Sex Doll Care and Maintenance



Keeping your sex doll clean is super important, especially if you want to use her for a long time. You’ll also want to make sure you’re using the right stuff to clean your sex doll properly and keep up with a regular sex doll cleaning schedule. By doing this, you'll prevent any gross dirt build-ups and extend the lifespan of your doll. Furthermore, it's extremely simple, all you need to do is use a mix of antibacterial soap and clean tepid water. Gently massage your doll's skin with your hands, or with a light sponge. After that, you can apply talcum powder (baby powder) all over your sex doll's body to give it a soft feel and a natural fragrance.




Your sex doll is not a “do it once and be done with it” kind of thing, it's important to know how to take care of her properly. Keeping her clean, moving her with care, and storing her away correctly all help prolong her lifespan and prevent damage.

The skin of your sex doll is designed to feel as real as possible, so it's important to keep it free of dust, dirt and basically any other baddies. By following the right cleaning and storage procedures, you can help your doll last a lot longer and avoid skin tears and other damage.


How Your Sex Doll Works

Your sex doll has an internal skeleton that holds a system of hinges that allows your doll to bend and fold in the same way a real human skeleton would.

As with your joints, your sex doll’s joints also have limitations on movement. Please do not force your sex doll into awkward or unnatural positions or poses as this could potentially permanently damage her joints.


Sex Doll Skeleton Care

Your doll can be in a standing position, however, you’ll want to make sure her knees are completely straight and you’ll also want to make sure not to leave her standing for too long, especially with heavier dolls, the weight of your doll could put too much pressure on her knees damaging them.

Please be careful when you are moving your doll around, place her down gently and when placing her in a standing position make sure she is very stable as falls may cause frame damage.

Wired fingers: If your sex doll has wired fingers, these can easily wear off and snap if you bend her fingers too violently and frequently. Please move her fingers gently as they can be quite fragile.

Articulated fingers (upgrade option): your sex doll’s fingers have joints just like your hand. The joints in your sex doll’s hands are thin and fragile compared to other joints in your dolls body so please handle them gently.

Lastly, your sex doll’s wrist joints are not strong enough to hold up her weight for long periods of time, be careful when posing her in certain positions like on all fours (when she is on her hands and knees). If you wish to pose her in such positions, please use a cushion or pillow to support her weight leveraging from under her stomach. A simple rule of thumb, do not apply too much pressure on your sex doll's skin or skeleton.


TPE Skin Care

Keep Her Clean!

Always clean your sex doll before but especially after play. Furthermore, clean the doll regularly (at the very bare minimum at least once a month) to maintain good hygiene and keep your love doll in top condition. Antibacterial soap is recommended but not necessary.


How to clean your sex doll

  1. Clean your doll's body: Wash your doll with some mild antibacterial soap and warm water using a light sponge or clean soft cotton cloth. Rinse her off really well with warm water.
  2. Clean her love canals: Use a douche to clean the doll’s mouth, vagina and anus with some mild antibacterial soap and warm water. Rinse everything out with warm water.
  3. Dry her off: Gently pat her dry with a soft towel, making sure to dry her inside too (you can use a dry stick to do this most efficiently or hang her up and allow her to drip dry for at least an hour).
  4. Sprinkle some talcum powder: Once she's dry, put a little talcum powder (baby powder) on her skin. You can use a soft powder brush to gently spread and pat it on evenly. This will help to keep her feeling soft and smooth.

If her TPE skin starts feeling sticky, it’s best to give her a wash with the method outlined above. This will help prevent her skin from getting too dry or oily, which could cause rips and tears. TPE skin is a lot like human skin, so it needs some moisture to stay healthy and look great. 


Important Notes!

