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Current Promotions

Current Promotions

🎁 current promotions 🎁

Happy New Year!

Have a look below at the current promotions we have on at SxDolled!

With all factory orders of TPE sex dolls from 1st January until 29th February 2024, receive: 

  • Free fixed tongue
  • Free Gel Breasts
  • Free lubricated vagina
  • Free Articulated Fingers
  • Free White Head Stand
  • Free Hanging Hook Kit
  • Free Extra Skirt
  • Free Extra Wig

Also, for limited time only, receive a special SE Doll necklace will all custom doll orders!
With all factory orders of silicone sex dolls from 1st February until 29nd February 2024, receive: 

  • 50% Off A Second Head
  • Free additional wig
  • Free Articulated Fingers
  • Free Hard Hands (ONLY for silicone dolls)
  • Free Hard feet (ONLY for silicone dolls)
  • Free Reverse Thrust Vagina

Normon Doll Sales | SxDolled
With all factory orders of silicone sex dolls, receive: 

  • Free Second Head
  • Free Gel Breasts
  • Free Standing Feet Without Bolts
  • Free Soft Body
  • Free EVO Skeleton
  • Free Eyelash & Eyebrow Implants

Funwest Doll Sales | SxDolled
With all factory orders of sex dolls from 1st February until 31st March 2024, receive: 

  • Free Gel Breasts
  • Free Built-in Tongue
  • Free EVO Skeleton
  • Free Random Wig (1)
  • Free Standing Feet

5) Ridmii Doll

Ridmii Doll Sales | SxDolled
With all factory orders of sex dolls from 1st February until 29th February 2024, receive: 

  • Free Standing Feet
  • Free random extra wig
  • free random second TPE head
  • free lubricating oil

Starpery Doll Sales | SxDolled
With all factory orders of sex dolls from 14th February until 15th March 2024, receive: 

  • First 50 Buyers Enjoy Free 2nd Head
  • Free Implanted Synthetic Hair
  • Free Full Movable Eyes With Veins
  • Free Soft Gel Breast
  • Free Realistic Body Painting
  • Free Articulated Finger Bones
  • Free Hard Feet for Silicone Dolls
  • Free Random Wig & Hook


1. How is my sex doll packaged?

Your sex doll's hands, feet and head will be carefully wrapped in foam. Then, we wrap a protective bag around her body. Finally, we place her inside a custom made protective polystyrene foam placed inside a standard cardboard shipping box. 

All our sex dolls are packaged discreetly with no identifying markings 📦 

2. Will my (insert number here) inch penis fit?

Our sex dolls feature a range of different sizes and depths and are made to fit any sized dong.

Her material is made to stretch, so when you penetrate her holes she will expand to grip every inch of your manhood with the perfect level of firmness, regardless of whether your dick is thin or wide, short or long, big or small. Our sex dolls are universal to all men 🍆

3. Why are all sex dolls renamed?

At SxDolled we have chosen to rename all dolls to prevent overlap and confusion with our huge catalogue of dolls. If you'd like to know of the original name of any specific doll, please don't hesitate to reach out to us 😊 

4. How is my sex doll shipped?

Majority of our sex dolls are shipped with UPS or FedEx direct to your door, fully tracked and insured. 

5. Which countries do you ship to?

We ship globally to all countries we are legally allowed to ship to. 

Countries that we do NOT ship to includes: South America, The Middle East, Africa, India and Southern Asia.

Ask us anything!