How To Choose The Right Bra For Your Sex Doll

How To Choose The Right Bra For Your Sex Doll | SxDolled

How To Choose The Right Bra For Your Sex Doll

April 15, 2023



  • How To Use A Measuring Tape
  • How To Choose A Bra For Your Sex Dolls
  • Final Thoughts

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If you're feeling romantic, dressing up your sex doll is just as important as dressing up your partner - sometimes even more so. We've all witnessed men who feel uncomfortable, lost and hesitant to even enter the lingerie section of a store, as they fumble around trying to figure out bra sizes and amusing the sales staff. To alleviate this dilemma, here's a comprehensive guide for all your needs:

Key Takeaways

Here is how to choose the right bra size for your sex doll:

1) Use a Measuring Tape: To determine your sex doll's bra size, measure the band size just beneath the bust and add 4 for even numbers or 5 for odd numbers. Measure the bust size at the fullest roundness and round up to the nearest measurement on the tape.

2) Calculate Cup Size: Subtract the band size from the bust size to determine the cup size. Use the standard size differences chart to find the corresponding cup size.

3) Explore Lingerie Options: After finding the right size, explore the variety of lingerie options available in the market, such as cotton, lace, silk, frills, and more. Consider different styles that cater to your preferences and tastes.

4) Avoid Leaving Lingerie on Dolls: To prevent permanent indentations or stains, avoid leaving lingerie or clothing on your sex doll for extended periods of time.

How To Use A Measuring Tape

Most dolls have their cup size displayed within their measurements, at least from reliable sex doll vendors. However, if you've purchased from an unreliable vendor or simply forgotten the cup size of your sex doll, we've got you covered! Using a measuring tape, wrap it around the area you want to measure, keeping it taut and level (parallel to the floor). For bras, you should measure the following:

Band Size:

Measure the area just beneath the bust, right where it curves. If the measurement is an even number, add 4; if it's an odd number, add 5. For example, if the measurement is 26", then 26 + 4 = 30, so the band size is 30.

Bust Size:

Measure the full roundness of your doll's breasts, at the same level as the nipples. Keep the tape taut and round up to the nearest measurement on the tape. For example, if the measurement is 32.9", then the bust size is 33.

Note, bust size is sometimes also referred to as cup measurement. 

How To Choose A Bra For Your Sex Dolls

Bust Size:

To determine cup size, which is the most common way of buying lingerie, subtract the band size from the bust size and check the corresponding chart for your love doll’s cup size. (Bust size - Band size = Cup size). For example, if the bust size is 33 and the band size is 30, then 33 - 30 = 3", making 33C the right size for your sex doll's bras according to the chart below.

Here is a chart of the standard size differences and how they correspond to cup sizes:

If your doll’s bust size (or cup measurement) is less than 1 inch bigger than your band size, you're a cup size AA.
1-inch difference = A cup
2-inch difference = B cup
3-inch difference = C cup
4-inch difference = D cup
5-inch difference = DD cup
6-inch difference = DDD or F cup
7-inch difference = DDDD or G cup
8-inch difference = H cup
9-inch difference = I cup
10-inch difference = J cup
11-inch difference = K cup
12-inch difference = L cup
13-inch difference = M cup
14-inch difference = N cup
15-inch difference = O cup

After successfully determining your sex doll's bra size, it's time to hit the stores and indulge in the vast array of lingerie available in today's market. Take your time and explore the variety of options that cater to different preferences - whether it's cotton, lace, silk, or frills, there's something for everyone. From full-rounded cups adorned with floral patterns to retro-clones and even transparent types, the options are endless. And for the more daring and adventurous, there are even lingerie pieces that come equipped with trap doors for direct access to the areola. So go ahead and have fun picking out something that catches your eye and suits your fancy!

For more info, check out our article on "what types of clothing should you dress your sex doll in".

As a side note, remember not to leave lingerie or any type of clothing on your sex doll for long periods of time or they may leave permanent indentations or stains on your doll.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, choosing the right bra for your sex doll is an important part of enhancing your romantic experience. By following the simple measuring instructions outlined in this guide, you can determine your doll's perfect size and cup size, which will open up a world of lingerie options for you to explore. With a vast array of materials, styles, and designs available, you can take your time and indulge in the variety of options to find the perfect fit for your doll's unique style and your preferences. So, embrace your inner lingerie enthusiast, and have fun picking out something that will make your sex doll feel sexy and alluring.

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