  • Please only use water base lubricants with your sex doll. Silicone-based or oil-based lubricants can damage your doll’s TPE skin.
  • To prevent your doll’s TPE/silicone skin from ageing, you’ll want to minimise exposing your doll to direct sunlight.
  • If you want to dress up your sex doll, I recommend washing those articles of clothing a few times before washing off any excess dye. You will want to especially do this with darker clothes or jeans that can easily stain your doll. Furthermore, do not leave your doll dressed up in clothing for long periods of time as, again, the dye can stain your doll.
    TPE, the material often used to make your sex doll, contains oils to maintain its softness. So, when you store your doll away, please make sure to keep her stored in a cool and dry place to prevent any oil leakage (talcum powder (baby powder) also helps to absorb minor leakages).
  • Don't leave your doll with bent arms, legs, or open legs for too long as it can cause creases or tears on the stretched TPE areas. Always return the doll to its straight body position and avoid leaving or storing it with bent joints.
  • Keep your doll’s neck bolt, standing feet bolts, and head connector dry at all times to avoid rust. Avoid ever submerging these parts in water.
  • Don't use rough or sharp objects to clean the doll as you could easily scratch her skin. Use a clean and light sponge or cotton cloth.
  • To play with your doll, it's best to do it on a soft surface like a bed. Hard or coarse surfaces can scuff her skin, and cause marks or rips.
  • Do not use a hairdryer, electric air dryer, or any other excessive heating device on your doll. 
  • Do not attempt to speed up drying by leaving your doll near a radiator/ fire or any other excessive heating device (A cool fan should do just fine). 
  • Do not apply perfumes directly onto your sex doll's skin as these contain alcohol which is very drying. 
  • Do not use baby wipes, yes really. The active ingredients in baby wipes damage TPE. 
  • Do not use any kind of solvent unless advised for repair. 
  • Do not use silicone-based lubricants/products. 
  • Do not use a cleaning agent that will react with your doll's silicone or TPE skin, for example, rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, bleach, dish soap, or boiling hot water.
  • Do not dress or store your sex doll in dark clothes unless checked prior for colour bleeding eg. soaked and washed repeatedly in a basin until the water is clear and the dye no longer runs.


Wig Care

If your sex doll’s wig is tangled, be gentle and avoid pulling too hard when combing it out, as synthetic hair wigs can tear easily. Gently comb from the tips of the wig and slowly working your way up to the roots until the tangles are gone. If it's too difficult to detangle with a standard comb, consider using a synthetic hair brush. For curly wigs, avoid frequent combing as it can straighten the curls out over time.

Sex dolls don't sweat like humans, so there's no need to wash the wig frequently. To keep it clean, remove the wig from your dolls head when storing your doll away. You may wish to purchase a wig stand to speed up the cleaning and drying process. If you do need to wash your doll’s wig, follow the steps below:


How To Wash Your Sex Doll’s Wigs

  1. You will want to first remove your sex doll's wig and place it onto a wig stand.
  2. Before washing your doll’s wig, gently comb the wig to detangle it. This helps prevent further tangling during washing.
  3. Fill up a bathtub with warm water and a bit of shampoo to make soapy warm water. Put the wig in the tub and gently shift it around. Rinse off the shampoo by pouring out the soapy water, filling the tub with clean warm water and shifting the wig through the clean water. Repeat this process until all the soap has been rinsed out.
  4. Once you're done washing, it's time to apply the conditioner. Fill the tub with warm water again and add a small amount of hair conditioner. Submerge the wig and shift it around gently. Pour out the water and fill the tub up with clean warm water for one final rinse.
  5. After rinsing, gently pat the wig with a soft towel or a dry non abrasive cloth to remove excess water. You can use a hairdryer provided you use it on its cool setting. Otherwise, hang the wig up until it's completely dry. 


Sex Doll Storage

Sex dolls are quite fragile and need proper storage to keep them in good condition for as long as possible. Here are a few options to store your sex doll.

The easiest option is to keep your doll in her original cardboard box. But it's not recommended if you plan to store her long term (anything longer than 4 weeks), as it can cause deformations and flatness, particularly on her breasts or her bum. Make sure to take your doll out of her box from time to time to relax the TPE skin.

If you need to hide your doll from family or friends, you can use a sex doll freight case or sofa storage case. However, this option is still not recommended for long-term storage.

Another option is to hang your doll with a suspension hook. This is by far your best option. However, be mindful of hanging your sex doll in the closet, as the hanging bar may not be strong enough to hold the weight of your doll. Instead, use a heavy-duty beam, rail or even a rack.

Lastly, if you don't need to hide your doll, you can keep her laying on your bed. However, make sure to lay out a soft blanket on your bed, as your doll can bleed oil over time and damage your linen. Make sure to wipe off any bled oil, then apply some talcum powder (baby powder) to keep your doll's skin dry.



Make sure to keep your doll in a straight position, whether you lay her down or hang her up. Avoid leaving her arms or legs bent as this could lead to stretches, rips or tears in her skin.
Also, if you are going to hang your doll, never leave clothes on or near your doll, as the dye could transfer and stain your doll’s skin.
Finally, if your doll has big, gel-filled breasts, it's a good idea to use a large boob tube to avoid any deformation, tears, or rips in her breasts.

Tips To Repair Your Sex Doll 

Quick and Easy Fixes!


