or deformed for an extended period of time, this method may not work and your doll may be permanently deformed.

I suggest hanging your doll, which is the best method to store your sex doll (sex doll manufacturers store their dolls this way).

Furthermore, don’t keep your sex doll in a chair or any other bent position for extend periods of time as this could cause her skin to tear.

When you don’t store your sex doll properly she can acquire pressure creases which turn into bigger tears and open rips that are sometimes unrepairable.

Finally, the following procedure can remove deep creases and wrinkles more quickly. You’ll need the following items: a white, thick washcloth (big enough to cover the entire creased areas), a blow dryer, a clean & dry microfiber towel. Then:

  1. Place your doll in a flat position on a sturdy surface such as a table or your bed.
  2. Lay your doll on a large clean sheet, blanket, or towel.
  3. Soak a washcloth in warm water and squeeze out any excess water.
  4. Lay the soaked washcloth over the creased area of your doll.
  5. Use a blow dryer on warm and focus it on the wrinkled area, making sure to stay 8-12 inches away. Make sure you do not overheated her skin!
  6. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then check to see if the crease has gone.
  7. If the creases still persist, repeat steps 3-6
  8. If still, the creases are not flattening out after you’ve gone through these steps a few times, you may have to hang your doll for several days or a professional sex doll repairman.

6) Cleaning Your Sex Doll’s Mouth

Your sex doll may not get morning breath but cleaning your sex doll’s mouth is just as important as cleaning any other of her orifices for cleanliness, reducing the build-up of mold, yeast and bacteria and prolonging your sex doll’s life. A quick clean after every sexual session is crucial.

However, cleaning your sex doll’s mouth thoroughly once a week or so will help keep your doll’s tissues healthy and extend your doll’s life. You’ll need the following items to get started; a sex doll grooming kit, bucket, irrigation bulb, anti-baterial soap, sponge bottle cleaner, microfiber cloth, TPE powder and make-up brush.

To begin with, place a towel on the edge of your bed or table draped over the side of your bed/table to catch any excess water. Then, position your doll on the edge of your bed or table with her head turned to the side and mouth angled downward, toward the floor. This position will prevent water from entering inside her. You’ll then want to follow the these following steps:

  1. If your sex doll has a removeable tongue, remove her tongue and wash it in your sink.
  2. Pat the tongue dry and leave to the side.
  3. Fill up a small bucket with warm water and place it on the floor under your doll’s face.
  4. Fill the irrigator with warm water and squirt a little inside her mouth to dampen it.
  5. Place your sponge bottle cleaner into the bucket, saturating it with water. Add a little soap using your hands to create soap suds.
  6. Carefully place the sponge bottle cleaner into the mouth being mindful not to hit the teeth with the cleaner’s handle.
  7. Gently scrub from side to side and in and out of your sex dolls mouth a few times.
  8. Remove the sponge and rinse with warm water, using your irrigator, until the water runs clear and there is no left over soap in her mouth.
  9. Next, roll up your microfiber cloth, long-ways, and gently pat dry the inside of your sex doll’s mouth to absorb any excess water.
  10. Allow her mouth to dry for about an hour.
  11. Replace her tongue.
  12. Sprinkle a small amount of TPE powder or baby powder utilising a make-up brush to spread the powder around, around and insider her mouth to prevent stickiness.

7) How to Repair a Sex Doll

Knowing how to repair a sex doll is one of the most important skillsets for a sex doll owner to have. Performing minor repairs yourself will save you some serious cash and big headaches down the line. Furthermore, repairing your sex doll yourself will protect your investment and ensure your sex doll has a longer life expectancy. 

8) What’s the best way to store my sex doll away when I’m not using her?

The best way to store your sex doll is by hanging her in your closet or on a rack with the hanging hook attachment, this is because this method of storage prevents your doll from making any unnecessary contact with surfaces that could indent and misshape your sex doll. Additionally, make sure your storage location is dry and shaded.

Another option is right in your bed, laid out in a natural pose. This allows for little stress on her internal skeleton and is gentle on her synthetic flesh. Most customers generally leave their sex dolls in their beds for this reason. Where ever you decide to store her, be careful not to fold her up too tightly, or else you could permanently damage her.

Avoid leaving you doll in high stretched positions (such as a kneeling position) for long periods as this can damage your doll's skin.

9) How do I clean my sex doll?

We recommend using water and neutral soap to clean your doll. Please do not use chemicals and alcohol. For further information, refer to your doll's manual. 

Shipping & Delivery

1) How long will it take to make and ship my sex doll?

