15 Countries Where Sex Dolls Are Illegal

15 Countries Where Sex Dolls Are Illegal | SxDolled

15 Countries Where Sex Dolls Are Illegal

October 02, 2023



  • 1. Saudi Arabia
  • 2. Iraq & Iran
  • 3. Kuwait
  • 4. Mauritius
  • 5. Mexico
  • 6. The Maldives
  • 7. Panama
  • 8. Thailand
  • 9. Vietnam
  • 10. Malaysia
  • 11. Alabama, United States
  • 12. Norway (sex dolls under 125cm)
  • 13. India
  • 14. Brazil
  • 15. Australia (Dolls under 140cm)
  • Final Thoughts

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In today's modern world, where technological advancements and social changes are prevalent, it might be surprising to know that there are still several countries where owning a sex doll is still illegal. Even in countries where personal freedoms and sexual preferences are generally respected, some nations hold strict beliefs and laws against such self-pleasuring aids. This article explores 15 countries where sex dolls are prohibited, shedding light on the cultural, religious, and legal factors contributing to this restriction.

Key Takeaways

15 countries where sex dolls are illegal are: 

1) Saudi Arabia: Strict Sharia law prohibits sex dolls. Possession leads to fines and imprisonment. Customs officers are vigilant.

2) Iraq & Iran: Islamic beliefs led to a complete ban on sex dolls. Exact punishments are unclear but include confiscation and severe consequences.

3) Kuwait: Firm ban on sex dolls. Attempting to bring them in results in questioning, hefty fines, and potential imprisonment.

4) Mauritius: Anti-obscenity laws forbid sex dolls. Offenders face up to a year in jail and substantial fines.

5) Mexico: Conservative values prohibit sex dolls. Attempting to import them leads to confiscation and legal consequences.

6) The Maldives: A paradise-like setting that’s not exempt from strict regulations. Customs officers are watchful, and offenders face jail time and fines.

7) Panama: Regulations are ambiguous. Reputable manufacturers may hesitate to ship, leaving potential buyers uncertain about legality.

8) Thailand: Surprisingly prohibits sex dolls. Confiscation and destruction await importers despite the country's liberal reputation.

9) Vietnam: Regulations have eased, but full-sized companions remain elusive. Minor fines exist, emphasizing cultural exploration over synthetic partners.

10) Malaysia: Strict laws forbid sex dolls. Offenders risk imprisonment and hefty fines, reflecting Malaysia's conservative approach.

11) Alabama, United States: Conservative laws hinder sex doll purchases. Legal hurdles persist due to religious beliefs.

12) Norway (Dolls under 125cm): Importing smaller sex dolls is prohibited to protect vulnerable populations, with penalties for offenders.

13) India: India restricts the import of realistic sex dolls, drawing a line between realistic and abstract items.

14) Brazil: Legal status is unclear, leading to confusion among potential buyers about the legality of sex dolls.

15) Australia (Dolls under 140cm): Australia permits sex dolls but prohibits importing those shorter than 140cm to protect vulnerable populations. Offenders face fines.

1. Saudi Arabia

Ah, the mysterious land of Saudi Arabia, where even the most adventurous imaginations might hit a roadblock! Picture this: a country steeped in rich tradition and conservative values, Saudi Arabia stands tall as a guardian of Islamic principles. Now, let's talk about one particular aspect that might raise a few eyebrows and maybe even a chuckle or two!

In the realm of self-pleasuring aids, Saudi Arabia takes a firm stance. You see, they adhere to Sharia law with an ironclad determination that rivals a cat guarding its prized tuna stash. Among the myriad things deemed off-limits, sex dolls and their companions in pleasure are right at the top of the list. Yes, you heard it right, those lifelike marvels of modern engineering are a strict no-no!

Why, you ask? Well, according to the rulebook, these silicone marvels are considered contraband, akin to carrying around illegal contraptions that could put even the boldest smuggler to shame. Possessing these delightful yet prohibited items can lead to consequences that are no laughing matter. Think customs officers with eagle eyes, diligently scanning packages, ever-ready to pounce on anything remotely suspicious. And oh boy, if they catch wind of a wayward sex doll, you can bid farewell to your newfound synthetic friend. Confiscation is the name of the game!

