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4 Safety Tips To Avoid Damaging Your Sex Doll

4 Safety Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Sex Doll | SxDolled

4 Safety Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Sex Doll

June 05, 2023



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Owning a sex doll is a significant investment, and as with any investment, it's essential to take good care of it. Caring for a sex doll requires attention to detail, and neglect can lead to costly repairs. To ensure your sex doll stays in pristine condition for as long as possible, we've compiled these safety tips to help you avoid damaging your sex doll.

1. Handle With Care: The unpacking process is where many accidents occur. While it's understandable to be excited about your new sex doll, it's crucial to approach the unpacking process with a calm mind. Carefully follow the instructions provided in the safety manual to avoid damaging your sex doll during setup and use.

2. Avoid Overstretching: TPE and silicone sex dolls offer lifelike flexibility, but their skin can't withstand the same range of motion as a human. Overstretching or placing your sex doll in unnatural positions can cause tears or damage to its skin. Follow the instructions provided with your sex doll to ensure safe movement and avoid unnecessary damage.

3. Store Properly: The way you store your sex doll is just as important as how you use her. Avoid leaving your sex doll in a static position for extended periods as it can cause structural damage to her body. To avoid buttock deformation in full-size sex dolls, store them on their back with support and on a bed, hanging, or in a flight case. Consider hanging your sex doll every so often to relieve pressure on her back.

4. Use A Wheeled Carrier: Full-size sex dolls can be heavy and cumbersome to move around, which increases the risk of accidents. A wheeled carrier, like a wheelchair, can make moving your sex doll much easier and safer. Using a carrier significantly reduces the risk of dropping your sex doll and damaging her or your furniture.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, taking care of your sex doll requires attention to detail and following the safety instructions provided in the manual. By handling your sex doll with care, avoiding overstretching, storing her properly, and using a wheeled carrier, you can significantly reduce the risk of incidents and ensure that your sex doll stays in pristine condition for years to come. Remember, your sex doll is an investment, and it's essential to take the necessary steps to protect her.

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