How Long Do Sex Dolls Last?

How Long Do Sex Dolls Last? | SxDolled

How Long Do Sex Dolls Last?

January 14, 2023



  • Frequency of use
  • Material Composition
  • Cleanliness
  • Storage Methods
  • Final Thoughts

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Most people throughout history have found it hard to explore and discover their deepest desires and fantasies. In modern times, with changing social norms and the growing acceptance of sexuality and the exploration in the field of sex, the advancement and growing acceptance of sex toys, it was inevitable that adult sex dolls (also, but lesser, known as a dutch wife) would take the world by storm.

It's a fact that the meaning of spiritual, sexual and emotional satisfaction and pleasure has reformed completely. Now that people have realized the importance of assessing themselves and pursuing their sexual desires. It is because of these reasons more and more men and women are turning to realistic sex dolls and even prefer to spend time with a realistic sex doll than a real woman because it provides them with better satisfaction and pleasure both physically, emotionally and mentally.

Therefore, it was no surprise that there’s been an increase in the demand for human love dolls. However, it is far from enough to just buy a quality doll, and since it is quite a big investment, you must understand how long roughly a doll could last and how to maintain, prevent and maybe even extend your sex doll’s lifespan. So, how long does a lifelike TPE doll last?

Please note that this is general information and that there are no specific instructions or defined specific timeframe that your doll will last. Though, if you understand and make the right decision concerning the factors we are going to discuss in this article, such as cleaning your doll, the material makeup of your doll, and your sex doll’s storage conditions, there will be a direct and correlating impact on the life span of your adult sex doll.

Key Takeaways

Here are the main factors that effect how long a sex doll lasts:

1) Frequency of Use: The more frequently a sex doll is used, the faster it will wear out. Heavy usage may result in a few good years, while low to regular use can extend the lifespan.

2) Material Composition: Sex dolls made of quality TPE or silicone materials tend to have longer lifespans. TPE dolls can last 2 to 5 years with proper maintenance, while silicone dolls can last even longer, often around 10 years or more.

3) Cleanliness: Regular and thorough cleaning is vital to prevent bacterial growth and maintain the doll's hygiene. Applying talcum powder and mineral oil can help keep the doll's skin soft and extend its usable lifespan.

4) Storage Methods: Proper storage is crucial to avoid permanent pressure dents or damage to the doll's body. Special attention should be given to sensitive areas such as arms, knees, and lower elbow pits.

Frequency of use

One of the main factors that contribute toward the lifespan of your sex doll is your frequency of use of the doll, not just for sexual activities but even when used for companionship.

If you use your love doll for long periods of time, various parts of the doll may wear out quickly this could broadly range from your doll’s internal skeleton to her outer skin. Uses could include various tempos of sexual acts to simply moving your sex doll around onto different surfaces and in different positions (for companionship purposes for example).

The more the you use your doll, the faster it wears out. To combat this issue, some models come with repair kits or replacement genitals. However, eventually things will get to a stage where things just can't be repaired. With heavy usage you probably have a few good years and with low to regular use you'll have even longer, so it's still a good buy. Besides, who knows what new technologies and dolls will be available in three or four years.

If your doll is not made of quality TPE or silicone materials, some parts of your doll may even fall off. This is why some dolls are detachable or have replaceable parts.

Material Composition

Speaking of TPE and silicone sex dolls, the material composition of your love doll is another major factor that influences your sex doll’s overall lifespan. Nowadays quality sex dolls are mainly made of two materials, silicone and TPE material. Whereby, the more expensive sex dolls are usually made from silicone.

Throughout the adult sex doll market, in most cases there are most commonly TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls available. This is because these materials carry the most optimal characteristic to replicate the real human body and, especially, skin. Both materials are extremely versatile and mouldable. TPE dolls and silicone dolls are both durable and firm yet soft. There are little to no other materials on the market, at this price point, that can truly match up to TPE and silicone when it comes to the production of sex toys, especially our beloved pocket pussies, sex doll torsos and full sized sex dolls.

