Should You Choose Standing Feet For Your Sex Doll?

Should You Choose Standing Feet For Your Sex Doll? | SxDolled

Should You Choose Standing Feet For Your Sex Doll?

April 23, 2023



  • Common questions from potential Sex Doll Owners
  • Choosing what's right for you
  • Final Thoughts

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When selecting the standing option for your sex doll, it's important to keep in mind that this is an optional feature but also one of the most popular love doll features. Typically, the manufacturer will install three small metal bolts at the bottom of your sex doll’s feet for standing purposes. While this may seem like it could detract from your sex doll's appearance, the visual appeal of seeing your sex doll standing can outweigh this minor cosmetic detail.

So, can my sex doll stand on its own? Yes! The standing feet option enables your sex doll to stand upright for photography, for you to embrace her, or store her upright (temporarily, do not store your doll upright for extended periods of time). However, it's crucial to exercise caution when using this feature as the weight of your doll typically weighs around 30kg (sometimes up to 50kg!) and three bolts may not provide sufficient support. If additional support is not available, standing should be done with great care.

Despite these precautions, there are many scenarios where having your love doll standing can be advantageous. For instance, it makes taking photographs, washing, and dressing your love doll much easier. Furthermore, there may be times when it's necessary for your doll to stand alone, adding to her overall realism.

Key Takeaways

Why you should purchase standing feet for your sex doll:

1) The standing feet option for sex dolls is an optional but popular feature.

2) Standing feet allow the sex doll to stand upright for photography, embracing, or temporary storage.

3) Caution is necessary when using the standing feature, as the weight of the doll and three bolts may not provide sufficient support.

4) Having a standing sex doll can be advantageous for photography, dressing, and adding to her realism.

5) Common questions about the standing feet option include concerns about foot size, wearing high heels, retrofitting dolls, material considerations, and removing the standing function.

6) Opting for the standing feet option is not recommended for those with foot fetishes due to visible bolts.

7) When choosing the right option for your sex doll, consider factors like longevity, enjoyment, and potential damage to the doll's material. Using flat shoes is recommended for balance and prevention of damage.

Common questions from potential Sex Doll Owners

Here are some common questions that most people have regarding the standing feet option for sex dolls:

Q: Is the size of the standing foot the same as a normal foot?
A: Yes, the size is the same. The only difference is the addition of metal bolts that provide reinforcement.

Q: Can standing sex dolls wear high heels?
A: Yes, they can, but due to the weight of the doll, it may be difficult to maintain balance when standing. It is recommended to wear flat shoes for better stability and avoid high heels.

Q: What sizes of dolls can be retrofitted with standing functions?
A: Depending on the manufacturer, most sex dolls that are over 140cm in height can be retrofitted with the standing feet function.

Q: Can all sex dolls be retrofitted with standing functions?
A: We recommend TPE sex dolls for standing functions since TPE is a softer material. Silicone sex dolls would be better for standing without screws, as they have harder feet (this is a newly available feet option with some manufacturers).

Q: Will the added bolts destroy my sex doll?
A: TPE is a relatively soft material, and if your doll is left standing for a long time, it may cause her feet to become perforated. Therefore, it's recommended to lay your doll flat after each period of standing. The same can be said for a silicone doll.

Q: Can I remove the standing function if I regret having it added?
A: Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to remove the standing function as it is integrated into the metal skeleton of your sex doll that leaves three holes even if the bolts are removed.

Q: Can I have sex whilst standing?
A: Standing feet allows for a myriad of new possible sexual intercourse positions. All of those standing sexual positions you've ever seen in pornos are now available for you to practice.

Q: Should I opt for the standing feet option if I have a foot fetish?
A: Unfortunately, no. I do not recommend standing feet as there will be bolts visible at the bottom of your sex dolls feet. I recommend opting for normal feet (also known as standard feet).

Choosing what's right for you

Choosing the appropriate option for your sex doll can help ensure that she will last as long as possible and provide you with a more enjoyable experience. The standing feet function is a popular choice for many sex doll owners, but it's important to consider the factors involved before making the decision. By opting for a sex doll with the standing feet function, you can enjoy the benefits of this feature without risking damaging your sex doll's soft feet material. Additionally, it's recommended that your sex doll wear flat shoes when she is standing to maintain balance and prevent any potential damage.

Final Thoughts

If you have any further questions about the standing function or any other features of sex dolls, don't hesitate to reach out to us at SxDolled. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and are always happy to assist you in any way we can. Our team of experts can help you make an informed decision and ensure that your experience with your sex doll is as enjoyable and long-lasting as possible.

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