Easiest Sex Doll Wig Cleaning Routine And Tips

Easiest Sex Doll Wig Cleaning Routine & Tips | SxDolled

Easiest Sex Doll Wig Cleaning Routine & Tips

May 23, 2023



  • Easy Steps to Clean Any Sex Doll Wig
  • Final Thoughts

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We can all agree that caring for our lovely sex dolls' wigs is no easy task. What kind of shampoo should we use? Is it necessary to use conditioner to smooth the hair? Should the wig be untangled before cleaning? These are some of the questions that most of us have when we come across our dirty sex doll’s wig in need of cleaning. To be fair, washing wigs is a tedious task, especially if you don't have the right tools and information. Why don't we simplify things for you? Today, we'll provide you with a helpful set of instructions as well as a few extra tips to help you clean your love doll’s wig like a pro.

Once you know the right methods, washing your sex doll's wig isn't that difficult. However, treating it as a routine activity and proceeding without regard for formal guidance or instructions is not the correct approach. At least not in this circumstance. If you are careless with your cleaning, the wig could get severely damaged. So, the best course of action is to take the following basic steps.

Key Takeaways

The easiest sex doll wig cleaning routine and tips are:

1) Untangle the sex doll wig carefully before rinsing to ensure its longevity.

2) Use any regular shampoo and conditioner to clean the wig; wig shampoo is recommended.

3) Gently wash the wig and apply conditioner to restore its silkiness and shine.

4) Rinse the wig gently in warm water, avoiding twisting or scrunching the hair.

5) Squeeze out excess water with a towel and let the wig dry naturally or use a hairdryer on a low setting to speed up the process.

Easy Steps to Clean Any Sex Doll Wig

Step 1: Untangle Before Rinsing
Before you start rinsing your sex doll wig, it's essential to untangle it. This may seem like a tedious task, but it's crucial for the wig's longevity. Start by gently untangling any knots or tangles with your fingers. Take your time, as rushing this step could result in damaging the wig. Once you've untangled the hair, you can move on to rinsing it.

Step 2: Use Shampoo and Conditioner
Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to use expensive shampoo or conditioner to clean your sex doll wig. You can use any product that you would normally use, though I recommend a wig shampoo. Gently wash the wig using your preferred shampoo, and then apply conditioner if desired. This will help to bring back the wig's natural silkiness and shine.

Step 3: Time to Rinse It and Let It Dry
After washing and conditioning, it's time to rinse the wig. Rinse it gently in warm water, making sure to remove all the shampoo and conditioner. Be careful not to twist or scrunch the hair, as this can cause damage. Next, gently squeeze out the excess water using a towel. Finally, leave the wig to dry naturally, or you can use a hairdryer on a low setting to speed up the process.

Final Thoughts

In summation, by following a few simple steps, you can easily clean your sex doll's wig like a pro. Untangle the wig before rinsing, use regular shampoo and conditioner or a wig shampoo, rinse thoroughly, gently squeeze out excess water, and allow the wig to dry naturally, or use a hairdryer on a low setting. With proper care, your sex doll's wig will stay beautiful for longer.

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