Basic Sex Doll Customisation Options ALL Sex Dolls Offer

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Basic Sex Doll Customisation Options ALL Sex Dolls Offer

Septermber 02, 2023



  • Height
  • Eye and Skin Colour
  • Feet Type
  • Vagina Type
  • Breast Type
  • Wigs
  • Pubic Hair
  • Fingernail/Toenail Colour
  • Other Cosmetic Options
  • Brand-Specific Options
  • Final Thoughts

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So, you've taken the plunge and decided to welcome a lovely, silicone companion into your life – kudos! You've scoured the vast seas of pre configured sex doll options and, whoop-de-doo, found THE sex doll that tickles your fancy. But hold on to your hat, because now you're facing an assortment of customisations that might just make your head spin faster than a tricky dance move. Don't you worry, my soon-to-be sex doll aficionado! Yours truly has crafted the ultimate guide, hot off the press, to help you saunter through this wild adventure with all the grace of a model. Get ready for insights so juicy, they'd make a watermelon blush, and a process so breezy, you'll wonder why you didn't do this sooner! Let's dive in! 🎉

Key Takeaways

The basic sex doll customisation options available are:

1) Height Matters: The height of your sex doll is a crucial factor that influences her appearance, body type, and weight. Taller sex dolls tend to be heavier, impacting both aesthetics and your budget. Consider the trio of height, weight, and body type when customising.

2) Eye and Skin Colours: Customise your sex doll's eye and skin colours to give her a unique personality. While the options are vast, trust authentic photos for accurate skin tone representation.

3) Feet Options: Choose between Normal, Standing, or Hard Feet for your sex doll. Standing or Hard Feet offer versatility for poses and storage, making them preferred options.

4) Vagina Type: Decide between Removable and Built-in Vaginas. Unless ease of cleaning is a top priority, opt for the realism and satisfaction of a Built-in Vagina.

5) Breast Type: Explore Solid, Hollow, or Gel-Filled breasts. Gel-Filled breasts provide a realistic bounce, particularly for larger cup sizes.

6) Wigs: Experiment with wigs to transform your sex doll's look. Be aware that some wigs may not come with your sex doll and verify options with your vendor for the best choice.

7) Pubic Hair: Customise your sex doll's pubic hair, but be sure to review example photos before deciding, as preferences vary widely.

8) Nail Colours: Enhance your sex doll's appearance with customisable fingernail and toenail colours. These colours are permanent and won't wash off.

9) Other Cosmetic Options: Dive into detailed customisations, such as areola and vagina labia color. Keep in mind that these options require occasional touch-ups for a fresh look.

10) Brand-Specific Bed Options: Some brands offer unique bed features but be cautious with extravagant electronic add-ons and consider practicality and comfort in your choices.


When it comes to selecting your ideal sex doll, one critical factor to weigh in is, well, the sex doll's height. It's not just a random number; it's the linchpin of her entire appearance. Height influences not only her overall look but also your doll's body type and weight. So, before you get lost in the world of customisation, let's decode the height factor.

Here's the deal: taller sex dolls tend to be heavier. It's like the universe saying, 'Beauty comes at a cost!' Those statuesque stunners might pack on a few extra pounds, and it could impact your budget. Simplify things by focusing on the key trio: height, weight, and body type. These elements lay the foundation for your sex doll's appearance.

But here's the shocking part: sex dolls are secretly hitting the gym, and they weigh more than you might expect. A 150 cm (4 feet 11 inches) sex doll can weigh 30-32 kg (66-70 pounds!), while a 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches) beauty might clock in at over 40 kg (88+ pounds, possibly even pushing 120+ pounds). Handling these divas can be a bit of a workout, like lifting weights in the world of adult accessories. So, if you and your spine aren't on the best terms, consider a smaller sex doll. Sex dolls above 140 cm (4 feet 7 inches) can still provide an enjoyable experience, no matter where you land on the height spectrum.

For more, check out "choosing the right size sex doll".

Eye and Skin Colour

Get ready for a magical journey into the world of sex doll customisation, where you're not just choosing colours but sculpting a unique personality that radiates through those mesmerizing eyes and velvety skin. It's like crafting your sex doll's DNA, giving her that special 'You-nique' touch.

Let's start with those captivating eyes – it's a cosmic buffet of colours waiting for your creative brush. Most sex dolls offer customisable eye and skin colours, turning you into the maestro of a colour symphony. Whether you're drawn to the mysterious depths of purples or the earthy charm of hazel, the palette is yours to explore.

But here's the twist: those glamorous photos with perfect lighting can be as deceptive as thinking you're getting a whole pizza and ending up with a mini snack. Don't fall for the glitz, trust factory or customer photos for an authentic view of the sex doll's true skin tone. It's like getting the 'behind-the-scenes' pass to the real story, with no filters, and no fake news. This way you'll get the same skin tone you've ordered.

