Production Process

Sex Doll Production

Standard Dolls

All of our sex dolls are custom-made to order, whether that be standard or customised dolls.

Most of our standard dolls are hand-crafted to perfection in 7 - 14 Days after your order has been placed.

Customised Dolls

These sex dolls are hand-crafted to your specifications. After you’ve selected your sex doll, you are given additional options and features to pick and choose from such as breast type, wig and eye colour are all customisable to your unique tastes.

After you’ve placed your order, each personal detail and specification will be immediately sent for immediate production.

Custom dolls can take anywhere between 7 - 30 days depending on the complexity of your customisations.

Quality Control

Every one of our sex dolls are checked by a series of professionals throughout each and every stage of production.

This process involves rigorous and meticulous testing to ensure that your doll is of utmost perfection before being sent to you. Throughout this process, we ensure all moving parts and joints operate correctly and that your doll’s skin contains no marks, tears or blemishes.

Auditors are on site and routinely check all dolls against comparative images in real-time to ensure all dolls adhere to strict guidelines and conform to high standards of quality.

Your Approval

We will not ship your doll until you’re completely satisfied and happy! Once your doll has passed our in-house quality teams and controls, our production team will hand over your doll to our approvals team. Only when a minimum of two members of our approvals team are sufficiently satisfied with your doll, photos will be taken and sent to you for confirmation.

Then, only after you have given us the “all clear” will your doll be handed over to packaging and shipping. From the moment you’ve provided approval, it will typically take up to 24 hours to pack and ship your order. Upon receipt by our logistics partners, a tracking number will be emailed to you, this can take a few hours to a few days after your doll has been dispatched.