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Can A Sex Doll Help Satisfy The Need For Human Touch?

Can A Sex Doll Help Satisfy The Need For Human Touch? | SxDolled

Can A Sex Doll Help Satisfy The Need For Human Touch? 

April 21, 2023



  • The decline of touch due to the pandemic and the digital age
  • Alternative ways to replicate the impact of touch
  • Exploring the Benefits of Using a Sex Doll for Human Touch
  • Final Thoughts

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Human survival is reliant on several basic elements: food, water, and oxygen, but one crucial element that's often overlooked is touch or more so social connections. Although touch may not appear as vital as sustenance or hydration, scientific research suggests it's incredibly potent and necessary in numerous ways. Even though the absence of touch may not cause the same level of physical harm as a lack of water or food, experts admit that touch is vital for overall well-being.

Psychology Today explains that human touch is one of the most fundamental, primal needs, and a lack of it has been linked to negative health outcomes such as immune system disorders, anxiety, and depression. The impact of touch on well-being has been a subject of study for scientists and academics for a while now, and it's becoming more relevant given the amount of time people spend online, and the pandemic's impact on physical distancing. No matter how shy or introverted, every single human being needs at least some human contact.

Investigative reporter, Jonathan Jones, discusses how the science of touch reached maturity in the mid-1990s when researchers analyzed the sensory deprivation of children in understaffed Romanian orphanages. The children who lacked touch had lower cortisol and growth development levels than their age group. Touch plays a crucial role in our physical and mental well-being from the time we are in the womb to our elderly years. New studies on touch continue to emphasize the importance of physical contact in early development, communication, personal relationships, and fighting disease.

Key Takeaways

How a sex doll can satisfy your need for human touch:

1) Human touch is a fundamental and primal need, crucial for overall well-being. Lack of touch can lead to negative health outcomes, including anxiety and depression.

2) The COVID-19 pandemic and the digital age have contributed to a decline in physical touch, impacting social connections.

3) Alternative ways to replicate the impact of touch include having a pet, using a weighted blanket, practicing yoga, and the use of realistic sex dolls.

4) Modern sex dolls are made from advanced materials like TPE and silicone, mimicking the feel of human touch.

5) Sex dolls offer a realistic human form and size, allowing for hugging, cuddling, and interaction similar to a human partner.

6) Besides sexual release, using a sex doll can contribute to mental well-being, reducing stress levels, and promoting happiness.

7) Sex dolls provide an opportunity to explore fantasies and desires without judgment and can boost confidence in one's sexual prowess.

8) Sex dolls can be a tool for practicing and improving sexual skills, preparing individuals for future human interactions.

The decline of touch due to the pandemic and the digital age

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about numerous changes in various aspects of our lives, including our social and dating interactions. One of the most significant impacts has been the limitation on close social interaction, which has made it impossible to engage in activities such as hugging, massage, or even handshakes. Even after two years, these restrictions are hard to unlearn, and people continue to avoid close contact at all costs.

Moreover, the increased screen time and ease of digital communication have made people communicate less and touch less, as they are immersed in their smartphones rather than interacting with other individuals. In fact, a study conducted at airports in the USA by Tiffany Field from the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine confirmed that casual touch is lacking in our day-to-day habits, even among couples and families traveling together.

Alternative ways to replicate the impact of touch

Researchers and academics suggest that the impact of touch can be replicated by having a pet, using a weighted blanket, or performing yoga. However, an interesting alternative that has emerged is the use of realistic sex dolls. Whether you're practicing physical distancing due to the pandemic or haven't met someone you want to get close to, a realistic sex doll can feasibly replace human touch and provide the same wellness benefits that person-to-person contact offers.

Exploring the Benefits of Using a Sex Doll for Human Touch

Can sex dolls satisfy our primal need for human touch? Let's find out!

1) Advanced Materials Mimic the Feel of Human Touch

We, as human beings, crave companionship. Sex dolls have come a long way since the inflatable dolls of the past. With modern technology, today’s sex dolls are crafted using advanced materials such as TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and high-grade silicone, which feel like real human skin. These materials can also be heated to enhance the realistic sensation and will retain the heat for a while.

Although a good photograph can help would-be buyers gain a sense of how beautiful and realistic love dolls can be, most can not imagine nor are prepared for the actual reality of touching and interacting with a sex doll. For the majority, a high quality sex doll does genuinely feel like your interacting with another living, breathing human being. If this is hard for you to imagine, you'll just have to interact with a sex doll yourself to find out. 

2) Realistic Human Form

One of the most important benefits of using a life size sex doll for human touch is that it has a similar build and anatomy of a human body. Sex dolls are designed to be human-sized and realistic in weight, giving a natural feel to the touch. They can be hugged or touched in much the same way as a human, and can even be cuddled in bed or used as a pillow.

3) Sexual release and mental wellbeing

For many people, sexual release is a vital aspect of mental wellbeing, helping to reduce stress levels and promote overall happiness. However, with physical intimacy limited due to the pandemic and social distancing measures, a sex doll can provide a way to access the human need for sexual contact without physically being in the presence of another human. I know many individuals who can testify that their sex doll has really helped improve their mental health.

If you love to squeeze busty breasts, big butts, and soft perky nipples, then a sex doll is the perfect solution for your sexual needs. How pleasurable is sex with sex dolls in comparison to real sex? If you're into oral sex your sex doll is more than capable of satisfying your sexual needs, possibly even better than a real woman, but you can be the judge of that!

4) Beyond sexual release

While the sexual release is a key benefit, a sex doll offers much more. It provides the freedom to indulge in fantasies and explore new desires without worrying about your partner's feelings or preferences. This can be a chance to experiment, indulge and focus purely on your own pleasure, which can lead to reduced stress levels and increased feel-good hormones.

Will sex dolls replace women in the future? Only time will tell.

5) Practicing for confidence

Confidence in one's sexual prowess takes time to build, and a lack of confidence can lead to frustrating catch-22 situations where you feel too unsure of yourself to enjoy sexual encounters but want more to build your confidence. A sex doll offers unlimited capacity for experimentation and practice, allowing you to perfect your favourite positions and become a more confident partner without needing a human partner. With an open invitation for sexual creativity at any time, a sex doll can help prepare you for truly mind-blowing, long-lasting skin-on-skin contact when the next opportunity or connection presents itself.

As you can see sex dolls present a multitude of advantages over other sex toys. Sex dolls have come a long way since the inexpensive inflatable sex dolls of yesteryear. Furthermore, today's consumer expects much more from sexual aids they trust their personal pleasure to, and modern sex dolls really deliver.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the human touch is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, and the pandemic has highlighted the importance of finding alternative ways to replicate the benefits of touch. So, can a sex doll satisfy a person's need for human contact? While realistic sex dolls may seem like a controversial solution, they offer a range of benefits beyond just sexual release, including providing a realistic human form and a chance to experiment and build sexual confidence. With advanced materials that mimic the feel of human touch, sex dolls have become a feasible option for those who are physically distancing or simply haven't found a human connection, and modern sex dolls really deliver. However, it's essential to remember that realistic sex dolls should not replace human interaction altogether, and it's important to maintain connections with others for our mental and physical well-being.

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