Once your order is placed, our team will begin working on your doll right away. Your doll will take 3-7 days to fully manufacture (and up to 30 days with more complicated and quality sex dolls, for example if you choose implanted hair) after placing your order.

After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation email with your order number. We will begin work on your order right away. Typically, an order will take approximately 2 weeks to build and then an additional week for shipping.

This means you’ll typically receive your order approximately 3 weeks after your purchase.

Sex dolls are shipped using UPS or FedEx directly to your door, fully tracked and insured. This can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks depending on where the package is being sent to.

For those in the USA and Europe, deliveries generally only take about 1 week to be delivered.

2) How is my sex doll Packaged and shipped?

Your sex doll's hands, feet and head are carefully wrapped in foam. Her head and body are wrapped in a protective bag with everything placed into a custom-made protective polystyrene foam casing inside a standard cardboard shipping box. 

3) Which countries do you ship to?

We ship globally to any country we are legally allowed to ship to. To check if sex dolls are legal in your country, you can check out our blog article that details exactly which countries sex dolls are legal in, which countries have specific rules and which countries sex dolls are illegal in.

A few places that we do not ship to are India, The Middle East, Africa, Southern America, India and Southern Asia due to sex toys being illegal and/or having strict customs clearance.

4) How Much Is Shipping?

For you it's free! offers free shipping for all customers. 

5) Are customs taxes and clearance included in the price?

Yes, we offer included customs clearance, taxes and tariffs for most counties.

6) Do I Pay Any Taxes, Tariffs or Fees?

We offer included customs clearance, taxes and tariffs for most counties.

7) How Long Does It Take To Receive My Sex Doll?

From order to arrival, you can expect to receive your sex doll in 15 to 30 working days. Here is our process:

  • Once you have chosen your preferred sex doll and completed your order, your order is sent directly to our partnered manufacturers.
  • Your doll immediately goes into production.
  • After your doll is finished, it goes through rigorous quality control testing.
  • Once your sex doll has passed quality control it then goes through our approval team.
  • Photographs are then taken and emailed to you for your approval.
  • Once we have received the green light from you, it takes up to 24 hours to package and dispatch your doll.
  • You will receive your tracking within 24 hours of your order being dispatched.
  • Depending on your location, your doll could take between 3 to 7 business days to arrive.
  • Keep in mind Chinese holidays, public health emergencies (like coronavirus) and holidays in your own country may delay shipping and delivery times.

8) Is My Sex Doll Shipped Discreetly?

Yes! Your sex doll purchase is nobody’s business but your own. All packages are shipped discreetly with no indication of its contents. All your courier will know is that the shipping container is heavy and marked fragile.

9) How Heavy Will My Package Be?

When ordering your doll, you will want to keep in mind her weight. The bigger your sex doll, the heavier she will be. The packaging materials alone add an extra 4.5-8kg. Therefore, many orders can easily weigh over 36kg.


Considering your sex doll and her packaging will weigh 36kgs or more, make sure you are prepared to move the shipping box indoors. A few options for you to easily bring your package indoors includes:

  • You can try placing your knees up and apart, with the doll’s hips between your legs you can thrust him in and out by pushing and pulling his hips.
  • In the same position, hold him in place and thrust yourself against him.
  • You can lay in the missionary position and thrust your hips upward and in a circular motion.
  • Wrap your legs around the male sex doll’s waist or buttocks and use them to pull and push him in and out of you.

10) Do You Ship To PO Boxes?

UPS and FedEx are our primary shipping couriers. They do not allow for PO Box deliveries. Therefore, we do not ship to PO Box addresses. 

11) How Do I Buy a Sex Doll Without Having To Shipping Her To My House?

If you prefer not to have your sex doll delivered to your home, there are a few options you can use:

  • You could have your doll shipped to a trusted friend’s home, or
  • Switch your PO Box to a facility that accepts large packages like The UPS Store.

12) How do I track my order? 

Once your order has been shipped you’ll receive confirmation of shipment and tracking information by email as soon as it is available.

We use FedEx and UPS as our main shipping partners. Once you receive your tracking information you can use it to check up on the status and location of your shipment here.

13) Will i need to sign when my doll arrives?

This depends on your location, but the short answer is yes. This is required by our payment processing partners as proof that you have received your package. However, you don't need to worry, your doll will come in plain packaging with no identifying markings (no sex doll, no sex toy, no company name or logo, nothing!).

14) What if my doll doesn't arrive?

If you doll gets lost during the delivery process we will have to investigate with the respective manufacturing, shipping and delivery companies. If you package is deemed lost, we will send you a new doll or provide a full refund. We consider dolls lost after a 60 day period as we have seen dolls released from customers after 50 days. 