But wait, there's more! Offenders, beware! Legal repercussions in the form of fines or even imprisonment might await those brave enough to tread on the forbidden path. It's like a high-stakes game of hide and seek, except the stakes are your freedom!

Saudi Arabia | SxDolled

2. Iraq & Iran

The intriguing tales from the lands of Iraq and Iran, where even the boldest adventurers might find their escapades taking an unexpected turn! Imagine, if you will, two Muslim countries wrapped in the warmth of their religious beliefs, standing shoulder to shoulder in a resolute declaration: 'Thou shall not indulge in the realm of synthetic companionship!' Yes, in these lands, sex dolls and their related paraphernalia are about as welcome as a snowstorm in the desert. That's right, you can't own sex toys at all.

Now, let's talk consequences – the kind that can turn even the most confident smuggler into a jittery mess. The punishment for dabbling in the forbidden arts of possession, alas, remains shrouded in mystery, veiled in the secrecy of the desert night. But fear not, for whispers of caution ripple through the air like mischievous genies, hinting at tales of confiscated contraband and dire outcomes for the daring souls caught in the act.

Picture this: a bustling customs checkpoint, where diligent officers armed with suspicion sharper than a scimitar eye every package that comes their way. Among the sea of innocuous parcels, the fateful ones containing a synthetic surprise are plucked from obscurity. It's like a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek, except the seekers are professionals, and the hiders... well, let's just say they're not very good at hiding!

And what of the consequences, you ask? Those involved in such clandestine activities may find themselves in a pickle, a predicament so sticky it makes honey seem runny. While the exact punishments are as elusive as a mirage in the desert, tales of stern repercussions echo through the sand dunes, making even the most audacious sex doll owners and lovers reconsider their choices.

So, in the enchanting tapestry of Iraq and Iran, where ancient traditions meet the modern world, one thing's for certain: when it comes to sex dolls, these countries aren't just saying 'no,' they're saying it with a fervor that could rival a dragon guarding its treasure.

Iran & Iraq | SxDolled

3. Kuwait

Kuwait, the land of golden sands and strict rules, where even the thought of a whimsical dalliance with a synthetic partner raises eyebrows and perhaps a chuckle or two! In this vibrant desert kingdom, the mere whisper of a sex doll can send shockwaves through the dunes. Despite tantalizing rumors fluttering in the breeze, proclaiming the possibility of legalization, the reality remains as solid as a camel's backbone: sex dolls are a big, bold 'NO' here.

Now, let's talk about the daring souls who dared to challenge this decree, for their tales are as colorful as a spice market in full swing! Imagine, if you will, a bustling customs area, where officers, armed with suspicion as keen as a falcon's eye, scan every package that comes their way.

Cue the dramatic music, for the questioning begins! Picture the scene: a brave, or perhaps misguided, adventurer standing before stern-faced officials, trying to explain the unexplainable. It's like a stand-up comedy routine gone terribly wrong, where the punchline is met with an awkward silence that could rival the calm before a desert storm.

But wait, there's more! Financial fines, my friends, because what's a forbidden tryst without a hefty price tag attached? These fines are the stuff of legends, whispered about in hushed tones among the daring and the curious. The lesson? In Kuwait, even the most ardent admirers of synthetic companionship might find their wallets significantly lighter if they dare to tread where they shouldn't.

Kuwait | SxDolled

4. Mauritius

The picturesque paradise of Mauritius, where palm trees sway in the gentle breeze and azure waters stretch as far as the eye can see! But, beware, for amidst the beauty, there lies a quirky twist in the tale. In this sun-kissed island nation, the law isn't just strict; it's as unyielding as a coconut refusing to fall before its time. Yes, we're talking about the notorious 'anti-obscenity' laws, where even the seemingly innocent world of sex dolls is not spared!

