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Quick Sex Doll Wig Care Routine

Quick Sex Doll Wig Care Routine | SxDolled

Quick Sex Doll Wig Care Routine

April 12, 2023



  • Quick Sex Doll Wig Routine
  • Sex Doll Wig Routine Tips
  • Final Thoughts

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For gentlemen who possess or intend to acquire a sex doll, here is a comprehensive and effortless approach to maintaining your sex doll's wig. Your sex doll’s hair is a crucial aspect of her overall appearance and attraction, but fret not - we are here to guide you through each step of caring for your cherished love doll's wig.

This practical guide covers the attachment, brushing, maintenance and storage of realistic sex doll wigs aimed for adults. A beautiful, well-maintained wig may be one of the least expensive investments one can make to improve a doll's look. By changing wigs, your sex doll can take on a whole new personality, a whole new appearance. One more reason to take good care of it.

Begin your sex doll wig-care journey with our easy, no-BS sex doll wig guide!

Quick Sex Doll Wig Routine

Step #1

First, collect a few tools, including a regular hairbrush, a wide-toothed comb, a wig brush, and fiber oil/wig oil.

Step #2

Next, take a moment to appreciate your stunning love doll and her current state. It may appear that her hair does not require attention, but neglecting to care for it will gradually reduce the amount of satisfaction she provides as her hair gets dirty, messy and starts to fall out. Treat her as you would a partner and care for her accordingly.

After having exhilarating sex with your love doll, her hair may look beautiful but be riddled with knots.

Step #3

Starting at the bottom of her hair, use a wig brush to gently untangle knots section by section starting from the tips of her hair and slowly working up to her roots.

The lower part of her hair may have the most knots, but fear not. The wig brush has a soft rubber or silicone core, which ensures that her tresses remain unharmed. Note, don’t be too rough with your brushing, be gentle.

Step #4

Once you've reached the topmost layer, run the hairbrush along the length, from top to bottom.

Additionally, make sure that the hair is combed out from underneath. Once completed, brush the entire length with a regular hairbrush.

Step #5

Continue brushing her hair in small sections until all knots have been untangled and observe how much more appealing it appears.

Step #6

Most sex doll owners stop here and overlook the following step.

Afterward, apply fiber oil or wig oil in small amounts to your sex doll’s wig. This facilitates easier brushing, styling of the hair, and less tangling, resulting in a more lustrous and manageable appearance.

With all these steps complete, you can effortlessly style your sex doll's hair in any manner you prefer. You can tie it up in a bun, a ponytail, or even loose curls. This is your doll, and she is there to fulfil your dreams and desires, so treat her with care.

Sex Doll Wig Routine Tips

Tip #1: The first tip is to avoid brushing your sex doll's wig while it is still on your sex doll's head as you could damage your doll's skin.

Tip #2: The standard wig that comes with your doll is fitted to the size of your doll's head and should remain securely attached during most activities. It's useful to buy your sex doll wigs directly from sex doll manufacturers as you will not only receive the best fitting wigs, but you will also receive top quality styles and recommended colors.

Tip #3: Maintaining human hair wigs is very different from synthetic wigs. The frequency of maintenance will depend on whether the wig is synthetic or real hair. Additionally, you can fully immerse synthetic wigs in water, but it is not recommended for human hair wigs to be immersed completely as the hair can get tangled and create unnecessary extra work.

Tip #4: A popular method to attach their wigs to their sex dolls amongst experienced doll owners is to use a light colored wig cap (avoid dark color wig caps as these as know to leaves stains) with bobby pins, hair clips or Velcro squares. Avoid tight elastics or straps, anything that is overly tight can leave permanent marks and indentations on your doll's skin if left on for long periods. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, taking good care of your sex doll's wig is essential to maintain her physical attractiveness and ensure that she provides long-lasting pleasure. By following this straightforward routine, you can easily untangle any knots and apply fiber or wig oil to make her hair appear more lustrous and manageable. Remember that your sex doll is there to fulfill your dreams and desires, so make sure to treat her with care and appreciation. With this routine, you can keep her hair looking beautiful and maintain her overall appearance for the distant future.

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