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How To Store Your Sex Doll (Short & Concise) 

May 26, 2023



  • The ideal storage methods - lying flat or hanging up
  • Storage methods to avoid - standing or sitting
  • Final Thoughts

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How to store your sex doll optimally. After eagerly awaiting the arrival of your sex doll for sometimes over a month, it's important to ensure that you store her properly to maintain her beauty and functionality. In this guide, we'll explore the best methods for organizing your sex dolls, as well as the storage methods you must avoid.

Key Takeaways

The best ways to store your sex doll are:

1) The ideal storage methods for sex dolls are lying flat on a soft cushion or hanging up using a sturdy shelf or clothes rack.

2) Avoid storing sex dolls in a standing position as it can cause damage to their feet and skeleton.

3) Avoid keeping sex dolls seated for extended periods to prevent hip damage.

4) Always prevent dust accumulation on the sex doll by covering it with a non-fading cloth or blanket regularly.

The ideal storage methods - lying flat or hanging up.

1) Lying Flat: When laying your sex doll down, it's essential to avoid laying your sex doll on hard surfaces. Whether you place your sex doll on a bed, in a storage box, or on the floor, always use a soft cushion such as a quilt or sofa cushion to support her weight and prevent her back curve (especially the buttocks) from deforming over time. TPE sex dolls are particularly sensitive to deformation, and once their bodies are distorted, they will not be able to rebound, so be very cautious. Consider investing in a "slow rebound sponge" or "memory sponge" to cushion your sex doll's body and prevent deformation. Alternatively, you can add a pillow to your sex doll's waist and behind her thighs to elevate her buttocks and prevent pressure deformation.

2) Hanging Up: Hanging up your sex doll is an excellent storage option, and my recommended storage option, as it ensures that no part of her body is squeezed under her own weight. If you have a wardrobe, clothes rack, or other sturdy shelves, you should consider hanging your sex doll. One thing to keep in mind, different brands of sex dolls may require different hanging methods, so it's best to consult the manufacturer or vendor before proceeding to avoid damage.

Storage methods to avoid - standing or sitting

1) Standing: Many novices who are unfamiliar with lifelike sex dolls may think that standing their sex doll up in a corner of their home is a viable storage option. However, most sex dolls cannot stand, even some of the higher-end Japanese brands, which are explicitly designed for photography and posing purposes rather than storage. TPE sex dolls are particularly soft, and standing them up places immense pressure on the soles of their feet, making them prone to tearing or even piercing through the metal skeleton.

2) Sitting: Allowing your sex doll to sit on the sofa for an extended period is also a common mistake that many people make. When a sex doll is seated for too long, the pressure from her upper body and thigh meat can cause her hips to crack, leading to permanent damage. If you must keep your sex doll seated, limit her to 1-2 days before returning her to the lying or hanging position to avoid placing undue pressure on your sex doll's body.

3) Regardless of your chosen storage method, always be sure to prevent dust accumulation on your sex doll. Use a cloth or blanket that does not fade, cover your sex doll regularly to reduce the chances of her body adhering to hair and dust, and maintain her cleanliness.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, storing your sex doll properly is essential to maintain her beauty and functionality. Optimal storage methods include lying flat with proper cushioning or hanging her up to prevent body deformation. Avoid standing or sitting positions, as they can cause damage to your sex doll. Additionally, regularly cover your sex doll to prevent dust accumulation. Following these guidelines will help preserve your sex doll's quality and ensure long-lasting enjoyment. Consult the manufacturer or vendor for specific instructions.

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