To attach your sex doll’s eyelashes, you can use the same eyelash glue used by eyelash technicians. Just make sure to choose a clear one making sure it has no colouring, as it's safe for TPE skin. Apply a small amount of the glue onto the eyelash and wait for 10-15 seconds. Then, attach the eyelash to your sex doll’s eyelid and hold it for another 10-15 seconds. Allow it to sit until the glue is completely dry.

If you need to remove your sex doll’s eyelashes, don't pull hard, as this might rip and damage her delicate eyelids. Instead, apply a small amount of baby oil on the eyelash using cotton tips, and allow it to sit and soften the glue, making the eyelash easy to remove.

Important note, never use TPE glue to attach eyelashes or nails. TPE glue is only for TPE rips and tears and could damage your sex doll’s nailbeds or eyelids if used to attach nails or eyelashes.



To attach nails to your sex doll, use nail glue as nail technicians would. It's safe for your sex doll’s TPE skin. Apply a small amount of glue on your doll’s false nail and attach it to your doll’s finger, holding it for 10-15 seconds. Allow the nail to sit until the glue has completely dried.
Again, never use TPE glue to attach nails to your sex doll, as it's not meant for that purpose.

Make Up

If your doll's makeup around her face and her nipples or vaginal area start to fade due to time, you can reapply makeup onto your sex doll with any normal makeup (except don’t use makeups that are oil based). For the most part, makeup is safe for your doll’s TPE skin.
I recommend using an eye-shadow makeup palette to apply makeup to your sex doll. You can easily and cheaply pick one of these up at your local supermarket or pharmacy. However, keep in mind that makeup and colouring are semi-permanent, so be careful with the application even if you stuff up it should fade over time with use.
On the other hand, your sex doll's makeup is semi-permanent and can fade or be removed with excessive cleaning, thus, it's best to avoid excessive cleaning or rubbing to preserve the longevity of your doll's makeup.

More Complicated Repairs 

Dye Stains

If you find a dye stain on your TPE sex dolls, you might be able to remove it by applying an adequate amount of TPE stain remover onto the stained area and then leaving it to sit overnight. The following morning, gently wipe the stain remover with a soft, damp cloth. You may need to repeat this process a few times before the stain is completely removed.


Rips and Tears

Caution, be careful not to use too much glue, as it can melt your doll’s TPE skin and damage your doll. It's best to use thin sticks, like toothpicks, to apply TPE glue.
If your doll has rips or tears, you’ll want to make sure that the affected area is in a closed position before applying TPE glue. Gently spread open the ripped area using your finger, then apply a small amount of TPE glue inside the rip and close it immediately. Hold the tear together until the glue completely sets.

Creases and Compressions

To remove any creases or compressions on your sex doll, remove her from her box or storage and make sure that nothing is touching her skin. If the crease or compression is light, it should come out naturally in a few weeks. However, if the crease or compression is heavy, it may take a few months for these creases or compressions to fix themselves.
Otherwise, you could try applying a warm damp towel to the affected areas, then using a hair dry on low to medium heat (not too close to the doll’s skin) on the towel for a few minutes. Allow to sit for a few more minutes then remove the towel. If the creases or compressions have not been resolved, repeat this procedure.

Additional Tips To Care For Your Sex Doll

How to position your sex doll

All sex dolls possess a full internal metal skeleton that allows you to position her in a multitude of different positions.

Just be careful not to over-extend your doll’s joints by placing her into awkward positions. These are any unnatural or uncomfortable positions that ever you would find intolerable. Furthermore, do not put too much pressure on your sex doll’s hands and wrists at any time as these are delicate body parts.


Travelling with your sex doll

While some people are comfortable with travelling with their love doll in the passenger seat, others prefer a more discreet method. If this is you this option is for you. I recommend purchasing a travel case to store your doll safely and discreetly during short trips or far travels.


How to Clean your sex doll

In order to manufacture a super realistic sex doll most sex doll manufacturers use unique blends of TPE and silicone materials, materials which require regular maintenance and cleaning. Again, antibacterial soap is recommended but not necessary.

I recommend cleaning your sex doll at least once a month, but much more often with regular sexual activity. You should also have monthly checkups to see if your doll is still sufficiently powdered, however for TPE dolls, the more often you do this the better.

To wash your sex doll’s body I recommend using a mild non-oil-based antibacterial soap and warm water applied with a soft and light sponge, you’ll also need a soft towel dry off your doll after cleaning your sex doll (or you could let your doll air dry naturally). Use the sponge with antibacterial soap to gently pat down your silicone or TPE doll.