Feet Type

Dive into the fascinating world of silicone and TPE sex doll feet, where the competition is as fierce as a cat chasing a laser pointer. In this corner, we have the Normal Feet – the laid-back loungers who excel at sitting and lying down but are about as reliable at standing as that one friend who's always mysteriously 'busy' when you need help moving.

And then, making a grand entrance, we have the Standing Feet option – the unsung heroes equipped with metal bolts that defy gravity. The standing foot option enables sex dolls to become the daredevil tightrope walkers of the sex doll world, offering unmatched versatility for photoshoots, creative poses, and tidy storage.

Hard feet, modern silicone sex doll manufacturers are starting to offer another foot option called Hard Feet. This option encompasses the best of both worlds, allowing your sex doll to stand without the need for metal bolt heads. This is achieved by making the sex doll's feet out of hard silicone. The only downside, this option is currently only available for silicone sex dolls.

In the end, our golden advice is unless you have a foot fetish, go for the Standing Feet or Hard Feet options. Why? Because even your favorite roller coaster ride needs its loops, and Normal Feet, well, they're like the wallflower at the party – charming but not the best choice for a stand-up act. So, choose Standing Feet, and let your sex doll strut her stuff like she's on a catwalk. Standing ovation, anyone? 🦶🕺

For more, check out "should you choose standing feet for your sex doll?".

Vagina Type

Now, let's dive into the intimate world of sex doll vaginas – a choice that's more thrilling than picking the perfect dance partner. We've got two contenders in this arena: Removable Vaginas (also known as a vagina insert) and Built-in Vaginas (also known as a fixed vagina). Removable ones are like the doorman to an exclusive club – easy to switch, and quick to clean. But hold onto your wigs because the Built-in Vaginas are the Beyoncé of this show. Yes, they demand a bit more TLC (tender loving care), like owning a pet dragon, but the realism and satisfaction? Off the charts!

Now, here's our golden nugget of advice: unless ease of cleaning is one of your major priorities, go all-in with the Built-in Vagina. It's like choosing the gourmet cheese platter over plain old chips. Sure, there's a bit more prep involved, but oh, the flavor! It's like upgrading from a plain old car to one that sings show tunes while you drive. So, as you navigate this world of choices, remember it's all about embracing what tickles your fancy and ensures your sex doll's, um, happiness. 🍔🎶

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Breast Type

Alright, let's talk about the "wow" factor of your sex doll – her breasts! It's like choosing between plain chocolate and the one with extra sprinkles – a decision you won't regret. Here's the lowdown: Solid breasts are the cool cucumbers of the group, consistent and ready for any situation. Hollow breasts are the squishy pals that offer an air-pocket surprise when you give them a little squeeze – like a stress ball, but way more fun.

Now, here's where the party's at – Gel-Filled breasts! These are like that one friend who's never afraid to bust a move on the dance floor. With a gel core that's all about the bounce, they're the life of the party, or should we say, the bounce of the bedroom? These stars bring the magic of realism, especially for the larger cup sizes. So, whether you're going for the petite vibe or the grand performance, remember that breasts are like sprinkles – they make everything better! 🍭🎉

For more, check out "sex doll breast options which one is the right one for you?".


Let's talk about the magic that sits on your sex doll's head – no, not a tiara, but something equally fabulous: wigs! Buckle up, because we're about to take a wild ride through the world of sex doll hairstyles. It's like getting the keys to a hair salon and realizing you're the stylist, the designer, and the trendsetter all rolled into one.

Imagine a candy store with walls lined with wigs – that's what sex doll brands offer you, a chance to play Santa with your sex doll's head. Now, those glossy promotional photos might have you drooling over wigs that look like they could rule the runway. But here's the scoop: some of those luscious locks might not come with the sex doll package. No worries, though! Your secret weapon is the vendor – the fairy godmother who'll spill the tea on the wigs that are yours for the choosing.

But wait, there's more! Wigs aren't just a fashion statement; they're like the ultimate transformation tool. Think of them as your sex doll's undercover disguises, allowing her to rock a new look whenever the mood strikes. Plus, here's a nugget of wisdom: those factory wigs might be like the noodles in instant ramen – get the job done, but not exactly gourmet. So, it's like trading your plain old sandwich for a gourmet burger – a bit more effort, but that bite? Heavenly. So, dive into the world of wigs, and let your sex doll's head be the canvas for your wildest hair fantasies! 💁‍♀️🎉

For more on how to choose the perfect wig for your sex doll, check out our article on that very topic!

Pubic Hair

Alright, let's get real (or not-so-real, depending on your preference) about a topic that's like a hair-raising adventure – pubic hair on sex dolls. It's an option that's as bold as ordering a mystery dish at a restaurant, but brace yourself, because it's not exactly the talk of the sex doll town. You see, most sex doll owners prefer their sex dolls as smooth as a freshly paved road.

