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Answering Your Most Asked Questions On Sex Dolls


Answering your Frequently asked questions on sex dolls

Septmeber 24, 2022



  • Can A Sex Doll Bend?
  • How Do I Fix Wrinkles and Indents On My Sex Doll?
  • What Types of Clothing Can a Sex Doll Wear
  • Should I Buy A Sex Doll With Solid, Hollow or Gel-Filled Breasts?
         - Filled Breasts
         - Hollow Breasts
         - Gel Breasts
  • Why Are Some Sex Dolls So Expensive?
  • Should I Buy A Moaning/Talking Sex Doll?
  • Should I Buy An Intelligent Cleaning Sex Doll?
  • Should I Buy A Sex Doll That Self Heats?
  • Should I Buy A Breathing Sex Doll?
  • Should I Buy A Sex Doll With “Standing Feet”?
  • What’s The Difference Between A Sex Doll With Ultra-Soft Skin And The Regular Default Skin?
  • What’s The Difference Between A TPE And Silicone Sex Doll?
  • Why Should I Buy Sex Dolls From You?
  • Final Thoughts

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Sex toys are great for exploration of yourself and your partner.

Sex dolls are becoming more and more popular as these dolls get more advanced and realistic!

I wouldn’t blame you if you’re thinking about picking up a new sex doll for yourself.

They aren't regarded as the best sex toy for no reason!

Sex dolls are so accessible nowadays, you could order one online and have it at your door in as little as a few days!

Pro tip, generally speaking, water based lubes will always be your best bet for sex, masturbation and sex toys. They're 100% hypoallergenic and harmless to all sex toy materials.

What’s that? You have a few more questions?

No threat, we’ve got you. Here are the most frequently asked questions on owning a sex doll!

Let’s jiggle straight into it!

Can A Sex Doll Bend?


Sex dolls can bend almost as realistically as the human body. 

The sex doll has waist joints (it can be bent forward, not backward, and can be turned left and right).

You can bend your sex dolls fingers. 

You can bend your sex dolls arms and legs. 

Essentially, if you can bend it, you sex doll can too!

Note, sex dolls should not be placed in any one position for extended periods of time, otherwise this may cause stress to build in your doll's skeleton and skin causing dents and deformations. Generally, this can occur if you do NOT switch the positions of your sex doll for periods longer than two weeks (I.e. lying your doll on one side or flat on her back). 

How Do I Fix Wrinkles and Indents On My Sex Doll?

There are a few procedures doll owners can carry out to preserve and maintain their sex doll.

Sex dolls that are made of soft TPE material, may sometimes acquire a few wrinkles or indentations after long periods of unnatural twists and compressions. 

This is normal. 

Correct your sex dolls posture, after a period of time wrinkles will automatically recover (applying a hot towel can be used to shorten recovery time).

Indentations that are not particularly serious can be fixed with short period of hot water soaking at about 70°C or application of a hot towel. More serious indentations can ne repaired with an electric soldering iron by adding a small piece of the same material to the indentation then using the soldering iron to repair and fill in the indentation. 

Caution: this is an extremely dangerous method and should only be done professionally.

What Types of Clothing Can A Sex Doll Wear?

Although your sex doll's skin is durable and resistant to rips, tears, and stain it is not indestructible. 

You should be mindful to not make your sex doll wear dark fabrics and tight clothing. If you absolutely must put dark clothing onto your sex doll, you should thoroughly wash those pieces of clothing before putting them onto your doll. 

Note, do NOT store your doll away with any dark clothing on, doing so could stain your dolls skin. 

Tight clothing (like clothing with elastic bands or compression clothing) may leave permanent marks or indentations on your sex doll if left on too long.

The best clothing for your sex doll to wear is light colored, loose fitting fabrics.

Should I Buy A Sex Doll With Solid, Hollow or Gel-Filled Breasts?

Sex Doll Breasts | SxDolled

Filled Breasts

Filled breasts are firmer than hollow and gel breasts.

Filled breasts are your best bet if you intend to be rough with your doll as they can better withstand rough sexual punishment.

Hollow Breasts

Hollow Breasts are exactly how they sound, they are breasts filled with pockets of air in them.

These breasts are the softest and most enjoyable to grasp.

You won’t be disappointed, hollow breasts feel the most natural and are a nice upgrade from filled breasts.

Note, only breasts that are of C-Cup or bigger can be hollow as smaller cup breasts aren’t spacious enough for air pockets.

Gel Breasts

Gel breasts are a medium between filled and hollow breasts. Hence, gel breasts can hold a nice firmness but still feel more natural than filled breasts.

Unfortunately, gel breasts aren’t compatible with dolls designed with soft more natural feeling skin.

Gel breasts are known to even explode during manufacturing or even shipping if not designed with the right materials.

Note, only dolls with hard skin with breasts that are of C-Cup or bigger can be filled with gel.

Why Are Some Sex Dolls So Expensive?

Simple, you get what you pay for.

We only supply the highest quality dolls to you.

If you can find a doll that is seeming “too good to be true” it’s likely that it is. These dolls often skip the most important details that take an average doll to an amazing doll!

This could include (but is not limited to) facial details, skeletal make-up, and even the material the doll is made of.

Smaller deceptive companies often work to imitate more well know dolls but produce a much lower quality doll by cutting costs.

Dolls can be made from low-quality, often toxic and brittle, recycled TPE (this is not to say that all TPE products are harmful but only those made with low-quality TPE). Skeletal joints are made too loose or too rigid which can break in as little as 5 months making your doll unusable!

So, the next time you see a doll that is seemingly offered at half the price of other dolls on the market, you’re probably better off giving that doll a miss and picking yourself up a quality doll that will last you much, much longer.

