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How To Store Your Sex Doll 

Updated: june 12, 2024



  • 1) In A Laying Down Position
  • 2) In A Vertical Or Horizontal Position
  • 3) Need to hide your sex doll?
  • 4) Room temperature
  • 5) Room Climate
  • 6) Clothing
  • Final Thoughts

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When buying your first sex doll, you might be focused on her appearance, her face and clothes, how you’ll use her as a companion or sexually, and of course, the price. However, one crucial aspect often overlooked is how and where to store your love doll.

Don’t Overlook Storage!

Proper storage is vital to extending your sex doll's lifespan. Adequate storage conditions can mean the difference between a long-lasting companion and a short-lived one. Here’s everything you need to know to store your full-size doll safely:

Key Takeaways

The best ways to store your sex doll is to:

1) Avoid leaving it in the same position for too long to prevent deformations and tears in the skin.

2) Use hanging storage to protect joints and skeleton.

3) Consider dedicated storage boxes for privacy.

4) Maintain room temperature between 10 to 40 degrees Celsius.

5) Avoid humid conditions to prevent damage and mold.

6) Remove tight clothing to avoid shrinkage and indentations.

7) Use loose, white garments or fabrics to cover the doll.

8) Take pride in owning your doll and care for it responsibly.

1) In A Laying Down Position

Storing your sex doll laying down can cause permanent damage. The weight of your doll can stretch her TPE or silicone skin, resulting in deformations, indentations, and tears. Regularly repositioning your love doll helps preserve her.

It does not matter the orientation of your sex doll, if you place your doll in a horizontal lying position you may deform your doll's ass or breasts. Fortunately for you, these issues don’t normally occur unless you leave your doll stationary and in the same position for several days to weeks depending on the quality of your doll.

On the other hand, If you’re resourceful, you can keep the carton/shipping box/package that your sex doll came in when you received her (also keeping the foam) and any other protective tools for later use as a storage option. This is actually a highly effective method for storing your sex doll and is one I highly recommend.

2) In A Vertical Or Horizontal Position

Do not store your sex doll standing vertically, even if she has standing feet. This can quickly damage her feet. Instead, store her in a hanging upright position using hanging racks or neck hooks. This prevents unwanted pressure on her joints and skeleton. Ensure your storage setup can support the doll’s weight, but, do not use this method for heavier dolls (I'd say sex dolls over 40kg).

Do not store your sex dolls in a standing position even if she has the standing feet option.

Depending on your preferences for TPE and silicone sex dolls, hanging your love doll in a upright position is one of the best ways to store her away. To be able to hang your doll all you need are hanging racks or neck hooks and a sturdy closet bar or clothing rack.

In fact, sex doll manufacturers store their sex dolls in this very manner. Hanging up your sex doll prevents unwanted pressure on her joints and skeleton. Furthermore, closet hook kits for love dolls are extremely budget-friendly, you could order a hanging hook while you order your sex doll for about $20 from most sex doll vendors. 

If you are planning to store your sex doll in your closet or somewhere where space is limited, then this storage option is perfect for you.

3) Need to hide your sex doll?

If you need a more confidential storage solution, you’re in luck. There are dedicated sex doll storage boxes that you can purchase to store your doll away in a locked case, away from nosey and curious eyes.

These dedicated sex doll storage boxes usually resemble stereo equipment cases and come with heavy-duty locks. If a sex doll storage case is not for you, you could opt for a bed storage box as a viable alternative to hide your sex doll. 

Though, if you ask me, you shouldn’t have to hide your love doll away. You should own your doll and be proud of your sex doll. Obviously, this does not mean tell the world about your sex doll (unless that’s something that you want to do, then by all means) but don’t be ashamed of your doll.

Sex toys are becoming increasingly accepted and “normal” for all. Dildos and vibrators are already widely accepted and spoken about openly amongst men and women all around the world.

It’s only a matter of time that other sex toys such as pocket pussies, sex torsos and even life sized sex dolls will hop on the train and people become more open-minded and accepting of them.

4) Room temperature

For most, room temperature does not even come to mind when thinking of storage options for their realistic sex dolls.

However, temperature control is crucial for the longevity of your sex doll. Extreme temperatures can crack or harden her skin. You should aim to store your love doll within 10°C to 40°C. 

Here is a quick story of how temperature can affect your sex dolls:

It was a warm day and a friend of mine had taken his doll outside into his backyard for a pool day of sorts. He placed his doll in a pool chair in direct sunlight without giving it a second thought. Long story short, he had at one point gone back inside and forgotten about his love doll outside for twelve hours!

When he realised and rushed outside to retrieve his beloved sex doll it was already too late and she had partially melted!

Though not directly related to storage, this story depicts the extremity of temperature and its potential effects on your sex doll.

It now goes without saying, avoid exposing your doll to direct sunlight or heat sources (such as a heater or fireplace), which can cause your doll to melt or become sticky.

Check out "the impact of temperature on sex dolls" for more info.

5) Room Climate

Humidity can also affect your sex doll's material. Moisture can lead to mold growth and make her skin more prone to tearing. Always try to store your doll in a cool and dry environment.

Storing your sex doll in humid conditions will expose her to potential damage, mold growth, and possible contamination from insects and other factors. Using a sex doll that has been infected with any of these conditions could expose you to potential harm.

To keep your sex doll dry gently pat/brush on some baby powder or cornstarch onto your doll. This will dry and prevent moisture from collecting on your sex doll.

6) Clothing

When storing your love doll away, I recommend removing any clothing she may have on. This includes making sure your sex doll is not in physical contact with your clothes if you choose to hang her up in your closet next to your other clothing.

Another thought to keep in mind with clothing is tightness. If your doll is dressed in skinny jeans, leggings or a skin-tight jumpsuit, you will not want to keep your doll in these pieces for too long. This is because these types of compressive clothing can shrink or indent your sex doll, though often temporary.

You will want to use white pieces of loose clothing (such as sun dresses or oversized shirts) and fabrics (such as bed sheets) to cover your love doll as these types of clothing and fabrics typically do not transfer dye to stain your doll.

For more info, check out "what types of clothing should you dress your sex doll in".

Final Thoughts

Now you’re ready to buy your first life-sized sex doll with storage in mind. Choose a storage solution that keeps your doll safe and your room tidy. Whether it be a dedicated sex doll storage box or simply hanging your doll up, it's always a good idea to think of storage before ordering your doll.

Sex dolls are a simple solution to meet your physical and emotional needs. Whether you need a curvy, slim, busty, or flat doll, there’s a sex doll for you, and we can customize one if needed. Spice up your sex life—buy your adult toys or sex doll online with us today!

We offer free shipping and delivery with all sex doll orders, working only with certified manufacturers to supply the most realistic and high-end silicone and TPE dolls.

If you need help customizing your sex doll or have specific requests, contact us via email. We’re here to assist you in finding the perfect doll and making sure your experience is enjoyable and long-lasting.

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