Sex Dolls Can Help Combat Loneliness

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Sex Dolls Can Help Combat Loneliness

January 15, 2023



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Since the conception of the sex doll people all around the world have been using sex dolls not only to satisfy their sexual needs but for non sexual purposes too, such as companionship to meet their emotional needs and ease loneliness.

These days it is certainly not uncommon for people to feel lonely. Its ironic how social media, a tool created to bring us all closer together actually had the opposite effect, making more people feel lonelier than ever before. Studies have shown that more people are feeling lonely and depressed at a young age in todays society than ever before in history.

Fact of the matter is, we are all social creatures, and a lack of connection between people can cause some severe consequences. Feeling alone in the long-term can greatly increase the risk of suffering from mental health issues.

Tens of thousands of men are living proof today that sex dolls are a reliable substitute for unreliable people in other aspects of your life. These men state that they don't regret buying their realistic sex dolls but are fulfilled romantically and satisfied immensely from the sexual gratification.

In fact, studies have shown that sexual satisfaction greatly reduces feelings of isolation within men and women.

Since the days of inflatable dolls with gaping mouths, sex dolls have come a long way. In modern times, with the rapid development of realistic lifelike sex dolls and artificial intelligence (AI), robot sex dolls are quickly evolving to more closely resemble a real woman, becoming more viable and no longer just a figment of fantasy.

In fact, at this very moment, there are sex doll robots already in existence. These sex doll robots can talk with accurate mouth movements, blink even respond to your specific questions.

For the lonely man who values intense sexual pleasure or simply want more sex, sex dolls are the ultimate cure. A sex doll's sexual attractiveness alone could bring any man out of a rut.

Key Takeaways

Sex dolls can help combat loneliness by:

1) Sex dolls combat loneliness by providing companionship and sexual satisfaction.

2) Loneliness is a prevalent issue linked to mental health problems.

3) AI sex dolls with realistic interactions can offer emotional support to the elderly.

4) Engaging with sex dolls can lead to lasting happiness and improved well-being.

5) Some users feel more secure and validated through interactions with their sex dolls, potentially improving real-world relationships.

Scientific Research Into Robot Sex Dolls

British scientists have discovered that not only can robots be used for providing more immediate and long-term care but also emotional support in the form of ‘AI physical dolls’, essentially robot sex dolls that can help keep elderly individuals that live alone company and escape their loneliness.

A philosopher professor, Nancy S. Jecker, of the University of Washington published a paper titled “Nothing to be ashamed of: sex robots for older adults with disabilities” in the Journal of Medical Ethics. Nancy’s paper boldly suggests that the use of ‘AI sex dolls’ could vastly improve the physical and mental health of older individuals who live alone or have physical disabilities. She emphasises that while adult sex dolls are often seen by most as humanoid sex toys for bachelors and geeks to solve their erotic and psychological needs, they can also assist in solving the emotional and sociological needs of the elderly and disabled as they enter into their twilight years.

Nancy’s thesis centres around liberating society’s illusion of the physical doll and redefining it as a product for companionship, especially for the elderly and disabled. Nancy argues that the key to companionship for the elderly is the dignity of the individual. She also explains that the greatest fear among the elderly is being treated as useless and lacking an identity within the family.

This is especially true when it comes to physical and emotional intimacy, the difficulty in talking about the use of a realistic sex doll combined with not knowing who to talk to about their needs makes sex the most pressing but neglected issue amongst most elderly individuals.

Sex Dolls Can Help Combat Loneliness | SxDolled

It is because of this reason that Nancy, therefore, suggests that “AI sex dolls” should not only have the functions of realistic love dolls but also the ability to communicate with the user emotionally and physically such as through conversations and hugs.

The design and development of realistic sex dolls have proven to be vital emotional and physical companions towards, widows, widowers and the disabled revolutionising and continuing to revolutionise current market trends. The aim of introducing robot sex dolls to the elderly, she explains, is to respect human dignity and to take a serious look into the true ‘desires’ of individuals who have their emotional needs neglected due to disability and isolation.

In addition, a realistic sex doll can play the vital role of a good listener; the elderly can let out their issues and problems or simply just conversate as their love doll listens quietly and without leaving or responding with dry or patronising responses that could break the fragile hearts of someone experiencing extreme loneliness. 

If you really think about it, this does not seem far off from you talking to your dog or cat, it’s not like you are expecting a response from your pet, yet you do because you simply just want to express yourself and be heard. It's a similar concept with your love doll in that she can fulfill your emotional and physical needs by providing you with her full attention and submitting to your every need and desire.

You'd be amazed how much comfort you could receive from a sex doll. Think about those lonely evenings where you've been watching a movie or your favourite tv show alone, now those times will be a thing of the past. Now, you can do away with these lonely evenings by cuddling up with your beautiful sex doll.

Sex Dolls Can Help Combat Loneliness | SxDolled

Connection (love) and acceptance are basic human needs that provide you with feelings of hope, pleasure and fulfilment. The absence of these basic human needs will leave a detrimental effect both on your body and mind, via physical discomfort, as well as psychological discomfort in the form of anxiety and depression.

If you experience social anxiety or have personal insecurity you are well aware how easily crippled you are from making meaningful and lasting connections with other individuals. Unfortunately, this only adds to your emotional and social distancing and loneliness. 

Lifelike love dolls on the other hand help to provide and meet these basic human needs for those who need them, such as the elderly, possibly even helping some overcome their social anxiety.

Health is everyone’s most important asset (that includes emotional health) and the happier you are, the healthier you are.

Many professionals link loneliness to genetics but there are in fact a number of other factors that could be involved that include but are not limited to; moving to a new places of residence, divorce or grief. Going through a traumatic or stressful experience could trigger a multitude of things depending on the individual, these include: alcoholism, weakened immune system, drug addiction, depression, suicide, poor memory, decreased well being and poor decision making. 

For the elderly and disabled, those who lack mental exercise such as simply talking and taking care of their dolls could lead to Alzheimer’s disease, insomnia, and many cardiovascular and physical health problems, such as high blood pressure. 

Thus, simple activities such as dressing up your lifelike sex doll, having a conversation with her, and hugging her are all pleasures that will help you to satisfy your basic human need and provide you with lasting happiness and health.

Some men have reported that they feel more secure and confident when they hug and cuddle their sex doll when they feel lonely and sometimes even sleep with her, this serves as a great channel for any individual to remove their anxiety and meet their emotional needs. These same men explain that they feel heard, validated, and reassured with their real life sex doll, lifting their self esteems. This in turn carries over into their real world ability to create new, meaningful and healthy relationships. 

Sex Dolls Can Help Combat Loneliness | SxDolled

Final Thoughts

It's no secret that many doll owners credit their dolls with curing their depression, simply having a good conversation is linked to the basic human needs of connection and acceptance, needed at any age. What makes a person satisfied is not just living, but having their needs met and doing things that they consider worthwhile. It is a definite fact that people look not only for sexual experiences but for meaningful relationships too. Therefore, it is without a doubt that relationships, emotional needs and physical needs, are all inseparable and indispensable human needs. This is where sex dolls can help provide the emotional and sexual outcomes that so many long for today. 

Sex dolls are a simple solution to meet your needs physically and emotionally. Whether you require a curvy or slim doll or a busty or flat doll, there is a sex doll out there for you and if there isn’t we’ll simply customise one for you! Buy your adult toys with us today!

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