The Difference Between Inflatable Love Dolls And Full Sized Sex Dolls


The Difference Between Inflatable Love Dolls And Full Sized Sex Dolls

November 04, 2022



  • The Inflatable Sex Doll
  • The Semi-Solid Sex Doll
  • The Full Sized Sex Doll
  • Final Thoughts

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Inflatable sex dolls and TPE/silicone sex dolls are both sex toys that belong at the high end of the adult sex doll industry.

Inflatable dolls are considered a type of semi-solid sex doll that is, as the name implies, inflatable and inversely deflatable dolls (making them easily compactable and hence easy to store away).

Let’s address the elephant in the room, the obvious difference between inflatable adult dolls and life size sex dolls is, in the literal sense, inflatable sex dolls are internally “empty”, as they require the use of air to be inflated to take the shape of a woman. Whereas, on the other hand, life size sex dolls are made of, most commonly, solid TPE or silicone with an internal “skeleton” for placing her into different positions.

Note, there are, of course, male sex dolls too, but for the purposes of this article, I am going to focus only on female sex dolls.

What are these sex dolls used for? Both are used for essentially the same thing. The main use of a sex doll is as a sexual masturbation device, which helps to satisfy your physiological and sexual needs in the absence of sexual partners.

As mentioned above, sex dolls fall into three main categories:

1) Inflatable dolls

2) Semi-solid dolls, and

3) Full sized solid TPE/silicone sex dolls.

When people refer to sex dolls they are, in most cases, referring to either inflatable sex dolls or full sized sex dolls.

The Inflatable Sex Doll

Let's take a look at the cheapest and most often used sex doll, the inflatable sex doll, also known as the blow up doll.

As the name suggests, an inflatable sex doll is a kind of inflatable sex toy.

Inflatable dolls require being blown up with air to form and take the shape of a real woman.

The aesthetics of an inflatable doll often looks extremely artificial and nothing like a real person. As the sex doll is filled with air the doll really only has one position as the doll cannot be bent into different positions without reverting back to its initial position.

Generally, the texture or feel of an inflatable sex doll is not that great. The vagina is, more often than not, just a tight tubular opening.

On the other hand, inflatable sex dolls are very compact and can be easily stored away with little to no effort.

An inflatable sex doll is also a super low budget option for you to dip your toes into the pool of sex dolls.

Being lightweight, inflatable sex dolls are ideal for first-timers and those unable to support the weight of a full-body silicone doll. The weight also makes blow-up dolls suitable for those who travel frequently. Simply deflate it and tuck it in your suitcase.

All in all, blow up dolls are a great starting point for your love doll journey, but they are just that, a starting point.

Blow up dolls have come a long way and are a decent alternative to silicone, realistic sex dolls. While the difference in realism is immeasurable, these affordable sex dolls allow you to have a taste of the sex doll experience before you decide to invest in high-end silicone dolls.

For many, the inflatable sex doll was their start in the wonderful world of sex dolls.

The Semi-Solid Sex Doll

Let’s take a look at the semi-solid doll.

Semi-solid sex dolls are a type of inflatable sex doll. The semi-solid sex doll, in most cases, features a fixed and filled head and chest with a solid material, such as TPE or silicone but requires inflation of the rest of the sex doll’s body.

Semi-solid sex dolls are a step up from purely inflatable dolls and are considered much better than inflatable sex dolls.

Semi-solid sex dolls are more advanced in that they often feature water-injected breasts which increases the elasticity of the breasts, making them look and feel more like real breasts.

The Full Sized Sex Doll

Now, let's take a look at the full sized solid sex doll.

Full sized sex dolls are made completely of high quality silicone or TPE material, besides the internal metal skeleton, which in turn provides a much more realistic looking and feeling sex doll compared to inflatable love dolls.

As mentioned, the appearance of full sized solid sex dolls is of much higher quality than that of inflatable dolls. The design of solid sex dolls is often of much detail and can be stunningly close to a real woman.

Inside realistic sex dolls, you will find a mechanical skeletal frame often made of stainless steel, this skeleton allows you to place your sex doll into any variety of positions you can imagine, which is undoubtedly much more realistic than an inflatable sex doll.

Full sized sex dolls are made of solid silicone or TPE and require no inflation at all, because of this, the price of solid sex dolls is often a lot more expensive than inflatable dolls, generally ranging around a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

As living standards continue to improve and opinions evolve to gradually become more open, sex dolls of all kinds are becoming more and more accepted, with full sized solid sex dolls coming out on top as crowd favourites. It’s no surprise, they are a great choice for those in pursuit of high quality sex toys.

The emergence and continued development of intelligent sex dolls entail a promising future for sex dolls and the adult doll industry as these dolls become more realistic and responsive many people are likely going to become open to the idea of owning their own sex dolls not only for sexual activity but also companionship.

Ordinary dolls can currently only satisfy the needs of most men to a certain extent. But as time goes on smart love dolls will continually improve to dominate the adult toy market.
Some current features of intelligent sex dolls are:

1) Intelligent speech, where the doll can respond to phrases you say to her.
2) Temperature controls that allow you to warm up her body to better simulate the warmth of a real woman’s body
3) Smart eye technology that allows her to blink, adding to the realism of the doll
4) Smart mouth technology allows her mouth to move slightly to mimic words as she speaks

Final Thoughts

Sex dolls are truly a breakthrough in the adult sex toy industry, furthermore, the advancements in intelligent sex dolls and associated technologies are sure to dominate as they become more advanced and widely accessible.

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