Articulated Finger vs Traditional Fingers: A Comparison

Articulated Finger vs Traditional Fingers: A Comparison | SxDolled

Articulated Finger vs Traditional Fingers: A Comparison

April 27, 2023



  • Comparing Articulated And Traditional Finger Skeletons
  • Final Thoughts

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When it comes to constructing sex doll hands, two types of finger structures are most commonly available: the traditional finger skeleton made of hoses and a thin wire, and the newer articulated finger skeleton made of stainless steel. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Comparing Articulated And Traditional Finger Skeletons

Traditional fingers are made up of five hoses of varying lengths that are tightly clamped to the wrist and then wrapped in a thin wire. While they offer flexibility, they are also easily deformed and prone to damage. This can make it difficult to achieve a realistic effect when posing or adjusting the fingers. Additionally, traditional fingers are easily damaged and irreparable in cases of frequent impacts or crushing.

In contrast, articulated finger skeletons are constructed from stainless steel and are riveted to the three joints of each finger, from the root of the finger to the palm. The surface is coated to increase the adhesion of the TPE material to the finger bones, and the colour is matched to the skin tone to prevent any colour bleeding. The upgraded articulated finger bones have been continuously improved over time, with the latest version featuring a thin strip in place of the original large stainless steel piece for a lighter weight and improved effect.

The advantages of articulated finger skeletons over traditional fingers are abundant. First, the joints in articulated finger skeletons allow for a more textured and realistic representation of the hand. Additionally, they also offer the ability to fine-tune details and achieve more lifelike poses. Furthermore, the finger bones can bear a little weight, making them suitable for holding light objects such as plastic water bottles, whereas traditional fingers could not support any weight. Finally, in case of damage, articulated finger skeletons are repairable, with the ability to be largely recovered by tightening the screw at the joint.

Overall, while traditional fingers may be more affordable, articulated finger skeletons offer superior flexibility, strength, and realism, making them a worthwhile investment for those looking to achieve the most lifelike appearance in their sex dolls.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the choice between traditional finger structures and articulated finger skeletons ultimately depends on your needs and preferences. While traditional fingers may be more affordable, they lack the flexibility, strength, and realism that the newer articulated finger skeletons offer. With their joints and ability to support light objects, the articulated finger skeletons provide a more lifelike appearance and greater posing capabilities. Additionally, their repairability offers added convenience and longevity. Ultimately, those seeking for the most realistic representation of sex doll hands should consider investing in articulated finger skeletons.

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