Payments, Finances & Privacy

1) Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). We also accept PayPal, bank transfers and Zip Pay.

2) What Will appear on my bank statement?

Your bank statement will state that you made a payment to SxD Group Pty Ltd.

3) Are Sex Dolls Worth The Investment?

I will leave this decision to you to make.

Whether or not sex dolls are worth the investment depends entirely on you. If you are trying to decide if a sex doll is a wise investment for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why am I considering buying a sex doll? Is it for companionship or just for realistic sex?
  • Am I willing to take the time to clean and maintain my sex doll so that she lasts for several years?
  • Does the idea of having a sex doll make me happy and excited?
  • Will buying a sex doll satisfy me and provide me with enjoyment?

Afterwards, once you have considered the above questions, consider the following if you’re still unsure if sex dolls are worth the investment:

  • Sex dolls are the ultimate sex toy.
  • Sex dolls can be enjoyed alone or with a partner.
  • Sex with a doll is safe, and clean and prevents you from coming into contact with and contracting STIs.
  • Sex doll owners say their dolls benefit them in many ways from reducing loneliness to avoiding complicated relationships.
  • Sex dolls provide you with much more than just great sex.
  • Sex dolls give you someone to care for and explore with.
  • Sex dolls could help you overcome self-esteem issues and allow you to build confidence.
  • If you’re lonely, a sex doll could fill that void.
  • Sex dolls provide the most realistic and human-like sexual experience.
  • Sex dolls are well-made, handcrafted, and well worth their cost.
  • Sex and orgasms are extremely beneficial to your health. For example, frequent ejaculations lower your chances of prostate cancer, boost your immune system, are scientifically proven to reduce pain and increase your cardiovascular (heart) health. All benefits are a result of the release of feel-good endorphins and stress reduction.

Now that you know most of the benefits of owning a sex doll, you should now be able to answer the question, “Are sex dolls worth the investment?” easily.

For most, it’s a definite YES!

4) Are Your Payments Secure?

Yes, your security and privacy are our top priority. Our payment systems have multiple layers of safety and security in place to protect your information and financial transactions. When you shop with us, you get:

  • 256-bit rapid SSL on our checkout pages.
  • We are compliant with the most rigorous payment security standards available.
  • PayPal payment provides buyer protection.
  • Privacy in billing: “SxD Group Pty Ltd” will show on your bank, credit card or PayPal statement.

5)’s Privacy Promise

At your privacy is our utmost concern. Which is why we take steps to ensure that no one knows about your sex doll order except for us.

In addition, we take care of your privacy even when you are on our website. You can read our full privacy policy here.

6) How Do You Protect My Privacy a Buyer?

When you make a purchase from there will be no identifying marks or information on your transaction statement. The name “SxD Group Pty Ltd” will show up on your credit card statements and/or your bank statement.

7) Can I trust you to protect my privacy and security?

Yes, protecting your personal data is of the utmost importance to us. We know how crucial it is that your information is safeguarded. We will work to protect your confidentiality through every step of your journey through our store, from ordering to fulfilment to shipping.

We do not store any unnecessary data, which means your information can not be compromised or accessed inappropriately. We ship discreetly and we do not share nor sell any data to third-party marketing firms, which gives you the peace of mean knowing you won’t end up on some random mailing list or have anyone else learn that you shopped with us.

Our trained, personable, and knowledgeable sales staff will never discuss the fact that you shopped with us with anyone outside the company. They will always take you seriously and treat you with respect. Our team will hold your privacy in the highest regard. You won’t be able to enjoy your sex doll if you’re worried about your privacy. That’s why we work as hard as possible to protect it.

Furthermore, our website is encrypted and secured, protecting your data and transactions. We use encrypted SSL security to ensure that your credit card information is 100% protected.

8) Is the package and bank charge discreet?

Shipping is fully discreet. The transaction is also discreet whether it is PayPal, credit card or bank transfer all transactions do not mention ‘sex’ or even ‘doll’. This provides buyers privacy and peace of mind when purchasing from our store.

9) Can I provide a fake name?

No, please do not do this.

Keep in mind, the box is plain packaging and bares no logos or descriptions of the contents inside. So, there really is no reason to provide a fake name.

If you do provide a fake name there may be complications with receiving your package as it is not in your name.

Using a fake name also heightens the chances of your order getting lost or missed.

As you will be trying to accept the package under another name it may look suspicious and couriers may refuse delivery. will not be held accountable to customers that use a fake name for their deliveries of dolls.

10) Is buy now pay later available?

Yes, we have Afterpay and Klarna Pay buy now, pay later services.

