How To Insert A Removable Vagina

How To Insert A Removable Vagina | SxDolled

How To Insert A Removable Vagina

May 22, 2023



  • Compared to a fixed vagina, an insertable vagina has advantages and disadvantages
  • Final Thoughts

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Let’s get straight into it!

Step 1: Begin by washing your hands thoroughly to ensure that they are clean and hygienic. As your sex doll will come into direct contact with your body, it is important to take precautions to prevent any contamination. For added hygiene, consider using a pair of disposable gloves when manipulating the insert vagina.

Step 2: To ensure that the insert vagina can be inserted smoothly and easily, you need to prepare your sex doll by suitably positioning her. By spreading your sex doll's legs wide apart, you can enlarge her orifice, making it easier to insert the sleeve. To achieve this position, carefully lie your love doll down on her back and lift her left leg toward the ceiling at a 90° angle. Then, gently push the left leg to the left side and repeat the same process for her right leg. This will open up your sex doll's vaginal hole and make it ready to receive the insert.

Step 3: Sprinkle a thin layer of talcum powder on both the external surface of the detachable vagina and the inside of your sex doll's vagina orifice. The talcum powder will help the insert slide inside the orifice smoothly and without difficulty. Additionally, talcum powder can help clean your real sex dolls.

Step 4: It's time to insert the removable vagina into your love doll. Gently open your sex doll's vaginal cavity and insert the detachable vagina completely. Once inserted, check to ensure that the insert vagina is correctly installed by handling your sex doll in a neutral position. By following these steps, you can insert the removable sleeve and ensure a comfortable and satisfying experience with your sex doll.

Compared to a fixed vagina, an insertable vagina has advantages and disadvantages

For starters, an insertable vagina increases the durability of your sex doll. When a removable vagina becomes damaged or old, you can easily replace it with a fresh insert vagina. However, if you have a love doll with a broken fixed vagina, you will have to spend a lot of money to purchase a new sex doll.

Second, it is simpler to clean and dry. Because the Insert is detachable, cleaning is done separately from the sex doll by gently washing it in water and turning it inside out to dry.

Third, a used sex doll with an insertable vagina is easier to sell because the buyer can easily replace the sex doll's vagina. Furthermore, if your love doll has an insertable vagina, a new shemale insert can quickly transform her into a ladyboy if the scenario arises!

For a more detailed comparison, check out our article "pros and cons of fixed and removable sex doll vaginas".

Final Thoughts

To conclude, a removable vagina has its advantages and disadvantages compared to fixed vaginas. By following the steps outlined in this article you will be able to efficiently clean and insert your sex doll’s removable vagina. Furthermore, insertable vaginas are cheaper, easier to replace, and easier to sell to a second-hand buyer.

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