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Choosing a doll that matches your taste

Choosing a doll that matches your taste

In the last couple of years, the porn industry has flourished. They started producing higher quality toys, some that are super realistic and others that are just creative. This all brings us to the creation of realistic sex dolls.

Sex dolls are also called love dolls, and they come in various sizes and shapes. They are lifelike dolls that can be used for sex. In the past, all we really had were those blow-up dolls. But you can’t compare today’s quality to those old-school options.

Many sites sell life size sex dolls, but not every product will be of high quality. That is why we care about quality and customer satisfaction above everything else on SX Dolled. We provide you with a long range of beautiful sex dolls Australia.

With so many at your fingertips, it could be difficult to choose the one that perfectly suits yoru taste. Just by scrolling through our website, you can see that there are many different options to consider.

If you are eager to get a naughty sex doll that would suit your preferences but you just don’t know which one to pick, this article will cover everything you need to know. Our dolls are made from various materials, such as silicone sex dolls, and they all look very different. So here are a couple of aspects you should keep in mind when browsing for your ideal partner.

Personal preferences

Personal preferences

On SX Dolled, you can find all kinds of designs. We provide you with female, male, and shemale sex dolls. Once you pick your preferred gender, you can move down to their attrivutes. Our female dolls are incredibly popular.

Start by finding the shape and size of a doll you like. Some dolls have big breasts and asses, others are petite, slim, and you also have the super curvy ones. When it comes to the type of beauty you are searching for, you’ll surely find her on our website.

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However, you should consider all the options. We provide you with search options based on colors, breasts sizes, and other things. Some of our sex dolls look like anime characters, others are very realistic, or they simply resemble somebody you might know.

So, if this is your first time browsing for a sex dooll, explore the site. Browse through all the dolls and check them out. Later on, you can decide on the things that you value the most. What do you expect from the dolls, and which aesthetics suit your preferences the most?

Height, weight, and material

Height, weight &  material

Once you realize the overall aesthetics you prefer, you can consider the features. Our dolls come in various shapes and sizes. That means that you have dolls of different heights, weights, and materials.

You can buy a sex doll made out of silicone, TPE & silicone, or just TPE. Regardless fo what you choose, these dolls all passed their safety testing. They are love dolls made from high-quality, durable, and body-safe materials. So that is not something you have to concern yourself with. However, all the materials do feel different. It all really comes down to what kind of a realistic sex doll you want to buy.


Once you understand the materials, it’s time to consider the size. We provide you with life size sex doll options. They can be anywhere from 148cm to 180cm, which will depend on your preferences. Keep in mind that the taller dolls are also a lot heavier and often more difficult to make stand on their own.

Of course, most dolls can stand on their own, but that should never be for prolonged periods. When it comes to hair colors and similar things, you can always get different wigs. Most dolls are customizable and will give you options for additional things for your sex dolls.

Pay attention to available orifices

Pay attention to available orifices

Another thing to keep in mind are the orifices. In our case, the majority of the dolls provide you with all three options. But when purchasing dolls, this should be on the top of yoru list. You are purchasing a sex doll for pleasure. So you need to see what kind of pleasures they are going to provide.

This also includes the male sex dolls. It all comes down to what kind of naughty pleasures you are interested in the most. All their attributes and features will be listed on our website, so check them out before making a purchase.

What’s your budget?

What’s your  budget

Let’s talk money! We know that these sex toys are not known to be cheap. This all makes sense, considering that the toys are made from the best quality materials and are designed to give you an experience that closely resembles the real deal. Our website provides you with affordable prices overall.

However, it is not odd for these dolls to be out of reach for some. This is why, on SX Dolled, we have other options you could consider. Instead of getting a life size sex doll, you can opt for a sex doll torso instead.

These options are a lot cheaper, but they still provide you with incredible satisfaction. Some torso options do include a head and other features, but you also have just simple ones with the butt, tits, and pussy.

On the other hand, you could also consider the pocket pussy selection. We have all kinds of pocket pussies at your disposal, and some of them are under $25. They come with different orifices, so choose the ones you are most interested in. They can provide you with oral, vagina, anal, or vaginal and anal together.

Find your perfect companion!

Find your perfect companion!

On SX Dolled, we provide you with various options. These sex dolls come in different shapes, sizes, and naughty features. So, the chances of you finding yoru perfect match are incredibly high. Browse through all the beautiful sex dolls and check out the ones that get your motor running.


If you do not have a budget for something like that, we also provide you with pocket pussies and torsos. So, buy sex doll if you are interested in having a sexy and willing companion for the years to come.

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