Optimizing Storage For Your Sex Dolls: A Quick Guide

Optimizing Storage For Your Sex Dolls: A Quick Guide | SxDolled

Optimizing Storage For Your Sex Dolls: A Quick Guide

April 08, 2023



  • 1) The Advantages of Laying Sex Dolls Flat and How to Do It Properly
  • 2) The Best Way to Store Sex Dolls: Hanging
  • 3) Why Standing is Not a Recommended Method of Sex Doll Storage
  • 4) Why Sitting is Not a Safe Method of Sex Doll Storage
  • Final Thoughts

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When it comes to owning sex dolls, one recurring issue that frequently crops up is determining the most efficient method of storing them. If you are concerned that someone may come across your sex toy collection, there are several discreet ways to store sex toys. However, it isn't so simple with sex dolls, due to, and I'm sure you are aware, sex dolls being very large sex toys. Fortunately, with the aid of the information presented in this guide, you will be able to resolve this issue with ease. Let's look into some sex toy storage options, more specifically for sex dolls.

Key Takeaways

Here's how to optimize storage of your sex doll:

1) Laying sex dolls flat on a soft surface is recommended for storage to prevent irreversible damage, especially for TPE sex dolls. Use pillows to support the doll's body curvature and consider dedicated storage units for protection against humidity, dust, and pests.

2) Hanging sex dolls is the best and most highly recommended method of storage. Suspending the doll in the air eliminates the risk of deformation and dents caused by its own weight. Invest in a quality load-bearing wardrobe, hanger, or shelves to hang the doll safely.

3) Standing sex dolls upright against a wall is not recommended for prolonged storage, as it can lead to tearing and expose the metal skeleton underneath.

4) Sitting sex dolls on surfaces can cause weight concentration on specific areas, particularly the hips, leading to cracks and compromising the doll's integrity. Avoid sitting the sex doll as a storage method.

1) The Advantages of Laying Sex Dolls Flat and How to Do It Properly

To ensure the longevity and overall condition of your sex doll, one way I recommended to store her is to lay her flat during storage, though you’ll want to make sure this is on a soft surface. This is because a hard surface can cause irreversible damage to your sex doll, which is especially problematic for TPE sex dolls that are difficult to restore once dented. A soft surface includes but is not limited to using pillows to support the natural curvature of your doll's body and prevent deformation. You can purchase a dedicated storage unit for your sex doll (also know as a storage box or travel case) to store your sex doll in this manner, with the added protection from humidity, dust and pests and the added bonus of mobility (this is especially important for porous toys, such as TPE sex dolls). 

2) The Best Way to Store Sex Dolls: Hanging

If you are looking for our number one and the most highly recommended method of storing your sex doll, then hanging is the way to go. By suspending your doll in the air, you eliminate the risk of crushing any of its sides from its own weight (preventing deformations and dents). A load-bearing wardrobe or dedicated hanger, as well as shelves, are all suitable options for hanging your sex doll. It is important to note, however, that different doll brands may require specific hanging methods, so it is best to seek advice from the shop before making a purchase to avoid any damage. If you do not have access to a suitable hanging location, a pulley hanger can be purchased online from major retailers such as Amazon or eBay. However, it is essential to invest in a quality hanger to prevent the rope from breaking and the doll from falling. 

3) Why Standing is Not a Recommended Method of Sex Doll Storage

While some people may opt to stand their sex dolls upright against a wall for convenience, it is actually the least recommended method of storage. This is because most sex dolls are not designed to support standing for prolonged periods, even for higher-end models of certain brands. The manufacturers typically only recommend standing the doll up for a short time. When a TPE love doll stands up, all its weight is concentrated on the sole of its foot, which can lead to tearing and even exposing the metal skeleton underneath. To avoid spending money on repairing torn soles and compromising the overall integrity of your doll, it is best to avoid leaving it standing for extended periods. 

4) Why Sitting is Not a Safe Method of Sex Doll Storage

Sitting your sex doll on a sofa or any surface may appear harmless, but it can actually be detrimental to your sex doll. Similar to standing, sitting causes the weight of the doll to concentrate on specific areas, particularly the hips, which can result in cracks around the hip bones. This can ultimately compromise the doll's overall integrity and potentially lead to costly repairs. We recommend against and emphasize that sitting your sex doll is not a safe method of storage.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these sex toy storage methods have inspired you to correctly store your sex dolls away. Whatever storage system you decide on, now you are aware of the correct and incorrect methods for storing your sex dolls, pick out your perfect sex doll today at SxDolled! 

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