Can You Pierce Your Sex Doll?

Can You Pierce Your Sex Doll? | SxDolled

Can You Pierce Your Sex Doll?

January 21, 2023



  • Method 1: “Puncturing” or “Piercing”
  • Method 2: “Pinching”
  • How To Insert A Piercing
  • Additional Notes To Consider
  • Final Thoughts

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Most sex dolls are made of TPE or silicone, which are the most cost-effective materials able to be modelled and designed to mimic human skin. It is possible to pierce your love doll, however, unlike our skin, TPE and silicone will not repair themselves. Though on the upside at least you won’t hurt your beloved sex doll! So, if you think about it, it’s easier to pierce an adult love doll than a human being.

A lot of doll owners place navel piercings, earrings and even nipple piercings on their sex dolls! Imagine your favorite doll with a hot navel piercing!

Please note that piercing your love doll will be permanent, so think deeply and carefully before proceeding.

It’s also important to note, piercing is not as easy as you’d think. You could pierce crooked, pierce not deep enough or even prick yourself. Hence, why there are professional piercers. Please proceed with caution.

Depending on your chosen location to pierce your love doll will decide the method and process of which you will need to follow to effectively pierce your sex doll.

Without further ado, let's get started get your sex doll pierced! 

Preparations for TPE Sex Doll Piercings:

  • A Small Piercing Tool (a paper clip or long sewing needle will suffice if you don't have a piercing kit) 
  • A Pair of Earrings (or your piercing of choice) 

Note, make sure that the width of your piercing needle is the same (or slightly thinner) as your chosen piercing(s).

The two main methods for piercing your sex doll are “puncturing” or “piercing” and “pinching”.

Key Takeaways

Can you pierce your sex doll? 

1) Sex dolls made of TPE or silicone and can be pierced, but it is a permanent modification.

2) Doll owners often place navel, nipple, and ear piercings on their dolls.

3) Two methods for piercing: "Puncturing" or "Piercing" for clear entry and exit points, and "Pinching" for areas without clear points.

4) Preparation involves a small piercing tool and the chosen piercing, with matching widths.

5) Caution is crucial to avoid unintended consequences, such as damage to the doll or skin reactions from cheap metals.

6) Use silver or gold for safer piercings; cheap jewelry may cause staining or harm the doll.

7) Be gentle when handling jewelry to prevent deformation marks, and avoid using low-quality jewelry on the doll.

Method 1: “Puncturing” or “Piercing”

This method involves piercing an area that has a clear entry and exit point, which you can easily pierce.

A good example of an area of the body that can be pierced with this method is your sex doll’s nipples.

Step 1) Choose the area you’d like to pierce.

Step 2) Draw a small circle to mark the exact area you want to pierce, also marking the exit, with a light pencil.

Step 3) Measure the widths of your piercing needles, making sure to pick the longest one to pierce your love doll (make sure your piercing needle is of the same width or a little smaller than your marked entry and exit points).

Step 4) Slowly and accurately pierce the needle in your designated area and press through firmly until the tip of the needle passes through to your designated exit point.

Now you can place your piercing of choice into your love doll’s new piercing, this could be a sexy set of earrings or a cute charm.

Can you pierce your sex doll? | SxDolled

Image: A Sex Doll Torso with pierced nipples and belly button

Method 2: “Pinching”

This technique is used when you can’t use method 1 when there isn’t a clear entry and exit point.

Method 2 “pinching” is a technique used in areas that cannot be fully pierced, such as the belly button, where your needle has no clear exit point.

To perform method two, once again, you’ll want to pick the area you want to pierce.

Step 1) Measure the length of the puncture needle and try to mentally mark the entry and exit points.

Step 2) Gently pinch each point with your thumb and forefinger and pinch firmly.

Step 3) Pass the needle through the pinched area (do not stop pinching after piercing your love doll as this will make it easier to insert a piercing).

Now that you’ve pierced your sex doll and created both an opening and exit, you can insert your choice of edgy piercing or sexy charm in the pierced area.

How To Insert A Piercing

Congratulations! You've successfully pierced your doll. What's that? How do you insert a piercing into your doll? It's easy, I'll walk you through it.

Step 1) Prepare the piercing by unscrewing the fixation balls on them. 

Step 2) Use a paper clip, needle or some sort of puncturing device to pierce into the skin, leaving the needle in the hole.

Step 3) Position the piece of jewelry using your piercing tool of choice and insert it into the hole as you remove the piercing tool simultaneously. Since both silicone and TPE are thick materials, the holes will quickly close up when you remove the piercing tool.

Step 4) Screw the fixation ball back on to the back of the jewelry 

Your doll is now ready! For multiple pieces of jewelry, simply repeat the same process above for inserting piercings into any other body parts.

Since many piercing have different gauges of needles, it will be helpful to you to watch some online video tutorials to better acquaint yourself with the procedure.

Additional Notes To Consider

Although TPE is a very soft but firm material, this doesn’t mean that it is perfect. While it’s not easy to “break” a quality TPE or silicone sex doll, especially from a simple needle, piercings do pose some risks. For instance, if you had placed hoop earrings onto your love doll, those earrings could get caught on something and potentially and permanently rip the earlobes of your sex doll.

It has also been researched and reported that not all metals react perfectly with TPE (both short and long-term). Using one of these metals with your sex doll could lead to your doll developing what looks like a human rash of patches.

Unfortunately, the metals that react with TPE have not been deeply researched and therefore there is no hard evidence or advice against any single particular metal. One simple rule of thumb to follow regarding this issue is to stay away from cheap products; real-looking sex dolls are not cheap products and should be treated as works of art.

This theory stems from the fact that some metals have cheap pigments on their surface that will leach into the skin of your realistic sex doll. Silver or gold is one of the safest metals (as they are both extremely unreactive), if you can pick between cheap metal or silver and gold, please pick silver and gold. Trust me, you won’t have any issues then.

Be gentle and extra cautious while removing or putting jewelry on your love doll to avoid causing any deformation marks on her finger or neck. Furthermore, I'd exclaim, never buy cheap jewelry for your doll! You may be able to save a few bucks and some of the pieces you'll find may be super cute but they could be very harmful for your doll. Cheap jewelry can leave stains on your sex doll. Many doll owners have reported that cheap rings, necklaces and piercings have left permanent marks on their doll's bodies. Not to mention, cheap jewelry is never well crafted and quite easily bends and breaks.

And even after all of that you are still insisting on buying some cheap jewelry for your love doll, at the very least make sure to take it off after a day or so, to prevent any long-term or permanent affects. Also, make sure when putting any jewelry onto your sex doll not to put it on too tight as this can leave permanent dents and marks on your doll's skin too. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the knowledge to pierce your sex doll and the do's and do not's of piercings, you are now well informed to make an educated decision to pierce your sex doll.

Again, do not pierce your doll's ears, nose, lips, nipples, belly button or clitoris unless you are absolutely certain as this modification will be permanent. Piercings can also lead to those thinner areas of skin to tear. Piercings can grow larger over time, especially with heavy piercings and keep jewelry light as not to leave marks, dents or cuts on your doll's skin.

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