Different Sex Dolls | SxDolled

Should I Buy A Moaning/Talking Sex Doll?

In my experience, no.

At least for now.

Currently, talking devices aren’t advanced or reliable enough. Then tend to not work at all or if it does work it doesn’t work well.

The voice is often of a foreign lady with a huge accent and extremely limited and robotic vocabulary.

If it was up to us, we’d advise you to spare your money… for now.

All hope is not lost!

As time goes on, technology advances daily. Sooner or later we will have sex dolls so real that you might not even be able to tell the difference between her and a real woman. And that includes talking dolls.

So, don’t give up hope just yet!

Just give it some time.

Should I Buy An Intelligent Cleaning Sex Doll?

Again, unfortunately, no.

As mentioned, technology simply is not advanced enough in this space to provide a quality sex doll with intelligent cleaning features as of yet.

These dolls almost always develop problems in no time.

Therefore, we advise staying away from these types of sex dolls too, for now.

Should I Buy A Sex Doll That Self Heats? 

More and more sex doll manufacturers are offering real sex dolls with built-in heating systems.

We have tested these systems and personally do not recommend them.

There is a high likelihood that the heating system will stop working completely or just not work as intended where the system won’t even heat the vaginal area of your sex doll making it quite a useless option in my opinion.

You’re better off picking up a heating rod, that way you’re guaranteed a warm vagina on insertion.

At the end of the day, it is your decision whether you want this option with your doll or not.

Do note that, since these devices are built into your sex doll and there is no way to service the device should the device stop working or if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Should I Buy A Breathing Sex Doll?

Honestly, I have never tried this option.

Therefore, I cannot advise whether or not to purchase this type of sex doll.

However, seeing as though all the other devices to enhance the realism of your sex doll are currently so unadvanced I have very little optimism for a breathing sex doll.

The breathing device also adds a lot of weight to your doll, take that how you will.

By all means, it is your decision whether you want to add this option to your sex doll or not. If you do decide to include this option in your doll, let us know how it turned out below!

Should I Buy A Sex Doll With “Standing Feet”?

Question, can a sex doll stand?

Yes and no.

Unless you have a foot fetish or the bolts on the feet really bother you, you should consider purchasing a doll with “standing feet”.

If you plan to stand your sex doll up even for a few seconds, “standing feet” is a must.

If you do not choose this option for your doll, then you are at risk of severely damaging your doll’s feet every time you make her stand.

No, shoes are not a viable replacement for this option.

Please note, your doll even with this option cannot reliably stand on its own. Your doll will likely not be able to reliably balance itself and therefore will need to lean on something or a wall to help it stand better.

Standing Feet | SxDolled

Sex Doll With Standing Feet

What’s The Difference Between A Sex Doll With Ultra-Soft Skin And The Regular Default Skin?

You may find that some dolls are offered with an ultra-soft skin option.

This option makes the skin of your sex doll up to 40% softer than that of dolls with regular skin.

Though with the pros come the cons.

Ultra-soft skin is understandably more fragile than regular skin and therefore may not be the best option for you if you intend to be rough with your doll.

Ultra-soft skin is also much less scratch-resistant than regular skin.

Should you drop your doll with ultra-soft skin it is more likely to withstand more damage than if it had regular skin. Your doll could even get damaged during shipping leaving skin imperfections we can’t do anything about.

We always try our absolute best on our end to ensure you the best experience possible but unfortunately some variables are beyond our control, such as shipping times and handling.

Remember, sex dolls are extremely heavy, often weighing up to 35-40kg!

Softer skin means more fragile skin.

Sex dolls with ultra-soft skin, even with the standing feet option, should only wear flat shoes as using any heeled or platformed shoes will rapidly deteriorate and crack your doll’s feet.

Though cracking feet is often normal with sex dolls, ultra-soft dolls are subject to hastened and more severe cracking.


  • If you prioritise realism, buy a doll with ultra-soft skin.
  • If you prioritise perfect skin, buy a doll with regular skin.

What’s The Difference Between A TPE And Silicone Sex Doll?

You are finally ready to purchase your first sex doll, but should you pick up a TPE or silicone doll?

The main differences between TPE and silicone sex dolls are as follows:

• TPE sex dolls are cheaper than silicone sex dolls.

• TPE sex dolls are softer than silicone sex dolls

• TPE sex dolls feel more natural than silicone sex dolls.

• TPE sex dolls are lighter than silicone sex dolls.

• TPE sex dolls are more flexible than silicone sex dolls.

• Silicone sex dolls are more stain resistant than TPE sex dolls.

• Silicone sex dolls are more scratch resistant than TPE sex dolls.

• Silicone sex dolls are much sturdier than TPE sex dolls.

• Silicone sex dolls can look incredibly realistic, something TPE dolls can’t achieve.

Why Should I Buy Sex Dolls From You?

Here are the top reasons (but not limited to) to buy your sex doll with us:

  • We only stock and provide the most quality sex dolls.
  • We only collaborate with top sex doll manufacturers.
  • We offer outstanding customer service.
  • We have dolls available in Australia for immediate dispatch and delivery to you.
  • We are the a high quality sex doll store in Australia

Final Thoughts

We only serve to provide you with as much information as possible to best equip you to make the best decision for your personal needs.

Sex dolls offer a genuinely enjoyable experience that many men find helps control their libido and enhance their sexual satisfaction.

I hope after reading through this article you have gained valuable insights to best choose the right sex doll with respective options to live out your fantasies.

Any more questions or concerns? Please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below and share this article on your socials.

Want to see us stock a specific type of pocket pussy? Contact us and let us know!

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