About Us


About Us

Welcome to SxDolled.com! Our philosophy is quite simple, we're about 5 things:

  1. Authentic and Quality Sex Dolls from reputable manufacturers.
  2. Uniqueness in our products and accessories
  3. Affordable Prices for our customers.
  4. Trustworthy and Secure shipping and payments.
  5. A Smooth Customer Journey from beginning to end and thereafter.

Why Do People Buy From SxDolled.com? 

Simple, you want a high quality sex doll from reputable manufacturers for a fair price.

SxDolled (pronounced sex-dolled) is the official retailer of any and all reputable sex doll brands on the market. As a trusted partner for all of these trusted manufacturers, we guarantee that when you purchase from us your new sex doll will be authentically hand-crafted to order and directly from a reputable manufacturer. We do not work with any manufacturers that create fakes.

We are a global business, based in Australia, run by and for sex doll lovers across the world. Many of our team own sex dolls, including our director. Embrace the sex doll lifestyle as we have. When you become a SxDolled customer, you not only receive an amazing sex doll but you also gain access to our expertise and or support for life. Rest assured that we are always ready to answer your questions and help guide you through sex doll ownership and maintenance. At heart, we are doll enthusiasts, just like yourself, that want to guide new doll owners without ripping them off. Then provide you with the best experience and support possible thereafter.

It is without a doubt that we believe sex dolls are better than “real” women as they bring on a plethora of benefits. Throughout our website, you will find the widest and best selection of quality life sized and realistic sex dolls on the market. Our sex dolls are meticulously sculpted and fully featured. Our luxury sex dolls are realistic in every sense from the range of body shapes and sizes to the level of detail put into each and every sex doll that encapsulates beauty from head to toe.

At SxDolled we offer rare and unique love dolls that you won’t easily find anywhere else in the sex doll marketplace. We also love to explore new and exciting features and customisations in the world of sex dolls that we can bring to you.

Why Should You Buy From Us?

Our company is built on honesty, integrity, transparency and communication with you! We have put our blood, sweat and tears into providing you with the best possible website, to bring to you the type of site that you’ll enjoy using. We don’t want you to just enjoy the products. We also want you to enjoy the entire experience and that’s why we are there with you every step of the way. We want our site to be as informative and easy to use as possible. And we want you to know that our understanding, knowledgeable, and respectful team is always ready to assist you. Have any questions regarding the features of our sex dolls? Please send us an email at info@sxdolled.com.

We have witnessed how sex dolls have brought a breath of fresh air into so many, creating joy-filled and fulfilling relationships in their lives. Purchasing a doll is not just about sex – there is an ever-expanding world of people who are discovering that dolls change their lives for the better. Love dolls, sleeping partners, life companions; dolls have helped so many to fulfil these desires and more. It is our mission to bring quality dolls to the world. Knowing that our dolls, and the loving community that surrounds them, can drastically change lives for the better.

In changing the world, we will combat the stigmas, increase cultural acceptance, and unveil the beautiful, growing world of love dolls to a wider audience. Find out more about our ordering process.

Transparency, Expertise and Customer Service

As previously mentioned, we are a company full of sex doll owners ourselves. Any questions or problems you may come across, it is likely we have gone through it ourselves, but more importantly, found solutions. Solutions that we are always ready and willing to provide to you. When you purchase a sex doll from us, we do not go radio silent after the sale has been made. We will be there for you, as we were before the sale, and after the sale too to guide you through an enriching and successful sex doll story.

We answer all emails within 12 hours, though often much quicker.

Shop Safe - Shop SxDolled.com

We only sell dolls that are extremely mature in appearance. This may be self-evident but by doing so we are ensuring that we keep you safe and away from any potential legalities.

Most Trusted Worldwide

We are a long-standing and trusted vendor on the market worldwide. 

Discreet Packaging

Packages are completely discreet and do not disclose anything about the product or its contents. Bank charges are also completely discreet with no mention of the store.