Picture this: you, a curious soul, deciding to bring a synthetic friend into your life. You place an order, thinking it's all discreet and harmless. Little do you know, your package arrives bearing the mark of your home address, a beacon calling out to the authorities like a siren in the night. Suddenly, you find yourself in the midst of a legal storm, and not the kind you'd expect on a tropical island!

Now, the consequences – brace yourselves, for they're as serious as a sunburn on a day at the beach. If fate conspires against you and you're caught with that incriminating package, you might find yourself in a situation more confining than a hermit crab's shell. Yes, that's right – up to a year behind bars, with nothing but your thoughts and perhaps a coconut for company. And if that's not enough to make you reconsider your adventurous shopping sprees, there's a substantial fine waiting to drain your pockets faster than you can say 'seaside escapade'!

So, as you soak in the tropical splendor of Mauritius, remember to leave the synthetic companions at home. After all, who needs a plastic pal when you have the vibrant culture, the mesmerizing beaches, and the delightful camaraderie of the locals to keep you company? In the battle between silicone partners and the allure of this island haven, there's really no competition. Mauritius: 1, Sex Dolls: 0. Choose your company wisely, and let the tropical escapades begin!

5. Mexico

Mexico, the land of vibrant fiestas, sizzling tacos, and mariachi melodies echoing through colorful streets! But wait, there's a twist in this lively tale that might raise a few eyebrows and perhaps elicit a chuckle or two. Despite the lively atmosphere and the spicy flavors that permeate the air, Mexico has a strict 'no entry' policy for a certain kind of guest – yes, you guessed it, sex dolls. Who would have thought?

In a land where adult stores proudly display an array of tantalizing sex toys and lacy lingerie, the humble sex doll finds itself in the corner, banned like a misbehaving child sent to a timeout. It's almost like a peculiar game of favorites played by the law, where sex dolls are left out of the fun, while their more 'conventional' counterparts enjoy the spotlight.

Now, the reasons behind this peculiar prohibition? Blame it on Mexico's deeply ingrained conservative cultural and religious values. Yes, sex dolls, with their synthetic smiles and lifelike allure, don't quite fit into the traditional tapestry of this vibrant nation. It's as if sex dolls themselves are gatecrashers at a party they weren't invited to – a tad rude, isn't it?

Picture this: a sunny Mexican day, where laughter fills the air and the scent of tacos wafts from every corner. Amidst the festivities, imagine a customs officer, eyebrows raised in surprise, as they inspect a suspicious package. Lo and behold, it's a sex doll trying to sneak its way into the country, perhaps hoping for a taste of that spicy salsa or a dance under the Mexican moonlight. Alas, it's not to be!

So, as you embark on your adventures in Mexico, remember this peculiar quirk of the law. While you're free to indulge in the pleasures of other adult delights, the realm of sex dolls (and sex robots) remains firmly off-limits.

Mexico | SxDolled

6. The Maldives

The Maldives, a true jewel of the Indian Ocean, where palm-fringed beaches meet crystal-clear waters in a dance of nature's finest artistry! But hold your seashells, for even in this paradise of sun-soaked splendor, there's a quirky twist to the tale. Amidst the serene beauty lies a surprising ban, not just on the typical contraband, but also on the seemingly innocent world of sex dolls. Yes, you heard it right – even in this tropical haven, the silicone companions are persona non grata.

Picture this: you, a sun-kissed traveler, arriving at the Maldivian border, excitement bubbling like a shaken soda bottle. Your luggage is filled with the usual holiday essentials, but tucked away in a corner is something... unconventional. Ah, a sex doll, you sly adventurer, hoping for a discreet escapade amidst the coconut trees and coral reefs. But alas, the customs officers are as sharp-eyed as seagulls spotting a fish in the surf. Confiscation is their game, and they play it well!

Now, the consequences? Well, they're as serious as a seagull eyeing your beachside snack. Offenders might find themselves facing a fate more confining than a hermit crab's shell – yes, potential jail sentences loom on the horizon like storm clouds over a tropical paradise. It's a bit like finding a sand dollar on the beach, only for it to turn out to be a crab with a grudge.