Think of it like choosing toppings for your pizza – while pineapple might have its enthusiasts, most folks go for the classics. Adding pubic hair isn't free; it's like upgrading to extra cheese but for your sex doll's nether regions. But here's a tip: before you commit, ask for example photos. It's like checking out the trailer before committing to a movie – you want to avoid any surprises. Because, let's face it, unexpected pubic hair results are like finding out the "all-you-can-eat" buffet actually comes with a time limit. So, whether your team "silky smooth" or team "au naturel," just remember, it's all about personal taste, one hair at a time! 🍕🌳

Fingernail/Toenail Colour

Alright, folks, let's take a trip to the sex doll beauty salon – specifically, the nail station. We're about to unravel the secret world of fingernail and toenail colour options. Imagine this as your sex doll's personal spa day, where her hands and feet are the VIP guests and the colours? Well, they're the crown jewels of this pampering session.

So, you know how your sex doll already looks like a million bucks? Well, these nail colours are like accessories that turn heads and drop jaws. Sex doll brands are jewelry designers, offering you a selection that's as varied as a rainbow after a summer storm. From the subtle "Pink" or "Nude/Flesh" hues that scream "I woke up like this," to the wild array of Nail Polish colours that shout "I'm here to party!" – it's like a salon experience without the small talk.

But, and here's the twist, these colours are more than just a pretty coat of paint. They're like the chocolate chips in your cookie dough – they're mixed in, not just sprinkled on top. That means they won't wash off, fade, or mysteriously vanish like your socks in the laundry. So, whether you're feeling classy, sassy, or a bit in between, these nail colours are here to make sure your sex doll's gestures are on point. Get ready for sex doll hands and feet that steal the spotlight, one amazing colour at a time! 💅🌈

Other Cosmetic Options

Hold onto your paintbrushes, because we're venturing into the artistic realm of cosmetic options that'll have you customising your sex doll like a pro. It's like taking your sex doll's beauty routine to a whole new level – but don't worry, no makeup tutorials are required. We're talking about the dazzling details that make your sex doll truly your own, from your doll's areola colour to vagina labia colour and all the fancy touches in between.

Think of it like being handed a magic wand that can add that extra oomph to your sex doll's appearance. Areola colour is like choosing the blush for a rose – it's all about those rosy details that make a difference. And then there's the vagina labia colour, which is like picking the fanciest frame for your masterpiece. It's personalization at its most intimate.

But here's the funny twist: these cosmetic options aren't exactly "set it and forget it." They're like that batch of cookies you need to bake every so often. Yes, they're delightful, but they require a bit of upkeep. Just like sex doll makeup, they'll need a touch-up now and then to keep your sex doll looking fresh. It's like giving your sex doll a spa day – a little extra love for a big impact. So, as you dive into this world of sex doll artistry, remember that it's all about the little details that make your sex doll truly shine. 🎨✨

Brand-Specific Options

Let's dive into the exciting world of brand-specific bed options! Some mattress brands offer unique features like customised makeup styles for your bed. It's like giving your bedroom a personalized touch, turning it into a sleep sanctuary that matches your taste and style.

But a word of caution: not all fancy electronic add-ons are worth the splurge. Think twice before investing in heating systems or moaning systems—sometimes, they don't live up to the hype and might disturb your sleep more than enhance it. Instead, if you're craving warmth during chilly nights, consider opting for a trusty electric blanket. It's a cozy and budget-friendly way to snuggle up without turning your bed into an overpriced space heater.

In the world of beds, make sure your choices are as stylish as they are practical. So, go ahead, pamper your sleep sanctuary with brand-specific options, but keep an eye out for the ones that truly add value and comfort to your experience!"

Final Thoughts

As you embark on the exciting journey of customising your sex doll, remember that each choice you make adds a unique touch to your sex doll's personality and appearance. From selecting the ideal height that suits your preferences to choosing your doll's skin tones and eye colours that reflect her character, you have the power to craft a custom sex doll that's truly unique. Keep in mind that certain features, like Standing Feet and Built-in Vaginas, can enhance your sex doll's realism and satisfaction, while nail colours and cosmetic options offer those delightful finishing touches.

Ultimately, the world of sex doll customisation is a canvas for your creativity, where you have the opportunity to design a companion that perfectly matches your desires. So, dive in with confidence, and let your sex doll become a masterpiece that brings joy and fulfillment to your life. We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights into the various body customisation options available for sex dolls.

At SxDolled, our goal is to make your shopping experience as stress-free and convenient as possible. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, we are committed to helping our customers make informed decisions about their purchases and providing support and assistance throughout the entire shopping process. We're also always happy to share insightful information and help you identify the perfect sex doll for you.

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