Getting Married To A Sex Doll


Getting Married To A Sex Doll

October 29, 2022



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Marriages are very sacred and intimate celebrations where two people come together. Traditionally, weddings saw a man and woman come together in holy matrimony, however in modern times society has become much more open and accepting to untraditional weddings, this includes a man and another man, a woman and another woman, and even a man and a sex doll!

In the following story, we are going to go through a marriage between exactly that, a man getting married to his life sized sex doll.

Let’s get into it.

A post on the Internet a few years back blew up and caused a huge discussion amongst people from all over the globe. This is a story of a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan named Yurii Tolochiko and his realistic love doll (Margo).

In late 2019 a small wedding was held in the home of a fellow Kazakh. Those who attended the wedding were mainly his closest family and friends. Those who attended had a range of different opinions. Some expressed that marrying a sex doll goes against all normal common sense, while others disregarded commenting stating that this was a matter of someone else's family. It’s not surprising that such a unique wedding quickly made media headlines and blazed through the internet sparking heated discussions on the topic.


The main reason why Yurii decided to marry a life size silicone doll was mainly due to local conditions as they weren’t great and he found it difficult to find a woman of his standard.

Yurii having been single and lonely for a while decided to wed his sex doll as a means of getting create a more emotional connection between himself and his doll.

Another reason why Yurii decided to marry his sex doll was due to his negative experiences with women in the past that lead to him gaining a negative impression of women.

After doing some research on sex dolls and deciding on the exact doll he wanted, he purchased this sex doll, Margo.

It wasn’t before long, Yurii spoke out about his experience with Margo, essentially Yurii explained;

That Margo has many functions. She does not only provide a high level of stimulation but she is also the perfect height and body structure for him. He adjusted the size of her chest according to his ideal size, and even the firmness of her vagina is extremely close to the real thing.

Yurii explained he was willing to work with his doll for the rest of his life.

And who can blame Yurii? Sex dolls are extremely great alternatives to a real woman as it allows you to avoid issues that may arise with dealing with another human being.

The sex doll became more than just a sex toy, Yurii got comfortable, no longer worrying about little irrelevant matters that once plagued his mind.

Final Thoughts

With the support of his family, his dream became reality, he was about to hold a small wedding for himself and his love doll.

As sex dolls and the sex toy industry continues to develop and evolve, sex dolls and society are becoming more open and more and more people are purchasing love dolls for themselves.

Nowadays, most sex dolls have hyper realistic skin and shockingly accurate simulated vaginas, love dolls are a fun way for men to fulfil their desire for sexual relations without having to seek a woman.

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