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Sex Dolls

At SxDolled we’ve sourced the most realistic love dolls to bring your fantasies to life.

Our ultra lifelike sex dolls are made only with the highest quality materials that look and feel as good as the real thing. Realistic sex dolls have truly pushed the boundaries of sexual pleasure.

What can a sexy real sex doll bring to your life? Our lifelike sex dolls are internally comprised of a flexible and fully poseable metal skeleton that can be moved and placed into many different positions. That right there is truly why a realistic sex doll is the, ultimate, toy to add to your collection. All real life sex dolls are made to last. It doesn't matter what you're into, you can fulfill any desire with a sex doll, better yet, a life size sex doll will always agree without hesitation.

Pick A Life Size Sex Doll To Match Your Vibes

What can I do with a full size sex doll? Live out your sexual fantasies and take charge of your sex life!

Looking for the most popular full size sex dolls? Pick up a real life sex doll from out collection of the best life size sex dolls today. A full size sex doll honestly is the best men's adult toy available on the market today, nothing tops them (except you soon).

At SxDolled we are an authorized seller of the best realistic sex doll manufacturers on the planet who specialise in crafting beautiful female sex dolls, male sex dolls, and even shemale sex dolls. Whether you are looking for a female sex doll or a male doll, both our male and female dolls will cater to your tastes and preferences.

We have a diverse selection of female sex dolls, male sex dolls, cheap sex dolls, Caucasian sex dolls, Latina sex dolls, Asian sex dolls, Black sex dolls, European sex dolls, are you searching for anime sex dolls? We've got anime sex dolls too, we have quality sex dolls of all ethnicities and preferences to meet your every need. Say you wanted a BBW sex doll, we've got you covered! At SxDolled you are sure to find an affordable realistic lifelike sex doll that matches your preferences.

You can create your own life size sex doll by customizing her in as many ways you can think of, including (but not limited to):

  • Height – our life size sex dolls come in a range of heights for you to pick from.
  • Hair style – our range of luxury sex dolls come with customizble wigs, allowing you to change your doll's wig whenever the mood strikes.
  • Hair color - choose from a range of available colors.
  • Eye color – our adult sex dolls come with customizable sets of eyes to match your preference. Literally, any eye color, you name it and we'll make it happen!
  • Curves – our life size sex dolls come in a range of sexy body types, from fit to curvy, you can pick the perfect body type custom to your liking. Caution, unbelievably sexy curves ahead!
  • Pubic hair - most of our full size sex dolls have a number of styles for you to choose from. 
  • Skin tone - most of our real sex dolls are available in a range of tones, pick the best suited one for you. 
  • Feet style - standing feet allows your doll to stand on its own two feet, which adds a whole new level of depth and realism to the experience, allowing you to better play out your fantasies. 

Our life like love dolls all come with three ultra realistic orifices (oral, vaginal and anal openings.), enabling you to perform all of your wildest fantasies. Enjoy as much oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex as you'd like!

This isn't a life sized inflatable doll, we only stock the best realistic sex dolls, those of which are TPE (ultra soft thermoplastic elastomer) full size sex dolls and medical grade silicone sex dolls to bring to you an extremely realistic love doll that features anything from a lean sexy body to big tits that feels unbelievably natural and close to real human skin, what ever sexy body type floats your boat, we've got it for you. These dolls even jiggle like a real woman!

What's the difference you ask? 

A TPE love doll feels super soft and close to real skin whilst silicone life size sex dolls can be molded more precisely and given more lifelike details for an unbelievable finish, you might even mistake her for a real person!

Note, if you're looking into picking up a silicone full size sex doll, just be wary silicone sex dolls are often heavier and more brittle than a thermoplastic elastomer sex doll. However, the most realistic sex dolls are usually always made from silicone.

Whether it's silicone or TPE sex dolls, either way you will be satisfied with your new sex toy.

Live out your fantasies now! Adult dolls are more realistic, customizable, and lifelike than ever. Purchase cheap life like sex dolls now! We've got the best custom life size sexdoll for sale.

Your love doll holds many different positions thanks to her tough metal skeleton. The tough metal skeleton supports your realistic sex doll to bear your weight, regardless of whatever position you put her in. The tough skeleton is strong yet flexible.

Own your very own realistic sex doll today! Brought to you by SxDolled, the leading supplier of lifelike sex dolls. If you're after affordable sex dolls we've got you covered. We even offer a best price guarantee for all our realistic sex dolls. 

If you’re not ready for ultra realistic sex dolls, we also offer realistic pocket pussies and sex torsos for you to work your way up to the most ultimate of sex toys.

Buy Your Life Size Sex Doll Discreetly Online

Here at SxDolled we pride ourselves on providing you with a discreet and safe way to buy sex dolls online, without anyone ever finding out.

With us you will only receive the best of the best sex dolls on the market.

Make a habit to come back periodically as we aim to continually stock new real love dolls and products.

When you buy a lifelike sex doll with us, they’re dispatched quickly and sent in exclusively plain packaging.

Buy sex dolls with SxDolled and enjoy free express shipping straight to your home. All our lifelike sex dolls are express shipped to you for FREE within 2-5 days or 2-3 weeks subject to your selected sex doll (see the descriptions of the lifelike sex dolls you're interested in or reach out to our friendly and helpful team)!

After finalising your order you will receive your order order confirmation. Within the next 24 hours one of our friendly team will be in touch to ensure the details of your order are correct and to answer any further questions you may have. Once the order has been confirmed, our artist work to bring your doll to life! 

Lastly, before shipping your new lifelike sex dolls to you, we are committed to sending you pictures and videos for your confirmation of the final product!

Lube Up!

Don’t forget to throw in plenty of lube before inserting your junk into your love doll. Without lube your ‘aaaahhhh’ will turn into an ‘oucchhh’ very quickly, worse you might even ruin your real sex doll right there and then. It’s practically impossible to insert anything in there, pleasurably, without a helping hand from a little bit of lube.

Apply plenty of lubricant to the opening of your love doll as well as your penis to ensure the most ease of and pleasurable use and prevent ruining your sexy real life sex dolls

Last, But Not Least – Clean It!

Remember to always clean your love doll after each and every use to prevent bacteria growth and promote her longevity. Use warm soapy water, making sure to not forget to clean inside all her canals.

What are you waiting for? Own your dream doll today. Forget a mediocre sex toy, real life sex dolls are the best adult toys available.

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