DO NOT rub your doll dry, use a hair dryer (on high heat), use a hard sponge, or apply too much pressure on your doll at any time during the cleaning process. Forget using a paper towel, or even a "strong paper towel" that many other vendors might advise you to do. I strongly recommend against using a paper towel as they could break and become trapped within your doll. This is a problem because damp paper towels can quickly become bacteria and mold breeding grounds.

Once your doll is dry I recommend applying talcum powder (baby powder) or corn starch to the exterior of your doll to keep her skin soft and smooth. I also recommend applying a sex doll maintenance solution at least once a month to prevent your doll’s skin from tearing or stretching.

The inside of your doll’s mouth, vagina and anus should be washed after every use. I recommend using a sex doll cleaning kit. You will want to first fill up an irrigator (or douche) with warm water to squirt inside your doll’s orifices (vagina, mouth and anus) to rinse them out.

Next, you will want to fill up your irrigator with a solution of warm water and your antibacterial soap to squirt inside your doll to sanitize her.

Then, you will want to again rinse out your sex doll with warm water to remove any trapped antibacterial soap inside your doll.

Lastly, allow any excess water to drain out of your doll, I suggest hanging your doll up so she can air dry.

Alternatively, you could use a removable shower head to easily clean your doll’s anal and vaginal canals, however, you’ll want to keep your dolls head away from this method. Never submerge or overly wet your sex doll’s head. Her makeup and her delicate facial features and components could get ruined or completely removed.


How to warm your sex doll

Want your sex doll to feel even more lifelike? Well, one way to achieve that is to warm her up to your body temperature, and there are some safe methods to do so. You can use the USB-charged heating stick that is included with most doll purchases, pop it into any of her three holes, and leave it for 5-7 minutes. Just don't forget to keep an eye on it, leaving it in for too long could damage your love doll. Another option is to use an electric blanket, but I recommend not keeping it on for longer than 20 minutes, and not letting it get hotter than 35 degrees Celsius / 95 degrees Fahrenheit.


How to store your sex doll after use 

After using your love doll, it's important to take care of her so she stays in top shape. Leaving her arms or legs up or open for too long can cause stress on the material, which can lead to skin tears in the underarms or groin areas. So, just like a real person, gently lower her arms and legs down to a stress-free position. And when you're storing her, keep in mind that tight clothing can damage her, therefore before storing your sex doll away always remove any tight clothing and store her either nude or with loose-fitting clothes.

Also, try to keep your love doll away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the material to age by drying out the oil within the skin, which can lead to cracking or splitting. And when cleaning your sex doll, wiping or washing with water is fine, but soaking her for too long can cause damage. Also, avoid getting water inside the neck area as it's hard to dry out.

If you're not going to move your love doll for more than two days, don't leave her lying on a hard surface. Instead, lay her on a soft surface or hang her up, making sure her arms and legs are by her side. And always avoid dust sticking to her skin to avoid extra cleaning.

Finally, it's important to store your love doll in a cool, dry place and avoid any damp environments. If you have a carrying case, that's a great option, or you could hang her in a closet. Just make sure your closet rod can withstand her weight. And remember, your love doll is not just another sex toy.


Which lube should I use with my sex doll? 

You should only ever use water-based lubricants. Other lubricants that are mainly silicone or oil-based are harmful to your sex doll and could permanently damage your love doll’s skin. 


Should I use Lubricant With my sex doll?

When you're getting down with your love doll, it's essential to use lube every time. Trust me, it'll make things a lot smoother and more enjoyable. But here's the thing, only use water-based lubes because they won't damage your doll, and they won't leave any nasty stains either.


Will I need lubricant?

Lubrication is always a must. I recommend only ever using water-based lubricants.


Dressing Your Sex Doll

Picking out clothes for your sex doll can be super fun, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Don't let your doll come into contact with dark clothes or leather items with oil-soluble pigments, or you might end up with some unwanted stains. Furthermore, always wash any new clothes before you put them on your doll to avoid any dye mishaps.

It's also a good idea to sprinkle some talcum powder (baby powder) on your doll before you put on clothes. You’ll be able to slip things on a lot easier! Just be gentle when you're dressing your doll and make sure you don't stretch out her limbs too much. If the clothing is too small, don't force it or you might deform your dolls body over time. And if you do end up with a stain, don't panic. There are ways to remove stains before it’s too late.

