How To Maintain Your Silicone Love Doll


How to maintain your silicone love doll

October 26, 2022



  • Maintaining Your Sex Doll
  • How Commonly Do you Clean Your Sex Doll?
  • When First Receiving Your Sex Doll
  • Final Thoughts

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As society has developed, people's attitudes and views towards sex and sex toys have gradually opened up. Many sex products today, which were once shunned, are now widely accepted and have gradually become assets in many individuals’ bedroom arsenals.

Full sized realistic silicone dolls are one of the hundreds, of sex toys that are now part of many people’s lives and bedroom pleasure. Silicone love dolls are high-end versions of sex dolls as they are, as the name implies, sex dolls made of silicone. Silicone is a more expensive raw material and can be shaped and molded more precisely than TPE, another widely used material for sex doll and sex toy manufacturing.

In the adult sex market, the realistic silicone sex doll has become physical and emotional companions to many men from all around the world.

These lifelike sex dolls are often of the same height as a real woman, with realistic simulated skin, that to the touch feels amazingly soft and real. This allows men to experience a truly astonishing sexual experience from what could be their romantic companion for life.

In saying this, you must look after your sex doll as you would your significant other.

Your love doll needs the utmost care from you so that she can stay hygienic and free from damage, providing you with better sex and companionship.

I am here today to provide you with the best practice to care for your sex doll.

So what are the best methods for taking care of a sex doll? How do you take care of your love doll?

Maintaining Your Sex Doll

The simulated skin of your silicone sex doll is made from a high quality polymer raw material known as body silica gel. This material is non-toxic and tasteless. Silica gel is;

  • Soft but firm 
  • Can be stretched up to a ratio of up to 450%, and 
  • Has a tear resistance of 1.7 MPa.

When silicone products are set for a long time without proper maintenance, the surface occasionally can become slightly oily, which is a normal phenomenon. This is because the silicone oil formula used to manufacture sex dolls contains silicone oil.

Please gently pat a clean, soft cotton towel lightly on the surface of your sex doll to wipe away any escaped oils.

Additionally, when sex dolls are used and moved around into different positions and onto different surfaces, dust or dirt may transfer onto the sex doll and cause stains. In order to maintain and keep your dolls’ silicone skin of the highest quality, make sure to clean surfaces and your sex doll before and after every use.

Yes, you have to actively and thoroughly clean the doll after use to ensure its longevity.

How Commonly Do you Clean Your Sex Doll?

Maintenance intervals vary depending on the frequency of use and the environment in which you use and store your sex doll.

We advise you to clean your doll all the time, the worst thing you can do is leave your sex doll dirty.

Use a sponge or towel to gently wipe the surface of your sex doll with warm water. If the surface of the silicone becomes sticky, please wipe it with soapy (non-oil based mild soap) water several times. Do not apply it hard. Do not use corrosive cleaning agents when cleaning your silicone sex doll,

This list of absolutely do NOT use cleaning agents includes:

  • Strong acids
  • Strong alkaline solutions
  • Strong disinfectants
  • Oily detergents
  • Alcohol
  • Bleach
  • Dish soap
  • Boiling water
  • Other abrasive cleaning products

None of these are suitable for silicone or TPE dolls and will only ruin your love doll.

Your sex doll can be cleaned with oil-free soaps, mild laundry detergents, light shampoos, shower gels or other mild detergents. After the surface of your doll has completely dried, lightly pat onto your doll some talcum powder (baby powder).

Note, when applying talcum power to your sex doll, wear a mask to avoid inhalation of the fine powder.

When First Receiving Your Sex Doll

  1. Unpack the box and take your new doll out, preferably in a space that is 2 times larger than the package the love doll came in.

    Note, do NOT throw the packaging away, keep it, because it can be used for storage or if you need to return it to the original factory to repair damages or replace faulty parts in the future.

  2. Remove any packaging plastic or paper and check for any signs of damage during handling.

  3. Take the silicone doll to your bathroom (or place of preference) and de-oil your sex doll. To make your doll's body soft, an oil solution is injected into the silica gel, also giving the doll a charming aroma. As time goes on, you will find that oil will become present on the surface of the doll.

    Therefore, the doll should be cleaned and maintained at least, what we recommend, once a week to remove any dirt and oils stuck on the doll’s skin.

  4. As for your doll’s wig or hair, just use mild shampoo and conditioner, and you should be good. Just don't overuse them (these hairs don't grow back).

  5. After cleaning your sex doll, apply the talcum powder to the doll’s entire body (this can be done with a large make-up powder brush). Use ordinary baby powder. The purpose of this is to take remove any surface level oil, prevent more oil from surfacing and remove any dirt from the body of your love doll.

  6. Next, wipe the powder and dirt off with a warm damp towel or soft cloth.

  7. After the doll is completely dry, apply another layer of baby powder to keep her body dry and clean. Powdering is a great way to keep your doll fresh and smooth for a long time. Moisture is not your friend keep your doll dry.

  8. Wait for your silicone doll’s hair to air dry, you can find a soft sofa or chair to place your sex doll into whilst this process is taking place

  9. To prevent any wear and tear in the doll (especially in the fingertips and toes), place stockings on your sex doll where required.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, through this article you have learnt of a new way to nurse your silicone love doll to keep her as well preserved as possible and maintain high quality and performance to provide the best sexual experience and companionship for you.

Any more questions or concerns? Please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below and share this article on your socials.

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