Save $4,650 A Year On Dating - Shocking Reasons To Buy A Sex Doll!

Save $4,650 A Year On Dating - Shocking Reasons To Buy A Sex Doll! | SxDolled

Save $4,650 A Year On Dating - Shocking Reasons To Buy A Sex Doll!

April 20, 2023



  • The Cost of Dating: The Surprising Price Tag
  • The Benefits Of Sex Dolls And How They Save You Money
  • Final Thoughts

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Love dolls can be fantastic sexual partners, and the cost advertised on the box is the total cost you will pay. While purchasing a lifelike sex doll may initially seem expensive, the benefits and convenience they provide are worth the investment. Sex dolls are always ready and willing to have sex with you, which is not always the case with human partners. We understand that sex dolls cannot replace genuine relationships for most, but they can be a great option for those seeking casual encounters without any commitment.

Many men are deterred from purchasing a sex doll when they first see the high price tag. However, we want to emphasize that the cost is justified, and it is significantly less expensive than the cost of dating over an extended period. In fact, buying a sex doll can save you a lot of money that you would typically spend on dating.

On average, both men and women spend approximately five to six years dating before getting married. According to our research and surveys, dates can typically cost around $100, with men spending significantly more than women during the dating period. When you add up all the expenses incurred by a cost-conscious gentleman over the five-year dating period, the total cost can be as much as $24,000.

Let's examine the expenses incurred during the dating period to see how purchasing a sex doll can save you thousands of dollars without compromising your sexual needs.

Key Takeaways

The shocking financial reasons to buy a sex doll:

1) Sex dolls can be fantastic sexual partners, offering convenience and no commitment.

2) Dating can be expensive, with the average cost over five to six years totaling around $24,000.

3) Expenses during the dating period include meals, drinks, transportation, gifts, activities, online dating memberships, and even the high cost of paying for sex with a sex worker.

4) The cost of a luxury sex doll (around $2,000) pales in comparison to dating expenses, potentially saving you over $4,650 in the first year alone.

5) Sex dolls offer a high degree of satisfaction without ongoing costs or the risk of infidelity.

6) Investing in a sex doll can be a smart financial decision, providing years of enjoyment without the need for expensive dating expenses.

The Cost of Dating: The Surprising Price Tag

1) Meals And Drinks

Singles go on a date at least once a week, which often involves a meal in a restaurant, a few drinks, or a movie with popcorn and soft drinks. On average, singles spend over $50 on each date, with women spending about $35 and men spending around $65. Thus, the cost of dating over five to six years can be approximately $24,000.

2) Transportation: The Cost of Getting There

It's not just dinner and drinks that you're paying for during your dating period, but transportation as well. Whether it's gas for your car or an Uber ride, the cost of transportation can add up quickly. On average, this cost amounts to around $800 per year while you're dating.

3) Gifts And Activities: The Price of Romance

It's no secret that gifts and activities are a big part of dating. From fancy dinners to romantic getaways, these things can add a significant amount to your expenses. Buying gifts for your girlfriend alone can cost you around $200 per year (and that’s on the cheaper side), while other activities such as concerts and vacations can add another $800 (this is also being conservative for activities) to your yearly expenses.

4) Other expenses: The Little Things Add Up

In addition to the more obvious expenses, there are plenty of smaller costs associated with dating. These might include things like condoms, cologne, and other miscellaneous expenses that can quickly add up. While these expenses may not seem like much individually, they can easily add up to around $500 per year.

5) Online Dating Memberships: The Cost of Finding Love Online

If you choose to use an online dating service, you'll also need to factor in the cost of a membership. Depending on the site you use, this can cost a few dollars a month to several hundred dollars per year. And even then, there's no guarantee that you'll actually find the love you're looking for.

6) The Cost Of hookers: The High Price of Paying for Sex

For those not interested in dating, paying for sex is another option. However, this too comes with a high cost. The average sex worker charges between $300-$350 per hour, and there's always the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases that stick with you for a lifetime.

7) Putting It All Together: The Shocking Price of Getting Laid

When you add up all of these expenses over the course of five or six years, the total cost can be staggering. In fact, the average person can expect to spend over $30,000 or more during their dating period. So, if you're looking for a more cost-effective way to satisfy your sexual needs, a sex doll might just be the way to go. Not only are they a one-time purchase, but they can also provide you with years of enjoyment without the need for expensive dates, gifts, and activities.

The Benefits Of Sex Dolls And How They Save You Money

Let's take a closer look at the costs of owning a sex doll and the benefits they offer in terms of return on investment. There are a variety of sex dolls available in different sizes and styles, but their biggest advantage is that they are always ready to have sex with you, without the need for gifts, transportation, maintenance, condoms, cologne, dinner dates, drinks, or any nagging. You get to enjoy all of the privacy and pleasure without any of the hassle or ongoing costs. Purchasing a sex doll is a one-time investment that offers a high degree of satisfaction, without the risk of infidelity or further spending.

While the average cost of a sex doll may seem expensive, at around $2,000, it's important to consider the significant sums of money you can save by not dating. Dating can be a major drain on your finances, with little return on investment. Our research shows that the average cost of dating for a single person per year includes meals, drinks, transportation, gifts, fun activities, condoms, and dating memberships, totaling $6,650.

Meals: $2,500
Drinks: $1,500
Uber/Gas: $800
Gifts: $200
Fun Activities: $800
Condoms: $500
Dating Memberships: $350
Total: $6,650

In contrast, the only cost associated with a luxury sex doll is the initial purchase price, which is $2,000 on average. This means you can save anywhere upwards of $4,650 ($6,650 - $2,000) the first year by investing in a sex doll instead of dating then the full $6,650 the following years! Of course, your individual spending habits may vary, so it's worth doing your own calculations to see how much you could save.

When you compare the cost of sex dolls with the cost of dating, it becomes clear that buying a sex doll is a smart investment. Instead of wasting time and money on dating somebody you don't like just for the sake of sex, you can enjoy the company of a beautiful lifelike sex doll that's always ready to satisfy you. There's a wide variety of sex dolls available to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your needs.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to think long term and stop thinking short term, with their high return on investment, numerous benefits, and potential for significant cost savings, sex dolls can be an excellent investment for anyone who wants to enjoy their single life to the fullest. So why not consider buying a sex doll today and start enjoying all the benefits they have to offer?

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