Exploring tailored temptations with sex dolls in Australia

Exploring tailored temptations with sex dolls in Australia

Sex dolls have come a long way from being nothing but basic inflatable toys. Today, thanks to various technological advancements, they are more like customizable companions. Sex dolls in Australia have become one of the main interests, and that is due to the offering of a variety of lifelike dolls that you can personalize to your own desires.

Having access to this tailored experience certainly takes sex dolls to another level, and while there have always been multiple options for sex dolls, that is not what we are implying. The customization today is on a whole other level, and we will go deep into detail just how much you can customize sex dolls in Australia.

Lots of preset models as guidance

Since there are quite a bit of options to customize, just like one would customize a video game character in the latest RPG games, it is best and easiest to select one of many sex dolls that SxDolled has to offer.

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Once you make a selection of a doll that is to your liking, you will be able to unlock the customization options available to that doll. Of course, if customization is not something that you are interested in, leaving everything on default settings which are “same as pictured” is all you have to do, but still, we recommend customization, as it will feel more personal and it will provide a better experience.

Height and body type

Height & body type

One of the most important features when it comes to tailoring the experience to yourself is selecting your ideal height and body type. There are a couple of options to choose from, as you can go for more petite models, or you can go for bigger sex dolls as well.

When it comes to body type, you can choose if the sex doll should be curvy, athletic, slim with an hourglass figure, plus size, and more. Choosing a body type serves pretty much as the main building block for the rest of the doll.

Skin tone

When it comes to skin tones, there are the basic options that one would expect from the prestigious customizations that sex dolls in Australia have to offer. You can choose various ethnicities such as Asian, Caucasian, Latino, Middle Eastern, African American, and Indian. However, if you want to spice things up a bit, there is more to explore in skin tones with alien sex dolls that come in colors such as red and blue.

Hairstyle and color

One of the most important things when it comes to sex dolls is the hair. Not only that it is important that the hair style is exactly the one you are looking for, but also the color and the quality of the hair too. Sex dolls in Australia happen to look for nothing but excellence when it comes to hair quality, which makes it very realistic.

Unlike the synthetic material that you find on most wigs, the ones that are used on sex dolls in Australia will feel and act real. While they do come with a chosen hairstyle, this does not mean that you cannot brush the hair and change the style into something else.

With that said, if you are planning to change hairstyles, getting a longer base hairstyle is always better than a shorter one. There are also many different colors to pick from, and you can easily create your favorite hairstyle.

Head style

When it comes to looks, everyone has their preferences, which is why SxDolled happens to have dozens of different head options. Choosing the perfect head for your sex doll is something that will require most decision-making, as this is not something you want to miss your mark on.

If you happen to have an image of how your ideal girl would look like, there is a high chance you will find a head that matches those facial features, and you can select it as the option on your sex doll. Of course, it is always possible to select multiple heads that you can swap out whenever you want.

Body painting

What makes high-quality sex dolls stand out from low-quality ones is the body painting. Professional painters can make a night and day difference by using their years of experience to paint realistic body freckles, shadings, and contours. This is certainly a peek at customization, as body painting makes each sex doll stand out.

Breast customization

Breasts are an important part of a sex doll, and while there are not that many customization options, each one is significantly different from the other ones. The standard solid TPE option makes the breasts feel exactly like one would expect from a sex doll, while the hollow option makes them feel without any filling.

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However, if you are looking for the best of the best, the gel-filled customization is the one you should go for, as it gives the breasts on your sex doll a very realistic feeling. While visually, they might all look similar, the gel-filled option really feels realistic to the touch, and it is by far the best choice to go for.

Custom features like no other

Custom features like no other

While customizing looks is important, sometimes the features that a sex doll comes with are even more important. Today, you can add quite a lot of amazing features to your sex doll, such as heating, moaning, robotic blowjob features, interactive hands and legs, softened parts of the sex doll, and more. These modern features are really what sets sex dolls to a whole other level compared to any sex toy.

Lots of other customizable features

We could really go all day when it comes to customizable features on sex dolls in Australia, as there are really that many of them. Whether you want to customize the vagina type, feet type, eye color, shoulder type, areola size and color, fingernail color, and many more, you can do it. Customizing sex dolls in Australia is quite an exciting experience, and SxDolled made sure that you can get exactly what you imagined.

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