Accepted Payment Methods

Accepted Payment Methods

All payments are billed discreetly. All transactions are secure and private.

You will see "SxD Group Pty Ltd" as the billing descriptor.

All Major Credit & Debit Cards 

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and Discover are accepted payment methods. Just enter your card details at checkout and your transaction will be securely processed.


Checkout With Apple Pay 

Apple Pay may be the most convenient payment method for you to checkout with. If you make up one of the tens of millions of iPhone users in the world, you are likely familiar with Apple’s “Apple Pay” checkout feature. This feature enables you to pay with any of your saved cards within your Apple Wallet at the touch of a button.


Checkout Effortlessly with Your Google Wallet

Checkout effortlessly with Google Pay. Simply select this payment method at checkout and pay with your google wallet. Google Pay is a fast and easy checkout solution available that uses your Google balance or saved cards. Google Guest Pay is also available via Google Pay, allowing you to pay using your VISA, AMEX or Mastercard without having to create an account.


Whether You Have An Account Or Not; PayPal Provides Its Users Buyers Protection.

Checkout securely with PayPal. PayPal offers you a seamless passage through checking out and pre-filling your information for you. All major debit and credit cards are accepted. Prefer not to set up an account? Checkout as a PayPal guest, enter your card details with no strings attached and no account needed.


If you would like to pay via bank transfer, please contact us before placing your order and we will provide you with the correct details to complete a wire transfer. Currently only available for Australian Customers.

Buy now, pay later

We understand you may wish to utilise split payments for high-value products. That's why we've partner with two of the biggest buy now, pay later service providers on the market: Afterpay and Klarna.

Why did my payment fail?

If your payment fails, you encounter a "declined" error message, or experience any difficulty processing your payment, there could be various reasons causing this:

  1. Issues with Your Credit Card or Debit Card: Invalid card details, expired card, exceeding the transaction limit, or disabled card.
  2. International Transaction Issues: Ensure that your credit or debit cards are authorized for online purchases from overseas merchants.
  3. PayPal Receipt Error: If you encounter a receipt error for a PayPal order, it may indicate an issue with your PayPal funding source. Please reach out to support for further assistance.
  4. Mismatched Credit Card or Billing Information: Verify that the credit card information provided matches the details on file with your bank, including the card number, expiration date, billing zip code, and CVV/CVC.
  5. Contact Your Bank: If your payment fails to process, contact your credit card or debit card issuing bank. Inform them of the transaction to ensure approval.
  6. Change Payment Method: Consider changing your payment method at checkout. If only one payment method is linked to your PayPal account, add another payment method for increased flexibility.
  7. Confirm Account Information: Ensure your email address and phone number are entered correctly. Complete the registration process for your PayPal account, including confirmation of your information, to avoid payment failure.

How to Address Payment Problems

  1. PayPal Purchase Blockage: If PayPal is blocking your purchase, please verify the status of your PayPal funding source and contact support for further assistance.
  2. Credit Card or Debit Card Issues: Common issues include an invalid or expired card, exceeding the transaction limit, or disabled cards. Ensure your cards are authorized for international online purchases.
  3. Specific Card Declines:

  • Do Not Honor: The bank refuses the transaction.
  • Insufficient Funds: The account lacks necessary funds.
  • Limit Exceeded: Transaction surpasses account withdrawal limit.
  • Expired Card: Please use a different card.
  • Invalid Card Number: Verify payment information.
  • Invalid Expiration Date: Correct expiration date or card details.
  • CVV Decline: Ensure correct security code entry.
  • Location-Based Decline: Bank declines transaction based on location.
  • Bank's Fraud Rules: Transaction blocked due to bank's fraud prevention measures.

If Issues Persist:

  • Retry purchasing in Incognito mode or a different browser.
  • Change payment method or use alternative card/PayPal account.
  • Contact us with order details, error notification, and screenshot for assistance.

For Transaction Details:

  • Contact your bank for transaction specifics.
  • In case of payment failure, seek your bank or our assistance.

If none of these issues apply or if you require further assistance, please contact us or via email at . Provide your order number, name, email address, details of the error message, and screenshots if available. We will review the information and help you proceed with your order.

Note: You should receive transaction details, whether successful or failed, from your bank. If a payment fails, check for the above reasons or promptly contact your bank for assistance.