Quick Sex Doll Makeup Care Routine

Quick Sex Doll Makeup Care Routine | SxDolled

Quick Sex Doll Makeup Care Routine

April 12, 2023



  • Quick Sex Doll Makeup Routine
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As we understand that your sex doll is an invaluable investment, we want to provide you with a few quick steps/tips to help maintain her stunning appearance.

Caution: Do not attempt to remove your sex doll’s makeup if you are not confident in applying makeup or are planning on having a professional apply makeup to your love doll.

Have you seen a doll without makeup? I can almost guarantee that your answer is no, and that's because makeup just makes love dolls that much more alluring! Before we get into it, if you’re unsure of how to apply makeup but want to still go ahead with applying your own makeup, there are plenty of video tutorials out there on the internet, especially on YouTube and TikTok that you can utilise to improve your skills.

Quick Sex Doll Makeup Routine

Below are the simple steps to make up your sex dolls:

Step #1
To begin, choose a high-quality mineral oil, baby oil or non-alcohol based makeup remover and apply it to a fresh cotton pad. Gently spread the solution over your doll's face, being careful to avoid damaging her hair or wig (remove her wig if possible). Cleanse her face thoroughly and gently wipe away the solution with a cotton pad. I recommend purchasing a good makeup remover designed specifically for silicone or TPE sex dolls for optimal results. Then, use a loose powder brush to lightly apply baby powder to your sex doll's face to matte and flatten her face. This prevents stickiness that can occur when removing makeup.

Step #2
When it comes to enhancing your doll's features, I suggest focusing on her eyebrows, eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Use a brush to apply lipstick rather than using it straight from the tube.

Step #3
When you make up your sex dolls, there's no need to go overboard with an excessive amount of products. Instead, aim to apply only the essentials that will accentuate your sex doll’s features making her more appealing to you.

Step #4
Begin by using an eyebrow pencil to gently fill in any light eyebrows and make them appear slightly darker. This will give your doll's face a more expressive look that will undoubtedly turn up the heat!

Step #5
Next, use mascara to enhance your doll's eyelashes. I recommend this product as it will make her eyes appear extremely alluring. Personally, I prefer dolls with thick eyelashes. Next, apply a lipstick of your own choice.

Step #6
Finish off the look by applying a lipstick of your choice to your doll's luscious lips. Choose a colour that you would like to see on her when you kiss and engage in intimate activities with her.
With these simple steps, your gorgeous love doll will be looking her best and ready to be pampered and loved by you.

For more sex doll makeup answers, check out our article "sex doll makeup and beauty Q&A". 

Sex Doll Makeup Tips

Please be mindful of the DOs and DONTs listed below before applying makeup to your sex dolls: 

Tip #1) Avoid using strong makeup removers made primarily of alcohol or harsh chemicals like bleach or nail polish remover.

Tip #2) Avoid applying really low-quality cosmetics to your sex dolls. 

Tip #3) Mineral oil or baby oil can be used to remove unused, old makeup, or if you make a mistake and want to start over. For example, you could simply apply baby oil to a soft cloth to remove your sex doll's makeup.

Tip #4) I recommend that your sex doll's wig be removed (or as a minimum tied up so it doesn't interfere with the makeup) before doing your sex doll's makeup.

Tip #5) I recommend having the following products ready to do your doll's makeup: eyeliner pen, eye shadow, blush, blush brush, powder brush, foundation, foundation brush, lipstick, and false eyelashes. Though depending on the look you are going for this list my vary. You can watch makeup tutorial videos on YouTube or even TikTok to prepare makeup products accordingly. 

Tip #6) If you want your doll's makeup to last longer, a common technique among sex doll experts is to apply a thin layer of Vaseline to seal the makeup area. After applying your doll's makeup, apply a thin layer of Vaseline over the makeup, taking care not to stain or smudge the makeup, then leave it for a few hours to set.

Tip #7) Avoid the following: fluffy cotton pads, liquid or oil-based eyeliners, glittery makeup, lip stains, lip gloss and liquid foundations.

Tip #8) Increase thickness with additional strokes where necessary.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, taking care of your sex doll's appearance is essential for maintaining her stunning beauty and prolonging her lifespan. This quick makeup care routine, consisting of six easy steps that will help you enhance your doll's features and ensure that she looks her best at all times. Furthermore, if you want prolong your sex doll's make up consider applying a think layer of Vaseline to her freshly made up face.

Remember, always use high-quality products designed specifically for silicone or TPE sex dolls if possible, and if you're unsure about applying makeup, seek help from professionals or online tutorials. With proper care and maintenance, your sex dolls will remain a cherished companions for years to come.

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