Though, the formula of raw materials used to make sex dolls slightly varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, which will also affect the lifespan of your adult doll. Although silicone and TPE are relatively expensive materials, TPE sex dolls and silicone dolls are more widely available than not as they are more durable and versatile than sex dolls made of other materials. Thus, when choosing a doll for yourself, I strongly recommend choosing silicone dolls or TPE dolls, as these dolls will more likely than not have the longest lifespans.

The material/fabric of the clothes you choose to dress your doll in also makes a huge difference.

If you choose to dress your doll in inferior quality clothing made of inferior materials, not only will these articles of clothing wear out quickly but these types of clothing may even wear out your love doll faster than expected.

On the other hand, if you choose to dress up your doll in high quality materials, say silk for example, these materials are less likely to wear down the skin of your doll or leave stains behind.

How long have you had your TPE dolls for? A well-maintained TPE doll can last anywhere from 2 to 5 yrs. A silicone doll can last indefinitely, but the average is usually 10 yrs. This all depends on how rough or gentle your are with your sex dolls and how much maintenance, care and upkeep your provide. 

Fun Fact: There is a silicone doll that is currently 12 years old and still going strong!


If you plan to buy a love doll, be prepared to clean your doll thoroughly and religiously. No, I don’t mean take her to church, what I mean is that sex dolls are a lot of responsibility. Unlike a real woman who will, generally, take care of her own cleanliness and hygiene, you are now responsible for the uptake and maintaining your love dolls’ cleanliness, and this step is vital!

Especially after some particularly steamy sessions, not cleaning your doll will lead to bacterial growth and build-up, which in turn, over the long run may make your beloved doll a health hazard and unsafe to use.

After cleaning, any moisture left behind in any of your sex doll's crevices provides an ideal environment for bacteria and mildew to grow. Apply a fine layer of talcum powder to the surface of your doll as this can help to keep your doll's skin soft to the touch and provide your sex doll's skin added protection against moisture in the air. 

I recommend that you rub your doll down with mineral oil at least once a month or so. This nourishes the skin of your doll and prevents it from getting brittle and dry. This step might not seem important, and many forget to apply this step, but this step is vital and may very well help to extend your doll's usable lifespan. Just so you are aware, there seems to be a lot of debate in the doll community about using mineral oil as some people use it while others do not. At the end of the day it's your choice, but if you do choose not to apply any mineral oil, at the very least apply a layer of talcum powder to your doll.

Without going into too much detail, it is vital that, depending on your use and how regularly use your doll, you adjust your uptake and maintenance of your sex doll’s accordingly.

A few brief quick and easy steps to effectively upkeep and maintain your sex dolls cleanliness are as follows:

  1. Clean your love dolls regularly, making sure to wash your sex doll’s orifices properly
  2. Always dry your sex doll with a dry towel
  3. Only wash your sex doll’s wigs with a neutral or dedicated shampoo (check out our article on how to care for your sex dolls wig for a more detailed guide)
  4. Never use silicone lubricant in conjunction with your sex doll, only ever use water-based lubricants (and this goes for all TPE or silicone toys).

Storage Methods

The way you store your sex doll also has a significant impact on the health and longevity of your love doll.

Simply leaving your doll laying down on your cold hard tiled floor could lead to permanent pressure dents in your sex doll’s body, which could further down the line lead to cracks and tears from normal use.

Be aware that the arms, knees, and lower elbow fossa (or pits) are usually more sensitive to dents. Thus, it is important to pay attention to and actively mind the storage conditions of your sex doll.

Final Thoughts

So, how long does a lifelike TPE doll last? Now that you’ve read this article, your sex doll should theoretically last as long as possible, that is if you actively follow all the advice from this article. This article has shown that if you take good care of your doll and pay close attention to the points mentioned above, it’s safe to say your doll will last longer than most (possibly even up to 10 years, depending on use type, frequency of use and frequency of maintenance).

On the other hand, if your sex doll is not maintained properly, unfortunately, it may not even last longer than a year (this is in serious cases when all the points mentioned above are ignored).

Sex dolls are a simple solution to meet your needs physically and emotionally. Whether you require a curvy or slim doll or a busty or flat doll, there is a sex doll out there for you and if there isn’t we’ll simply customise one for you! Buy your sex dolls with us today!

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