So, as you explore the sun-drenched beaches and the vibrant underwater realms of the Maldives, remember – leave your silicone sex doll at home.

7. Panama

In Panama, when it comes to smaller pleasure gadgets, Panama seems nonchalant, but the plot thickens with full-sized sex dolls. Are they allowed or banished? The answer remains elusive, shrouded in uncertainty, akin to suspense before a grand magic trick. Ordering a lifelike companion isn't as simple as a click and delivery; reputable manufacturers might hesitate to send their creations to Panama, creating a drama akin to passport issues.

Imagine the confusion of curious souls in Panama, eager yet uncertain about experiencing the joy of a full-sized companion. It's akin to solving a riddle without a clear clue or juggling flaming torches blindfolded – undeniably tricky! But fret not, for in this land of salsa rhythms and warm smiles, the quest for pleasure may have hurdles, but it's also laden with endless possibilities. Despite the uncertainty, there's room for laughter and curiosity. Life's mysteries make the journey exciting, and who knows, Panama might surprise us all in the next chapter!

Panama | SxDolled

8. Thailand

In Thailand's vibrant tapestry, where ancient temples coexist with bustling markets and serene beaches, an intriguing paradox emerges. Despite the country's reputation for sexual liberation and acceptance of diverse identities, Thailand maintains a unique legal stance that might surprise you. Yes, self-pleasuring aids, a topic that, in this land of smiles, takes an unexpectedly complex turn.

Picture this: a curious traveler, drawn in by Thailand's spicy cuisine and captivating culture, decides to explore the world of self-pleasure, innocently carrying a synthetic surprise. Unaware, they arrive at customs, only to face the sharp-eyed scrutiny of officers. Discovering a contraband sex doll is akin to finding an unexpected chili in a dish – it doesn't end well. These confiscated items meet their end, a fate as punctuated as it is unfortunate. Sex toys fall under Thailand's list of prohibited goods and are banned from being brought into the country.

Thailand | SxDolled

9. Vietnam

In the evolving landscape of Vietnam, where tradition blends with modernity, imagine a curious soul in Vietnam, inspired by the country's cuisine and history, delving into the realm of synthetic pleasure with hope and curiosity. Armed with a wallet, they embark on a quest for a full-sized sex doll, only to be met with disappointment akin to searching for a needle in a haystack, only to find it on an indefinite vacation. While minor fines exist for possession, these are as trivial as finding spare change in your couch cushions, serving as a gentle reminder from authorities in a land where every bowl of pho tells a tale and street corners hide culinary treasures.

Vietnam | SxDolled

10. Malaysia

In the delightful land of Malaysia, where the aroma of tantalizing street food dances in the air and vibrant festivals never fail to enthrall, there exists a peculiar rule that might just surprise you – a ban on owning, selling, or even distributing what they deem 'obscene items,' which includes the seemingly innocent realm of sex dolls and sex toys. Yes, in this enchanting country of cultural wonders, Malaysia has its boundaries, especially when it comes to matters of intimacy! Engage in the forbidden, and you might find yourself facing a fate as dramatic as a star-crossed lover's tale – imprisonment and hefty fines are the unwelcome souvenirs for those who dare to challenge the conservative undercurrents.

Picture this: a curious traveler, lured by Malaysia's picturesque landscapes and warm hospitality, decides to spice up their life with a synthetic companion, unaware of the storm that awaits. Armed with an adventurous spirit and perhaps a tad too much confidence, they venture into the realm of forbidden pleasures, only to discover that Malaysia takes its conservative approach quite seriously. Offenders here aren't just gently reminded of societal norms; no, they risk a fate worse than a Monsoon downpour – imprisonment, where the only companionship they might find is with the echoes of regret.

