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Tips For Applying Makeup On TPE Sex Dolls

Tips For Applying Makeup On TPE Sex Dolls | SxDolled

Tips For Applying Makeup On TPE Sex Dolls

August 14, 2023



  • Choosing Safe Makeup for TPE Sex Dolls
  • Makeup Tips for the Eyes
  • How to Make Makeup Last on Real Love Dolls
  • How to Safely Remove Makeup from Your Sex Doll
  • Hot Tips for Applying Makeup on Your Sex Doll
  • Makeup Don'ts
  • Final Thoughts

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New to makeup? It's like stepping into uncharted lands, but trust me, it's an adventure brimming with creative possibilities. Imagine taking a blank canvas and turning it into a masterpiece of colours and textures – that's the kind of adventure we're embarking on, even if the canvas in question happens to be your beloved sex doll. In this blog, you will learn several tips for applying makeup on TPE sex dolls.

But wait, there's a twist in this transformation tale: TPE skin, while incredibly lifelike, has a quirky trait. Think of it as a sponge that likes to play hide-and-seek. The makeup you apply might slowly blend in overtime or decide to disappear during bath time – talk about an unpredictable twist! So, here's the rule of thumb: less is more. We're not aiming for an avant-garde art installation; we're giving your TPE sex doll a touch of pizzazz. And before you unleash your inner Picasso, take a step back and get to know the basics. It's like practicing each simple dance move before attempting the whole complex routine.

So, embrace this journey, share a laugh at any makeup mishaps, and remember – every stroke of the brush adds to the narrative. Now, let’s get into how to give your sex doll a makeover that would make worldclass makeup artists proud!

Key Takeaways

Here are tips for applying makeup on TPE sex dolls:

1. Creative Adventure Awaits: New to makeup? Embrace the adventure of turning a blank canvas into a masterpiece, even if it's your beloved sex doll. Let every brushstroke tell a story.

2. TPE Quirks And Charm: TPE skin is like a sponge that plays hide-and-seek with makeup. Less is more, avoiding avant-garde excess. Before channeling your inner Picasso, master the basics.

3. Safe Beauty Choices: Choosing makeup for your doll? Most products work, whether deluxe or classic. Just be selective if you're planning passionate encounters with your doll.

4. Vaseline's Magic: Want makeup that withstands time? Enter Vaseline, your guardian against fading and smudging. Apply a layer like a maestro and let it work its charm.

5. Baby Oil Whispers: Makeup removal is an art. Treat your doll's face like fine china. Baby oil, like Houdini, erases makeup, unveiling a fresh canvas.

6. Masterful Techniques: Define eyes with cue tips, tidying edges with makeup remover. Baby wipes are handy for precise tidying. Utilize different brushes for eyes and blush, and remember, light application is key.

7. Explore And Learn: Expand your skills with makeup tutorial videos on TikTok or YouTube. Enhance eyebrows with gentle strokes, and for a matte finish, apply a thin layer of baby powder.

Choosing Safe Makeup for TPE Sex Dolls

So, you're in the market for some sex doll makeup, huh? Let's dive into the magical realm of beautifying your TPE companion. Now, before you start fretting about needing a second mortgage to afford those swanky brand-name products, take a chill pill. Here's the scoop: whether you're slathering on the deluxe stuff or sticking to the classics, most make-up buddies are love doll approved. But here's where it gets cheeky – if you're planning on having some sex doll-smooching action or orchestrating suction stunts, you've got to be a tad pickier.

Hold on to your mascara wands, my friend. Expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's a magic potion. Sure, those high-end potions often come with snazzy labels that promise they won't turn your sex doll into a mutant. Plus, they might even come with a set of brushes so luxe you'll feel like you're painting the Sistine Chapel. And let's not forget those cases that look like they could double as a runway clutch. But hey, remember, it's like choosing between a gourmet burger and a backyard BBQ – both will satisfy your hunger, but one comes with a side of fanciness. Your sex doll, your call!

Makeup Tips for the Eyes

Ah, behold the wonders of sex doll-eye mystique! If you're stepping into the cosmos of sex doll makeovers, you will want to pay attention, for we're about to decode the secrets of her alluring gaze. Whether you're a makeup maestro or just exploring this fascinating universe, transforming your TPE sex doll's eyes is like crafting a masterpiece – equal parts precision and panache. And here's a gem of wisdom to light your path: embrace the powders, my friend.

Imagine this: you, armed with a brush, like a modern-day Da Vinci, standing before the canvas of your sex doll's eyelids. Eye shadow powders are your trusty sidekicks, offering a dance of control and finesse. You start with a sprinkle of pigment – the initial whisper of your artistic narrative – and then, like a storyteller adding layers to a tale, you gradually build up the intensity. It's like embarking on a treasure hunt for colours, revealing each shade with a masterful stroke. And voilà, those eyes shall tell stories that captivate even the stars themselves.

