Potential Incidents That May Occur During The Transportation Of Sex Dolls

Potential Incidents That May Occur During The Transportation of Sex Dolls | SxDolled

Potential Incidents That May Occur During The Transportation of Sex Dolls

April 24, 2023



  • Burst Gel-Filled Breasts
  • Skin Damage Due to Imperfect Packaging and Violent Transportation
  • Weather-Related Risks
  • Finger Punctures
  • Fallen Off Fingernails And Toenails
  • Missing Dolls
  • High Temperature Risks
  • Final Thoughts

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The increasing popularity of sex dolls has led to a surge in their production and transportation across the world. Sex dolls, often crafted with lifelike features and realistic textures, provide customers with the opportunity to fulfil their sexual desires and fantasies. However, the transportation of sex dolls can pose various risks to these sex dolls, including bursting gel-filled breasts, damaged skin, and weather-related risks. In this article, we will explore the potential risks that may occur during the transportation process of sex dolls and the precautions you should take upon receiving your sex doll to ensure everything is in working order after the transportation process.

Upon confirmation of the factory photos, you can eagerly anticipate receiving your perfect girlfriend in just a few weeks. However, it is essential to acknowledge the various risks your love doll may face during transportation to be able to look for these damages upon receiving your love doll.

Fortunately, the second layer of protection most manufacturers place into their packaging is enough to negate any of these risks listed below. So you can rest assured that there is a very low chance of any of these risks happening to you.

Key Takeaways

Potential incidents that could occur during the transportation of your sex doll:

1) Burst Gel-Filled Breasts: During air transport, sex dolls with gel-filled breasts may be at risk of bursting due to air pressure changes at high altitudes.

2) Skin Damage Due To Imperfect Packaging And Violent Transportation: Sex doll packaging can become fragile and prone to damage during transportation, leading to potential skin punctures or damage.

3) Weather-Related Risks: Rainy weather during transportation can cause packaging to become wet and fragile, increasing the risk of damage to the sex doll.

4) Finger Punctures: Soft TPE material makes sex dolls susceptible to finger punctures, especially during careless handling during transportation.

5) Fallen Off Fingernails And Toenails: Sex doll nails may not always be securely attached and could fall off during transportation.

6) Missing Dolls: While rare, there have been reports of sex dolls getting lost during transportation.

7) High Temperature Risks: TPE material used in sex dolls may crack when exposed to excessively high temperatures during transportation.

Burst Gel-Filled Breasts

During air transport, if your sex doll has gel-filled breasts, her gel-filled breasts are at risk of bursting due to excess air and pressure in her chest. The super-soft TPE material used to fill the breasts combined with the low air pressure at high altitudes can cause her jelly breasts to burst.

Skin Damage Due to Imperfect Packaging and Violent Transportation

Your sex doll's packaging goes through multiple hands, from the factory to the forwarding company, and is susceptible to damage during loading, unloading, and delivery. The packaging may become increasingly fragile, especially if handled roughly by delivery personnel. Damaged skin or punctures can occur if the box is damaged, making the second level of protection provided by merchants crucial to reduce the chances of injury to your sex doll.

Weather-Related Risks

On rainy days, the box housing your sex doll may become wet during transportation or may already be damp due to storage conditions. The wetness can cause the packaging to become fragile and prone to breakage.

Finger Punctures

TPE dolls are made of soft material, making it easy for your sex doll’s finger wire to accidentally pierce through it. Transport personnel may, also, not handle your sex doll with care, increasing the risk of finger punctures.

Fallen Off Fingernails And Toenails

The nails on your sex doll are not always securely attached and may fall off during transportation. This is usually done so that you have the option to remove the nails and place your own set of nails onto your sex doll if you’d like.

Missing Dolls

While rare, some people have reported losing their sex dolls during transportation. If this occurs, promptly contact us and the transportation company for assistance.

High Temperature Risks

The TPE material used to produce your sex doll may crack due to high temperatures. The specific materials and formulas used in each factory may differ, and some dolls may experience TPE cracking when exposed to excessively high temperatures.

Check out our article "the impact of temperature on sex dolls" for more details.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while the transportation and delivery of your sex doll directly to your front door is highly convenient, it also poses various risks to your sex dolls. From bursting gel-filled breasts to damaged skin and weather-related risks, you must be aware of the potential harm to ensure when your sex doll arrives, it's intact and undamaged. It is crucial to choose a merchant that provides excellent packaging and protection to reduce the chance of injury to your sex doll during transport. Overall, understanding the risks and taking necessary precautions can help ensure the smooth and safe transportation and receival process for your sex dolls.

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