Best Ways To Hide Your Sex Doll From Your Wife

Best Ways To Hide Your Sex Doll From Your Wife | SxDolled

Best Ways To Hide Your Sex Doll From Your Wife

May 12, 2023



  • Utilizing Your Garage As A Hideout
  • Hiding Your Sex Doll in Your Closet
  • Invest in a Detachable Sex Doll
  • Renting A Private Locker As A Last Resort
  • Final Thoughts

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Let’s first make clear that you should not have to hide your sex doll from your wife. However, whether you feel uncomfortable leaving your sex doll laying around or have another reason for wanting to hide your sex doll, in this article we will walk you through just that.

As sex doll enthusiasts, sex dolls hold an elevated status as one of our most cherished possessions. It is, therefore, logical that we would seek to keep our sex dolls secure and, sometimes, out of sight. Yet, how does one conceal a life-size sex doll from a cohabitant, such as a family member or human partner? This is the one slight inconvenience of owning a sex doll. While it may seem incredulous, there exists straightforward and, above all, efficient methods to hide your beloved sex doll from your spouse. Try to pick and stick with one designated hiding space for the doll in your home. Our inventive strategies offer a path to discreetly shelter your adored doll, beginning with...

Key Takeaways

The best ways to hide your sex doll:

1) Utilize your garage as a hideout by storing the sex doll in its original delivery box and disguising it with random items or stacking other items on top. However, be mindful of temperature.

2) Hide the sex doll in your closet by placing it at the back and covering it with clothes, or using a separate compartment if available.

3) Invest in a detachable sex doll to easily disassemble and store the parts in cushioned travel bags or boxes.

4) Consider renting a private locker as a last resort for full privacy, but be aware of the costs and inconvenience involved.

5) Remember that open communication and honesty with your partner are essential for a healthy relationship.

Utilizing Your Garage As A Hideout

With a bit of ingenuity, your garage can become the ideal storage location for your sex doll. Most sex dolls come in large packing boxes which are typically discarded by most sex doll owners, but for a doll lover such as yourself, they serve a practical purpose. By storing your sex dolls in her originally deliver box and then hiding her in your garage, you can easily conceal her from your wife. For an added layer of cover, you can mix in some random items to make it less obvious that you're hiding something, or you could place items on top of the box to bury it and make her harder to get to. Though try not to stack anything too heavy onto the box, you won't want your wonderful companions to be crushed would you?

Hiding Your Sex Doll in Your Closet

If you have ample space in your closet, it could also be a great place to stash your sex doll. Simply place your sex doll at the back of your closet and cover them with your clothes. Otherwise, if your closet has large separate compartments, you could utilize one for your sex doll. This method works best for sex doll torsos, but you can also hide a full-size sex doll with enough room and creativity and if your closet is spacious enough.

Invest in a Detachable Sex Doll

A detachable sex doll is a great investment if you're looking to keep your sex doll hidden from prying eyes. You can easily disassemble your sex doll and store her parts in cushioned travel bags or boxes. Since these items are less likely to be investigated by your wife, it's a foolproof way to conceal your sex doll. However, be sure to keep the travel bags or boxes containing your sex doll’s parts safe and secure. 

Renting A Private Locker As A Last Resort

If all else fails, renting a private locker could be a viable option to keep your sex doll away from your wife's prying eyes. This method ensures full privacy, but it comes at a cost, and can be inconvenient to retrieve and return your sex doll to the locker. Only consider this method when all other hiding options have been exhausted.

Final Thoughts

These are several easy and effective ways to hide your sex doll from your wife, such as utilizing your garage, closet, or investing in a detachable sex doll. These methods require minimal effort and can help you conceal your beloved sex doll. Of course, you can also come up with your own unique ways to hide your sex doll and if you do, please share them below. Overall, we hope these suggestions assist you in keeping your sex doll away from your wife.

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