Exploring Standard And Upgraded (EVO) Skeletons For Sex Dolls

Exploring Standard And Upgraded (EVO) Skeletons For Sex Dolls | SxDolled

Exploring Standard And Upgraded (EVO) Skeletons For Sex Dolls

May 01, 2023



  • Standard Sex Doll Skeletons
  • Upgraded (EVO) Sex Doll Skeletons
  • Final Thoughts

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For individuals considering purchasing a sex doll, there may be some confusion surrounding the choice of a standard skeleton or an upgraded EVO skeleton for your sex doll. To clarify this matter, let's delve into the differences between these two options.

Standard Sex Doll Skeletons

A sex doll equipped with a standard skeleton will not be able to shrug her shoulders, and her range of motion will be limited to forward and backward movements. Additionally, her elbows and knees can only bend to an extent of approximately 90 degrees.

Learn more about sex doll skeletons from our article "what you need to know about sex doll skeletons". 

Upgraded (EVO) Sex Doll Skeletons

On the other hand, an EVO sex doll skeleton is an upgraded skeleton that offers much greater flexibility, allowing for more natural and realistic human-like posing experiences. The upgraded EVO skeleton allows your sex doll to shrug her shoulders, assume different poses more freely, and even lean left and right due to a more flexible spine. Her legs can also be bent into a "W" shape or downward to touch the buttocks. Some brands, like WM, Piper, and Starpery, are taking it even further with double-jointed arms and legs, allowing the doll to squat, stretch, and kneel like a real human and take extremely lifelike positions.

Final Thoughts

In essence, the EVO skeleton is a far more advanced skeleton option that offers increased flexibility and a wider range of movement than the standard skeleton. However, this option often comes at an additional cost. If you're seeking a sex doll that can achieve simple postures, a standard skeleton may be sufficient for your needs. But, if you desire greater flexibility and realism, an EVO skeleton is the best choice for you.

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