How to Make Makeup Last on Real Love Dolls

Ah, behold the elixir of everlasting sex doll beauty! If you've embarked on the journey to keep your love doll's makeup untouched by the hands of time, let's delve into a little trick that's equal parts brilliance and simplicity. Featuring the unsung hero – Vaseline (petroleum jelly)!

It's like this: you, the grand maestro of love doll aesthetics, have just composed a symphony of shades on your sex doll's canvas. But what's the final touch that ensures this masterpiece doesn't vanish into thin air? You guessed it – Vaseline! Think of it as your magical shield against fading and smudging, a guardian for your sex doll's beauty.

So, the game plan: you apply the makeup with the skill of a master painter. Then, with the precision of a surgeon, apply a whisper-thin layer of Vaseline. It's like giving your sex doll a cozy blanket of protection, shielding her allure from the elements. And now, the waiting game commences. Give your sex doll a bit of rest – a few hours will do. It's like letting your gourmet dish marinate before the grand feast. During this time, the Vaseline will perform its magic, sinking into the TPE skin, cementing your dolls make up in place.

And there you have it, your golden ticket to eternal love doll glam. Now go forth, and let your sex doll dazzle the world, because with Vaseline her beauty shall stand the test of time and beyond.

How to Safely Remove Makeup from Your Sex Doll

Ah, the art of makeup removal from your sex doll – a task that demands finesse and care, like folding a fragile origami masterpiece. Think of it as a spa day for your love doll, a rejuvenation for her canvas. So, here's the star, baby oil, the Houdini of makeup vanishing acts.

Imagine yourself as a makeup whisperer, gently coaxing those vibrant colours away. Your sex doll's face is like a treasure map, and each swipe of your cloth is a step closer to revealing her natural radiance. And here comes the superstar entrance – baby oil! Behold, the remedy to a makeup-covered canvas. Using a soft cloth dipped in a dash of baby oil, like a magic wand. A gentle caress across the skin, and voilà, the makeup surrenders, disappearing into the annals of beauty history.

But let's remember, my friend, we're talking about a sex doll, not a painting. Treat her face with the respect you'd give a puppy in a tutu – gently, oh so gently. So go forth and apply baby oil and let it weave its spell, revealing a fresh, bare canvas that's ready to take on the world again.

Hot Tips for Applying Makeup on Your Sex Doll

Here are some tips for applying makeup to your sex doll:

Cue tips/cotton earbuds are great for defining the eyes. Dip the tip in makeup remover to tidy the edges.

Baby wipes or make-up wipes are useful for removing or tidying up simple areas with greater accuracy than a washcloth, but baby oil is recommended.

Use small powder brushes for the eyes, angled brushes for flicks and lines, and large brushes for blush (i.e. a blush brush).

Apply makeup lightly and build up gradually. Remember, less is more.

You can watch makeup tutorial videos on TikTok or YouTube to learn different techniques and styles.

If you think your sex doll's eyebrows are a bit light, use an eyebrow pencil to gently fill her eyebrows to make them look darker.

Use a loose powder brush to apply a very thin layer of baby powder to your sex doll's face to matte and flatten your sex doll's face.

Makeup Don'ts

Here are some things to avoid when applying makeup to your sex doll:

Do not apply concealers or foundations.

Avoid fluffy cotton pads, as they can get caught in the sex doll's lashes or leave fibers on the face.

Do not use your fingers to apply makeup, as it can create friction and leave marks on your sex doll's skin.

Avoid liquid eyeliner and oily kohl eye pencils, as they can be messy and streaky when removed.

Do not use harsh chemicals such as alcohol, nail polish remover, bleach, or turpentine to clean your sex doll's face.

It's not recommended to use Sharpies or regular paints on your sex doll's face.

For more details on sex doll makeup and beauty, check out our article "sex doll makeup and beauty Q&A".

Final Thoughts

Congratulations on delving into the captivating realm of sex doll beauty! Your journey from an uncharted canvas to a stunning masterpiece is nothing short of enchanting. As you embrace the art of makeup on realistic female sex dolls, remember that less is indeed more, with each brushstroke adding to the story.

You've mastered the art of choosing safe makeup, learned the secrets behind love doll eyes that captivate, and even uncovered the magic of Vaseline to preserve your sex doll's allure. But amidst the gems, let's not forget the "don'ts" – avoid concealers, be wary of fluffy cotton pads, and steer clear of liquid eyeliners that might lead to messes.

Armed with wisdom and a touch of creativity, you're now equipped to transform your sexy sex doll into a living work of art. With every makeup stroke, you're shaping a narrative that's as enchanting as your love doll itself. So, go forth and let your sex doll dazzle the world, a testament to your artistic finesse.

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