How To Safely Bathe With A Sex Doll: A Comprehensive Guide

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How To Safely Bathe With A Sex Doll: A Comprehensive Guide

july 23, 2023



  • Understanding Different Sex Doll Materials
  • TPE Sex Dolls
  • Silicone Sex Dolls
  • Factors to Consider When Bathing With Your Sex Doll
  • Choosing the Best Love Doll for Bathing
  • Final Thoughts

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When it comes to intimacy and companionship, some individuals find enjoyment and fulfillment in having realistic sex dolls. Does bathing or showering with your sex doll sound like your ultimate fantasy? Bathing or showering with your sex doll can be an exciting and immersive experience, heightening the sense of closeness and intimacy. However, it is essential to approach this activity with caution, as various factors can impact the safety and longevity of your realistic sex doll. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the intricacies of bathing with your sex doll safely, paying close attention to material considerations, water temperature, bath products, and additional precautions to ensure a pleasurable and lasting experience.

Understanding Different Sex Doll Materials

Sex dolls are typically crafted from two primary materials: silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). Each material possesses unique characteristics and reacts differently to water exposure, necessitating distinct care and handling.

TPE Sex Dolls

TPE is a composite material that combines rubber and plastic, providing a lifelike texture and feel reminiscent of human skin. It is a popular choice for its realism and softness, making it an ideal material for realistic sex dolls.

Despite its benefits, TPE sex dolls are sensitive to hot water, and caution must be exercised during bathing due to the following reasons:

TPE is susceptible to staining, which means shampoos, soaps, bath oils, and other bath products can leave permanent marks on your a TPE sex doll's skin and hair.

The material has high porosity, meaning that it can absorb water, and it may take an extended period for a TPE sex doll to dry thoroughly after bathing.

TPE reacts poorly to high heat; exposure to temperatures exceeding 140°F (60°C) can lead to deformation, melting, and irreversible damage to a TPE sex doll's appearance and structure. Taking a warm bath with a TPE sex doll may cause major damages to the porous structure of the sex doll.

Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone sex dolls, on the other hand, are generally more durable and versatile compared to TPE dolls. They are known for their high-quality construction and realistic feel.

Silicone dolls are more resistant to staining and are compatible with a broader range of bath products. However, not all products are suitable, and it's essential to exercise caution and follow care instructions from your sex doll's manufacturer.

Silicone material is non-porous meaning that a silicone sex doll will dry faster after bathing compared to TPE.

Silicone is highly heat-resistant and can even withstand boiling water without damage, making it a safer choice for those interested in bathing or showering with their sex doll.

Factors to Consider When Bathing With Your Sex Doll

Before embarking on a bath with your sex doll, keep the following factors in mind to ensure the safety and longevity of your sex doll:

Maintain Proper Water Temperature

For those with silicone dolls, water temperature is less of a concern, as silicone can safely withstand hot water. As long as the water temperature is comfortable for you, it is unlikely to damage your silicone doll.

However, for TPE doll owners, the water temperature must not exceed 90°F (32°C). This temperature limitation is to prevent potential deformation and damage to your sex doll's surface. It's advised that you use a thermometer to test the hot water before bathing with a TPE doll.

Limit Use of Bath Products

When bathing with your sex doll, exercise caution with the types of bath products used, as some may cause staining or damage to your sex doll's material.

Avoid using bath salts, as they are particularly prone to staining your sex doll's skin.

Refrain from using strong cleansers, such as those with high acidity. Instead, opt for mild cleaners with light coloring to minimize any potential harm to your realistic sex doll.

Avoid Submerging Your Sex Doll Completely

One crucial aspect of bathing your sex doll safely is to never fully submerge your sex doll in water. The head, in particular, is the most intricate and delicate part of your sex doll and must remain dry.

Protect your sex doll's eyes, eyelashes, hair, and any facial features with different colorings (e.g., lips and eyelids) from getting wet. To be extra cautious, consider placing a plastic bag over your sex doll's head during bathing.

Most dolls have a metal joint in it's neck, allowing you to connect and turn it's head. Unfortunately, this leads to a small opening in the neckline that allows water to enter into the sex doll. This should be avoided at all costs.

If you have a standing sex doll with metal bolts/screws in the soles of it's feet, avoid bathing with it to prevent water from penetrating and causing rust or damage.

Consider Your Sex Doll's Weight

If you intend to shower with your sex doll, it's essential to consider your sex doll's weight, as holding a heavy sex doll for an extended period can become extremely uncomfortable.

If weight is a concern, consider opting for a lightweight sex doll, typically ranging between 10 to 15 kilograms. This will make the experience more manageable and enjoyable.

Breast size should also be a consideration, as not only will large breasts make your sex doll heavier overall, but large breasts will also make your sex doll front heavy, making it difficult to balance and stand your sex doll, especially on a slippery surface such as in the shower.

Choosing the Best Love Doll for Bathing

To optimize your bath time with your sex doll, take the following features into account when selecting the right sex doll for the occasion:

Opt for a silicone doll that doesn't have any exterior metal components to enhance water resistance and reduce the risk of rust.

Choose a sex doll with a smaller, lighter frame, as this will make it easier to handle and hold during the bathing experience.

Final Thoughts

Bathing or showering with your realistic sex doll can be an amazing and intimate experience, allowing for increased bonding and closeness. However, it is essential to approach this activity with care and attentiveness to avoid potential damage to your sex doll. By understanding the material of your sex doll, adhering to proper bathing practices, and choosing the right life size sex doll for the occasion, you can create cherished moments and memorable bath time fun without compromising the sex doll's quality and longevity. Treat your sex doll with gentle care, and she will undoubtedly remain a delightful companion for many pleasurable baths to come.

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