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Exploring the Reasons Behind the Use of Sex Dolls

Exploring the Reasons Behind the Use of Sex Dolls | SxDolled

Exploring the Reasons Behind the Use of Sex Dolls

June 03, 2023



  • Challenging Stereotypes: Understanding the Community of Sex Doll Lovers
  • The Loneliness of Being Human: A Story of a Man and His Sex Doll
  • Sex Dolls as a Substitute and Fulfillment for Real Life
  • The Role of Sex Dolls in Real Relationships
  • Final Thoughts

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Sex dolls are incredibly lifelike sex toys designed mainly for sexual satisfaction. While inflatable sex dolls have long been featured in movies and pranks, the advancement of technology has resulted in the development of more lifelike sex dolls made of materials such as silicone or TPE. These sex dolls are designed to be more attractive than real people, with seductive traits such as long legs, a small waist, huge breasts, and a small face. They represent the ideal dream lover for many people: seductive, glamorous, pure, and comforting. Sex dolls have the ability to meet your every desire, whether it is to be a lover, wife, or anything else.

There is a common misconception that sex doll users are typically introverted and do not interact with women. However, the reality is that 30-40% of sex doll users are actually married. Childless couples may purchase a sex doll for some excitement, while widowed seniors may find comfort and companionship in sex dolls. This raises questions about the role of love dolls as sex toys versus human companions. Can they replace real people emotionally? And what impact do they have on intimacy in real-life relationships?

Overall, the use of sex dolls is a complex issue that raises important questions about human sexuality, companionship, and intimacy. While some people may view them solely as sexual objects, others see them as legitimate companions. Regardless of the perspective, the increasing popularity of sex dolls highlights the importance of understanding and discussing the reasons behind their use.

Key Takeaways

The reasons behind sex doll use:

1) Sex Dolls for Sexual Satisfaction: Sex dolls are lifelike sex toys designed for sexual pleasure, made from materials like silicone or TPE. They represent idealized fantasies and can cater to various desires.

2) Diverse User Community: Sex doll enthusiasts are a diverse group, including married individuals seeking excitement, widowed seniors seeking companionship, and people using sex dolls as a means of emotional support.

3) Challenging Stereotypes: Sex doll lovers challenge common stereotypes, demonstrating that sex dolls can serve as more than just sexual objects. For some, they provide companionship, comfort, and emotional connection.

4) Coping with Loneliness: The story of an artist named June Korea highlights how some people use sex dolls to cope with loneliness and create a sense of companionship.

5) Substitutes for Real Relationships: Sex dolls can serve as substitutes and fulfill certain psychological needs for individuals who experience setbacks in forming real-life relationships.

6) Sex Dolls and Real Relationships: Sex dolls can be a sensitive topic in real relationships, but they can serve as a complement rather than a replacement. Open communication is essential to understanding each partner's needs and desires.

Challenging Stereotypes: Understanding the Community of Sex Doll Lovers

Contrary to popular belief, sex doll enthusiasts are not perverts but rather individuals with their own unique communities. Like other interest groups, they come together to share their experiences and connect with like-minded individuals in forums and social gatherings. For example, Jim, a 34-year-old Canadian, has been collecting sex dolls for more than a decade and has found a sense of camaraderie within his community.

Despite living with his girlfriend, Jim has two silicone sex dolls sitting on his living room sofa, which he views as works of art. His interest in sex dolls began during college due to his hormonal sexual impulses, but he put it aside after puberty. However, following a difficult breakup with his girlfriend of three years at age 31, he rediscovered his love for sex dolls as a means of coping and finding a new sense of purpose in life.

According to Jim, his first realistic sex doll, Sakura, is like a daughter to him, and he has never had sex with her. He even sent two of his five sex dolls back to his hometown to accommodate his girlfriend's discomfort. For Jim, these sex dolls represent a new beginning and can provide comfort and companionship during difficult times.

The community of sex doll lovers challenges common stereotypes by demonstrating that sex dolls can be viewed as more than just sexual objects. For some, they can serve as a means of emotional support, and for others, they can provide an escape from the realities of daily life. It is important to understand and respect the reasons why individuals may choose to engage with sex dolls and to acknowledge the value of their communities as a source of connection and support.

The Loneliness of Being Human: A Story of a Man and His Sex Doll

June Korea, a South Korean artist, shocked many with his collection of photos featuring Eva, his silicone sex doll girlfriend. In these photos, they did normal couple activities such as sleeping together, shopping together, and going on picnics. While the photos are not pornographic, they exude a deep sense of loneliness.

June explains that he has been photographing sex dolls since 2002 because of the loneliness he feels, despite not lacking socializing. He wakes up alone, goes home alone after parties and work, and even expresses when he stands in a crowd, he feels lonely. June reminisces about his childhood where he thought his family and friends would never leave him, and that his fond memories would never fade away. But he found out over time that he lost them anyway.

After breaking up with his girlfriend while studying art in New York, June took Eva as his fantasy girlfriend and photographed her. He found comfort in the idea that the doll will never die, and if he records their activities in the fantasy world, it will become eternal.

June spent almost every day with Eva, sleeping, shopping, and having a picnic together. They laughed and cried together, and they felt happy or lonely together. Passersby would stare at them strangely, and someone would come and touch Eva, but June didn't care. He knew that this relationship was not real, but the loneliness of being human had always been a reality that he could not escape. However, if needed, his sex doll will stay with him forever.

More on this, "how to cope with loneliness with a sex doll".

Sex Dolls as a Substitute and Fulfillment for Real Life

Sex dolls can serve as a substitute and fulfillment for real-life relationships, especially when individuals experience setbacks, difficulty establishing relationships, or unmet psychological needs. Sex dolls provide an outlet for fantasy and desire in a virtual world, satisfying users' emotions, repairing pain and losses, and fulfilling some psychological desires.

For some people, expressing their desires to a real partner may be challenging, but sex dolls offer a means of satisfaction. While sex dolls cannot replace real people, they serve as a viable option for individuals seeking to fulfill their desires and needs. Ultimately, sex dolls provide a way for users to cope with loneliness, overcome personal obstacles, and satisfy their desires in a safe and consensual manner.

The Role of Sex Dolls in Real Relationships

Sex dolls can be a sensitive topic in real relationships. Some may wonder if having a sex doll means that their partner is unsatisfied with them or that they are not enough. However, it is important to understand that sex dolls can serve as a complement to real relationships rather than a replacement.

Real intimacy is about equality and autonomy, and sex dolls can be a manifestation of the desire for control in sexual relationships. However, when partners cannot agree on sexual or emotional issues, a sex doll can be a viable option to satisfy these needs.

It is also important to note that the use of sex dolls does not necessarily mean that a person is unfaithful or dissatisfied with their partner. Statistics show that the majority of men still masturbate after marriage, and a sex doll can provide a safe and healthy outlet for sexual desires that cannot be fulfilled within the relationship.

Women may sometimes feel confronted by their partner's use of a sex doll, feeling like the sex doll is somehow "beating" them or that they are not attractive enough. However, such feelings of frustration are unnecessary. A sex doll is just an external object, and communication between partners can help to address any underlying issues and improve the relationship.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, sex dolls are a controversial topic that has sparked debates and discussions around the world. While some people see them as a form of liberation and freedom, others view them as a dehumanizing and objectifying tool. However, it's important to understand that sex dolls are not just about sex, but also about the fulfillment of emotional and psychological needs that may not be met in real-life relationships. They can be a substitute, a coping mechanism, and even a way to enhance one's relationship with their partner. Ultimately, whether or not someone chooses to use a sex doll is a personal choice that should be respected without judgment or shame.

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