Malaysia | SxDolled

11. Alabama, United States

In specific regions of the United States, like Alabama, a peculiar legal saga unfolds, making the world of sex toys, sex dolls included, a topic as tangled as a bowl of spaghetti. Yes, we're venturing into a tale where the sale of sex dolls has met an unexpected adversary: the Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1998. It's as if the law decided to play the role of the stern librarian, ensuring that the pages of pleasure remain closed under the influence of conservative religious beliefs and age-old traditions.

Imagine this: in the heart of the Deep South, where sweet tea flows like water, a curious shopper embarks on a quest for an unconventional item, only to find their desires thwarted by legal red tape. It's like trying to buy a unicorn in a pet store – sure, it sounds fun, but good luck finding one!

Now, what's the driving force behind this intriguing legal drama, you ask? Ah, it's the echoes of conservative religious beliefs and traditional values reverberating through the halls of legislation. It's almost as if the lawmakers decided that these synthetic companions were as forbidden as a secret family recipe. It's funny how it is perfectly legal to buy an assault rifle but not a simple sex toy.

But fear not adventurous souls, for in this land of barbecue and banjos, where even the quirkiest traditions have a story to tell, there's a glimmer of hope. Perhaps one day, the law will undergo a makeover, and the citizens of Alabama will find themselves free to explore the world of sex toys without legal hassles. Until then, let's raise a glass to the resilience of human desires and the creativity of those who dare to dream, even in the face of unexpected legal hurdles.

Alabama | SxDolled

12. Norway (sex dolls under 125cm)

In the charming land of Norway, where fjords stretch like ribbons and the Northern Lights dance across the night sky, there's a curious twist in the legal landscape involving the realm of synthetic companions. Yes, we're delving into a story where the purchase of sex dolls for personal use is allowed, but importing those under 125cm in height is a definite no-no. It's as if the law decided to play the role of a strict bouncer at a party, ensuring that everyone meets the height requirement before entering the fun zone.

Picture this: a curious Norwegian soul, perhaps inspired by the country's stunning natural beauty, decides to venture into the world of synthetic companionship. Armed with a credit card and a penchant for the unconventional, they place an order, blissfully unaware of the height restrictions looming ahead. It's like ordering a cake only to realize it's too small to share – disappointing, to say the least!

Now, what's the driving force behind this peculiar law, you ask? Ah, it's the concern about potential sexual violence and abuse, particularly those involving minors. Norway, in its admirable quest to protect vulnerable populations, drew a line in the sand, or in this case, a height limit for a synthetic partner that is likely to be mistaken as a child sex doll. It's almost as if the lawmakers decided that if you can't ride the roller coaster, you definitely can't bring a miniature companion along for the adventure.

But fear not, curious souls, for in this land of trolls and tales, where even the mountains have stories to tell, there's always room for a good laugh amidst the legal seriousness. Who knows, maybe someday the height restriction will be a thing of the past, and Norwegians of all statures can indulge in the delightful world of synthetic companions without fear of legal hassles. Until then, let's marvel at the creativity of human desires and the interesting ways laws regulate even the quirkiest of pursuits.

Norway | SxDolled

13. India

In the colourful tapestry of India, a land steeped in history and tradition, there lies a curious quirk in the legal realm that might raise an eyebrow or two. Yes, we're delving into a story where the cultural heritage of this vibrant nation meets the realm of self-pleasuring aids, creating a fascinating mosaic of regulations.

Here's the lowdown: India, in its endeavor to preserve its cultural sanctity, has laid down strict laws on the import of self-pleasuring aids. Anything that tickles the fancy a bit too much, triggering thoughts and behaviors of the sensual kind, is promptly deemed obscene and shown the exit door, much like an unwelcome guest at a grand party. This, of course, includes the realistic delights of dildos and the alluring allure of sex dolls.

But ah, there's a twist in this tale! The legal eagle draws a line between sex toys that bear an uncanny resemblance to human anatomy and their more abstract counterparts. It's like the law decided to play a game of 'spot the difference' in the world of adult products. One moment, you're a replica of human genitalia, and the next, you're a non-representational marvel, free to roam the Indian shores.