I recommend sticking to light-coloured, loose-fitting clothes that are less likely to or won't transfer any colouring onto your doll, and remember to watch out for zippers and buttons that could scratch or tear your doll's skin.


How to care for your sex doll’s nails

Did you know that love dolls are able to change their nail colour just like real women? It's true! You can even paint their nails if you want. And if a nail falls off, no worries! You can just glue on a new one.

First, make sure you clean and dry her fingertip where the nail will go. Then, add some glue and press the nail on firmly for at least 30 seconds without touching the glue. There's special TPE glue available that works great for this.


How to care for your sex doll’s eyes

Hey there! When it comes to sex dolls, unlike real women, you can replace their eyeballs whenever you want. To do this, just gently pull apart the area around the eyes, making sure not to mess up the eyelashes. Then carefully remove the old eyeballs and replace them with new ones. If you need to reattach or replace any eyelashes, TPE glue will do the trick.


How to care for your sex doll’s hair

If you didn’t know, you can change your sex doll’s hair (or wig) at any time you’d like. This is super easy with wigs but not possible with implanted hair. You can buy new wigs online, and there are thousands of options to choose from. To keep your wig in good condition, we suggest using a wig brush instead of a regular comb or brush as it's gentler on the hair and can make the wig last longer.

Over time, wigs can absorb oil from your sex doll’s TPE material, so it's best to wash the wig at least once every six weeks with a synthetic hair shampoo. After washing, gently pat it dry with a towel, and avoid harshly rubbing it as you could damage your wig. Lastly, don't comb your wigs until they’re completely dry.


Can I put makeup on my sex doll?

When you purchase your love doll, she’s delivered already made up to match her aesthetics (whether that be a more natural or heavy look that depends entirely on your doll and your preferences). If you’d like you are able to customise and add apply makeup to your liking.


How to fix tears or rips in your sex dolls skin

First, use a damp cloth to gently clean the tear on your love dolls skin. Then, use a stick or knife to carefully apply some TPE repair solvent to the tear. Pinch the tear closed and hold it for a minute, allowing the solvent to set. After that, apply a very thin layer of the same solvent on the outside of the tear as an added layer of reinforcement of sorts.

Note, only use TPE-safe glue with your TPE sex doll.


Can I use perfume on my sex doll?

Wanna make your love doll more lively? Perfume is a great option, but you’ll want to avoid alcohol-based perfumes as they can leave stains. Instead, you’ll want to spray oil-based perfumes onto your bed or clothes, allowing them to dry before getting intimate with your love doll.


Can I share my sex doll?

I do not recommend ever sharing your sex doll for hygiene reasons, however, if you really must please ensure condoms are always used and that your love doll is always thoroughly cleaned after every use.


Are Sex Dolls waterproof?

Yes, the TPE and silicone material used to manufacture sex dolls is completely waterproof.

On the other hand, your sex doll’s eyes, wig and internal skeleton are not waterproof and could get irreversibly damaged if not properly cared for.


Can sex dolls be warmed up?

Yes! You definitely can warm up your sex doll, and it's totally safe and won't damage your doll at all. The easiest way is to give her a warm bath since they're for the most part waterproof. Or you could wrap her up in an electric blanket (on a low setting). You could even use the included heating rod to internally warm up your doll’s orifices. Just don’t ever use boiling water, okay?"


Is anal, oral and vaginal sex possible with my sex doll?

Yes, absolutely.

Unless you have an AI sex doll, in that case, oral sex is out of the question.


How should I position my Sex doll?

You must always treat your sex doll with care and attention. All her joints are designed to bend and move in ways similar to a real human skeleton. DO NOT ever overbend her joints or pose her in unnatural positions, doing so could cause her joints to weaken or break.


Will I need to clean my sex doll? If so, how often?

It is important to clean your sex doll after every use. You should clean all of your doll’s orifices with warm antibacterial soapy water (remember to use a soft and light sponge).

If you use your love doll more as a companion and not for sexual activity, I recommend washing your sex doll at minimum once a month. Otherwise, you should aim to clean your sex doll after every use.


When my sex doll is not in use, what’s the best way to keep her stored?

It is without a doubt that the best way to store your sex doll is to hang her up in your closet or on a rack.

If you must however store your sex doll laying down flat on her back, you should keep her arms and legs slightly apart and all her joints straightened out. If you keep her joints bent, her TPE skin will start to wear and tear if left for long periods of time.

Also, consider flipping or moving your sex doll around every once in a while, as leaving your doll laying on hard flat surfaces for extended periods of time may lead to deformities.