11) Can I pay when I receive my doll?

No, this is not possible. Payment must be made upon order placement. 

Returns, Cancellations, Exchanges & Refunds

1) Can I Return My Sex doll?

You may return your goods under the following conditions:

  • If there is significant damage to your doll or your doll is defective upon delivery, or
  • If you’ve received the wrong product or sex doll

For a more detailed response, check out our cancellations, returns and refunds page.

2) Does SxDolled.Com Accept Returns?

Yes, does accept returns under certain circumstances.

For instance, we only offer refunds on sex dolls that are defective or damaged during the manufacturing process or during shipping (conditions apply). To qualify for a return, simply take photos of the damages and provide a detailed account of the damages in an email to us within 24 hours of receiving your doll at

Note, variations in skin colour and make-up are common as our sex dolls are hand-crafted from scratch. Therefore, these little variations are not considered defects or damages but character.

Additionally, your sex doll’s eyelashes and fingernails are lightly attached, and many come off during shipping. This is easily fixed with the use of TPE-safe glue.

3) Can I cancel my order?

Please see our cancellation policy. 

4) Can I exchange my sex doll?

We do not accept exchanges due to the nature of sex dolls. It is highly unhygienic and potentially dangerous to accept a doll after it has been used, even after it has been cleaned.

5) I made the wrong choice. Do you do exchanges?

Unfortunately, no because we start manufacturing your doll right away, so please make sure you pick the right doll and all the correct options from the beginning.

AI & Robot Sex Dolls

1) What Is an AI Sex Doll?

An AI sex doll, also known as a sex robot, is an incredibly, human-like sex doll built with artificial intelligence in her head. AI sex dolls not only speak, but the more you interact with her, the smarter she becomes and can conversate with you. These dolls can even blink, wink and move their mouth. Premium sex robots have heated bodies and have premium M-TPE - skin which lasts longer than normal TPE and silicone sex dolls. Sex robots are the most advanced and realistic sex dolls available on the market right now. 

2) How Artificial Intelligence Works With Sex Dolls?

Robot sex dolls use artificial intelligence to talk and conversate with you (yes, they can even reply to your questions). AI Sex dolls are programmed with a vast level of knowledge to draw from which allows them to hear and hone in on the things you like to talk about. AI sex dolls literally learn from you.

Additionally, if you own an AI sex doll, occasionally updates and new software releases from sex doll companies. Some software even allows you to program and upload custom words, phrases and topics you’d like your AI sex doll to use.

3) How Do AI Sex Dolls Work?

AI sex dolls work through artificial intelligence that learns the more you interact with her. AI sex dolls are programmed with an abundant level of topics, from nature to astrology, and continue to learn from the conversations and the topics you talk to her about. 

4) How Do Robot Sex Dolls Work?

With advanced and incredible technologies entering the sex doll industry, you may be wondering how a robot sex doll works. I won’t bore you with all the robotics mumbo jumbo, it’s complicated stuff. Nevertheless, I will do my best to simply explain how a robot sex doll works.

The artificial intelligence within sex robots allows her to speak to you in English or Chinese and have a fully interactive conversation. The more you talk and interact with her the more she learns. Her mouth moves as she speaks and she even expresses her emotions through her facial movements throughout your conversations.

And the best part is, the robotic components of robot sex dolls are completely and safely concealed within her head.

5) Is There A Difference Between AI and Robotic Sex Dolls?

At this point in time, AI sex doll and robotic sex doll are interchangeable terms.

Therefore, when referring to and shopping for an AI sex doll, you could use either term to find what you’re after.

If you want to get technical, yes, there is a slight difference between AI and Robotic sex dolls.

AI sex dolls use smart technology for speech and learning. AI sex dolls are able to carry on conversations, learn from those conversations and then customize topics based on those conversations with you.

In comparison, a sex robot has internal mechanical mechanisms allowing her to thrust and give oral sex, but they lack the ability to talk, conversate and learn.

At this time, there is only 1 robotic sex doll available on the market (that we are aware of). That being said, AI sex robots are usually much more popular as they provide a level of companionship for their partners as well as sex. They even moan during sexual activity!

6) Can AI Sex Dolls Give Blowjobs?

Unfortunately, sex doll robots have a head full of delicate parts and computer chips and an articulating mouth that speaks, moves, and smiles, and it is because of these components that AI sex dolls cannot give blowjobs. The manufacturers of these sex dolls even warn that these sex dolls do not have a usable oral cavity.

On the upside, AI sex dolls have the most advanced and realistic feeling vaginas available in today’s market.

AI Sex Doll Head