5 Tips You Need To Know Before Using Your Sex Doll’s Heating Function

5 Tips You Need To Know Before Using Your Sex Doll’s Heating Function | SxDolled

5 Tips You Need To Know Before Using Your Sex Doll’s Heating Function

May 11, 2023



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The heating function has become an increasingly popular feature in many sex dolls and amongst doll lovers. While the ability to add body heat to your realistic sex doll can provide a more lifelike and enjoyable sexual experience (especially if heated to human body temperature), it is important to understand how to use this function safely and effectively. In this context, there are crucial tips that one needs to know about the heating function to ensure the best and most realistic experience. By taking the time to learn these tips, you can avoid potential safety hazards and maximize the lifespan of your sex dolls. In this article, we will outline 5 essential tips that will help you better understand your sex doll’s heating function and how to use it safely and effectively.

You will want to learn about your specific doll’s heating principle (this might be a manual that comes with your doll), this typically involves covering your entire sex doll’s skeleton with a heating wire, and waiting for 30-40 minutes until the temperature reaches the skin.

Pay Attention To The 5 Following Things

You will want to look out for and pay close attention to the following matters:

1)Uneven temperature distribution - this may occur due to the distance between your sex doll’s body parts and her skeleton. Generally, thicker parts such as the breasts or buttocks will have lower temperatures and slower heating speeds, while other body parts like the arms will have slightly higher temperatures and faster heating speeds (roughly about 20 minutes). Furthermore, depending on your doll's manufacturer, your doll's head may or may not get any love in terms of heating. 

2)If your sex doll is not heating up - this could be due to the quality of the heating wire or a malfunction of the heating wire.

3)Be aware of high temperatures - temperatures that are too high may melt your sex doll’s TPE material. While some manufacturers install temperature protection functions that cut off the heating functions’ power when the heating reaches a certain temperature (usually 37 degrees or human body temperature), others do not, this could lead to burns, melting, or worst-case scenario even spontaneous combustion if the heating goes on for too long (more than 1 hour).

4)Heating may shorten the lifespan of your sex doll’s TPE material - due to its poor heat conductivity, and the temperature of your sex doll’s skeleton usually being a lot hotter than your doll's skin temperature (usually, being 15-30 degrees higher!). These high temperatures inside your sex doll’s body can lead to internal and unnoticeable damages that can shorten your sex doll’s lifespan.

5)Use the heating function safely - (be extra careful here) heat your sex doll for a maximum of 40 minutes then unplug or turn off the heating function before using your love doll. Remember never to use your sex doll whilst it is still connected to any electricity sources, this can be extremely dangerous.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, understanding the heating function of your sex doll or other similar sex toys is crucial to ensure safe and proper use. While the heating principle involves wrapping the entire body skeleton with a heating wire, there are important matters to pay attention to, such as uneven temperature distribution, the quality of the heating wire, and the risk of overheating and melting the TPE material. By following these 5 essential tips outlined above, you can ensure your love doll lasts as long as possible. Always prioritize safety when using any heating or mechanical functions with your sex doll and follow the manufacturer's instructions to prevent any accidents or damage to your sex doll. Otherwise, the use of a heating function can enhance and further blur the line of difference between your doll and a real person.

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