Craft yourself a perfect sex doll for ultimate pleasure

Craft yourself a perfect sex doll for ultimate pleasure

In today’s society, where everyone is in such a rush, it can be difficult to find the perfect partner. However, you don’t have to look further than Australian sex dolls. No longer are sex dolls simple inflatable toys that you will use once and then throw into the trash. Today, they are the peek of pleasure, as the customization has gone further than ever before.

What can you customize in sex dolls Australia?

What can you customize in sex dolls Australia

The answer to this question might surprise you, as you can craft a sex doll that will fit all of your standards. It all begins by browsing through hundreds of different pre-set models, as these will help you create your perfect companion. Think of it like you are making your ideal character in a video game.

Once you pick a preset, you will be presented with all kinds of customizable options, which differ from model to model. Each preset model is special and has something unique, so it is worth checking out all of the sex dolls available first.

Pick your perfect body type and build on it

Pick your perfect body type and build on it

Like regular dolls, sex dolls have some kind of base that you can build up on and swap parts, allowing you to create your perfect partner. That core building block for Australian sex dolls is their body. Whether you want to make a skinny, chubby, or big sex doll, all of those presets are available.

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Of course, since we know that many would like to venture beyond the norm, there are even some sex dolls that have an alien figure, one that you would not be able to find among humans. If you happen to go for an alien sex doll, you can also choose a skin color that you cannot find among other sex dolls, such as blue or red, making your sex doll even more special.

While picking a body type, you can expect to see hourglass, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle, slim, muscle, apple, one piece, BBW, thick, and bimbo shapes. Each shape has different attributes, so think about your base carefully, as it will dictate the further customization of your sex doll.

Naturally, while you are picking the body shape of your sex doll, you should also consider the height. Australian sex dolls go from petite sex dolls that are 148cm all the way to 180cm. Height plays quite an important role in a perfect companion, so do consider this during your crafting session.

Modify their hairstyle

Modify their hairstyle

Hair can bring more to a sex doll than one might think. It can give them a personality of sorts. That is why it is very important that you can change your sex dolls hairstyle on the go. Sometimes it is necessary to get a couple of different wigs, as you can swap their hairstyle in an instant from long hair to short hair, while other times you will have to put your hairstyling skills to the test.

Wigs that are used for sex dolls Australia are made out of premium materials, so they will not only feel realistic to the touch, but they will behave so as well. You can put products in them, wash them, and shape them as you please. The only thing you are advised to avoid is to dye them, which is why getting wigs of different colors is a good thing to do.

Facial details will surprise you

Facial Details Will Surprise You

Like regular dolls, Australian sex dolls can have their heads swapped. This is an easy process, and it allows you to customize them for different occasions, saving you a lot of time. If you choose to get multiple heads for your sex doll, you can choose to get them with the same facial structure, but you can also choose them to look different.

Some of the customizable options for sex doll heads are different eye colors, makeup, and even mouth types. For example, you can select a sex doll that has a mouth without a tongue or with one, which is just the tip of the iceberg of customization that an Australian sex doll can undergo.

Reshape your sex doll with additional features

Reshape Your Sex Doll With Additional Features

Another interesting aspect of sex doll customization is the additional features that can improve not only their visuals but also your intimacy with them. For example, you can choose the size of their breasts, as well as the materials that those breasts are made out of. You can even customize the breasts to minor details such as the areola size and color.

If feet play an important role in your perfect partner, you can choose whether your sex doll's feet should have built-in screws so it can be put into a standing position or if it should be a more realistic foot but without the ability to stand on its own.

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Naturally, Australian sex doll customization allows you to request even the most minor details on your sex doll's body, such as tattoos, piercings, pubic hair, labia color and shape, nail color, and more. The way you can reshape your sex doll from the preset options can go quite far, and you can truly create the ultimate companion that you have been striving for.

Special features can make your sex doll more realistic

Special Features Can Make Your Sex Doll More Realistic

While looks definitely play an important look in a sex doll, if they are left without special features, they still feel like regular dolls. That is why Australian sex dolls give you the option to include various features that bring them close to the real deal.

One such modern feature is the EVO skeleton, which gives the sex doll joints. This will allow you to easily and safely put the sex doll into different positions without the risk of damaging her. You can take things even further by including articulated hands, which will make their hands feel real.

Some other special features that are worth mentioning are self-heating and moaning, which make them feel alive more than any other feature. There are many other things that you can fiddle with and customize as you craft your perfect Australian sex doll companion, and we encourage you to check out those features yourself.

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