Imagine the confusion! A curious soul in India, perhaps looking for a bit of spice in their life, ventures into the realm of self-pleasure, armed with a shopping list and a sense of anticipation. Little do they know; their choice could be the difference between a legal delight and confiscated contraband. It's like trying to find the right spice in a bustling market, only to realize you've picked the one that's off the menu.

But worry not, for in this land of diverse flavors and timeless traditions, there's always room for a good laugh amidst the legal complexities. Who knows, maybe one day the laws will relax, and India will find itself in the midst of a sensual revolution, where even the quirkiest desires are met with a wink and a nod from the legal system. Until then, let's celebrate the creativity of human desires and the interesting ways laws regulate the pleasures of life.

India | SxDolled

14. Brazil

In the diverse landscape of Brazil, where samba beats echo through colorful streets and the Amazon rainforest teems with life, there's a peculiar tale brewing in the realm of legality. Yes, the intriguing world of realistic dolls, a topic where confusion reigns supreme, and potential buyers are left scratching their heads.

Here's the scoop: the legal status of these synthetic companions in Brazil is about as clear as a foggy morning in the Amazon. It's a puzzle that even the most skilled detectives would find challenging. While some sources whisper that life-sized sex dolls are legally on the market, others vehemently argue that they're as illegal as pirated copies of a blockbuster movie.

Imagine the dilemma! An eager shopper in Brazil, envisioning a life-sized synthetic companion, embarks on a quest filled with hope and anticipation. Little do they know their journey is akin to navigating a maze blindfolded, with contradictory signs leading them in every direction. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, only to realize the haystack is made of rubber and the needle has a talent for camouflage.

But fret not, for in this land of carnival spirit and boundless creativity, there's always room for a hearty chuckle amidst the legal chaos. Who knows, maybe one day Brazil will emerge from the fog of confusion, and its citizens will find themselves in the midst of a synthetic revolution, where even the quirkiest desires are met with open arms and perhaps a samba dance or two. Until then, let's celebrate the humor in life's uncertainties and the peculiar ways laws find to keep us on our toes.

Brazil | SxDolled

15. Australia (Dolls under 140cm)

In the sunny realm of Australia, where kangaroos hop freely and the barbeque grills are always sizzling, there exists a peculiar law that might make you do a double take – a ban on importing sex dolls shorter than 140cm. Yes, in the land down under, where laughter is as infectious as a summer flu, the authorities take their protective role quite seriously, especially when it concerns potential abuses and the safety of vulnerable populations such as children! While the idea of child sex dolls might sound like a quirky notion from a sci-fi flick, the law here ensures that such fantasies don't cross into concerning territories. It's important to note, that there are financial and jail time penalties associated with possessing child abuse material (such as child pornography and sexual offenses) or child exploitation material in all forms. This includes sex dolls to simulate sexual intercourse, sexual gratification, or perform any form of sexual acts with child-like sex dolls. This is to prevent child sexual abuse.

Now, picture this: a curious Aussie, with a penchant for the unusual and a love for all things quirky, decides to order a petite synthetic partner, thinking it’s just a harmless indulgence. Armed with a sense of adventure and perhaps a mischievous grin, they find out that in Australia, size does matter – and not in the way one might think! The law steps in, not with a stern face but with a subtle reminder that protecting vulnerable populations is a priority. Offenders might find themselves facing fines and, dare I say, a temporary hiatus from the sunny beaches and cheeky barbeque gatherings. It's a cautionary tale that, while amusing, reminds us all that even in the most laid-back corners of the world, rules are there for a reason.

Australia | SxDolled

Final Thoughts

In a world that continues to evolve socially and technologically, attitudes towards sex dolls and self-pleasuring aids vary significantly among countries. The 15 nations listed above maintain their strict stance against the legality of sex dolls for reasons deeply rooted in cultural, religious, and moral beliefs. As cultural norms continue to shift, these laws may also change over time. Nevertheless, for individuals traveling to or residing in these countries, it is essential to be aware of these regulations to avoid potential legal consequences when ordering or possessing sex dolls.

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