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Male Sex Dolls For Gay Men – Could They Help You Come Out?

Male Sex Dolls For Gay Men – Could They Help You Come Out? | SxDolled

Male Sex Dolls For Gay Men – Could They Help You Come Out?

April 30, 2023



  • Why consider investing in a male sex doll?
  • How to get the most out of your male sex doll
  • Final Thoughts

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The World Health Organization (WHO) highlights that mental health issues, including depression, self-harm, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts, can affect anyone, but they are more prevalent among LGBTIQ+ individuals. It is important to note that being LGBTIQ+ does not cause these problems, but the experiences of discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, social isolation, rejection, and difficulties in coming out can have an adverse impact on an individual’s mental health. These issues are well-known, but they remind us of the potential impact that being afraid to come out can have on other aspects of life. Dating and sex are prime examples, as many individuals may struggle to come out, which may result in missing out on openly dating and exploring sexual experiences.

If you have only recently realized or acknowledged your sexuality, or if you are having difficulty finding a connection with someone, you may be curious about sex and exploring new directions. In this regard, we suggest trying a male sex doll as an alternative option for you to explore your sexuality.

Key Takeaways

How male sex dolls can help gay men:

1) Mental health issues are prevalent among LGBTIQ+ individuals due to discrimination, homophobia, and difficulties in coming out.

2) Male sex dolls can be a helpful alternative for gay men exploring their sexuality, especially those who haven't come out.

3) Male sex dolls offer opportunities for experimentation, exploring fantasies, and discovering personal preferences.

4) Sex dolls provide a safe space for exploring taboo desires without fear of judgment or rejection.

5) Regular use of a sex doll can promote regular ejaculation, which has been linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer.

6) To maximize the experience with a male sex doll, consider heating it up for realism, using accessories to enhance fantasies, and proper cleaning and storage for hygiene and longevity.

7) Investing in a male sex doll can provide years of pleasure and exploration on demand.

Why consider investing in a male sex doll?

You may not have considered the idea of owning a sex doll before, but there are many reasons why getting one could be one of the best decisions you make for yourself. Here are some reasons why:

1) Great for experimentation

Whether you are a seasoned experimenter or just starting your journey, male sex dolls are the ultimate sex toy for testing your limits, trying out your hottest fantasies, or even exploring something you saw on the internet. Forget an inflatable love doll, with a lifelike sex doll, there is virtually nothing that you can’t do that you would be able to do with a real-life partner. Adding a new sex doll into the mix is a hot, fresh and fun way to spice things up and introduce some excitement and sexual pleasure into your life. 

2) Perfect for those who haven't come out

If you have not yet come out to your family and friends, trying a high-end, ultra-realistic male sex doll can be a great way to indulge in your desires. You might not feel comfortable going on public dates or inviting someone over to your place. This can be emotionally draining and frustrating. However, owning a male doll can give you complete freedom to have as much sex as you want, with no worries about being seen or having to explain yourself before you feel comfortable sharing your journey with others. Additionally, you rid yourself of the risk of ever contacting any STIs!

3) Explore new fantasies

If you have only recently realized or acknowledged your sexuality, or if you are struggling to find a connection with someone, a male sex doll can be a great way to explore your fantasies and experiment with different scenarios. For example, turn your sex doll into a cocky cop love doll or a naughty personal trainer love doll or a sizzling sergeant love doll! The choice is yours. With male sex dolls, you can have a wild night with no hassle about commitment. You can simply do what you want and they will always be happy to satisfy your needs. These guys are extremely versatile and can do things that even a real man would never be able to do. Male sex dolls are incredibly comfortable.

4) Explore Taboo Desires

When starting to date, it can be daunting to bring up your deepest desires, especially if you fear rejection. However, with a sex doll, you can explore your wildest fantasies without fear of judgment or anxiety. Whether it's a taboo desire or a new experience you're curious about, your sex doll will never say no, allowing you to indulge in your desires in total freedom.

5) Discovering What You Like

Coming to terms with your sexuality can be a challenging experience that involves many considerations and decisions. It can be easy to become preoccupied with other people's opinions and reactions, causing you to lose sight of what makes you happy. If you haven't had the time or space to learn what you like and what you're into, a male sex doll can be a perfect companion on your journey of discovery. These sex dolls are super realistic, with a wide range of body shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize their hair, build, eye colour, skin tone, even penis size (just to name a few customisation options). You can experiment with different characteristics without worrying about hurting anyone's feelings, giving you the opportunity to find out what you find most attractive.

6) Try any position

Variety is the spice of life, but you may find that a human partner becomes a bit too complacent, or just doesn’t like the same positions as you. A male sex doll never says no and will never settle into the same boring position day after day. This gives you the freedom to dictate any position that you fancy.

Modern sex dolls are made from high-end silicone or TPE with a metal skeleton. This means that you can pose your sex doll in any position you’d desire, even mid sex sessions. A premium male sex doll will give you the freedom to do it standing against a wall, flat on a bed, sitting in a chair, or even in the shower (be careful not to wet the skeleton of your sex doll).

How to get the most out of your male sex doll

Regular ejaculation has been linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer in men. Using a sex doll for sexual release may provide a safe and satisfying way to achieve regular orgasms and reduce your risk of prostate cancer. 

1) Heat up your sex doll for ultimate realism

While silicone or TPE sex dolls feel great to the touch, you can take your pleasure to the next level by heating up your sex doll before use. Simply cover your sex doll with an electric blanket (on low) for about 10 minutes, and you'll have a more human-like warmth. Also, make sure to use water-based lube only and apply it to your sex doll's mouth, anal orifice, and penis before use. 

For more methods, check out our article "guide to heating sex dolls".

2) Accessorize and experiment

Stock up on accessories and props to enhance your experience. Handcuffs, whips, and costumes are just a few examples of props you can use to explore your desires and recreate your wildest fantasies. Shop around and purchase a few accessories that pique your interest. 

3) Clean and store your sex doll properly

While it may not be the most exciting topic, proper cleaning, and storage are essential for the longevity and hygiene of your sex doll. There are several methods to clean your sex doll. The easiest is to remove the anal and mouth sleeves and detachable penis (if all components are detachable) and clean them with warm water and a mild soap or a dedicated sex toy cleaner. Store your sex doll in a cool and dry place once dry, keeping him covered to prevent dust and stains. 

4) Experiment and enjoy

With your male sex doll, you have the freedom to try any position and explore your deepest desires. Use your sex doll to recreate your favourite porn videos or discover new sensations. Remember to experiment and learn what you do and don’t enjoy. 

5) Invest in your pleasure

Your male sex doll is an investment in your pleasure, so treat him with care. With a little preparation and maintenance, you can enjoy years of massive pleasure on demand.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, being LGBTIQ+ is not a mental health issue, but discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, social isolation, rejection, and difficulties in coming out can have an adverse impact on an individual's mental health. In this regard, male sex dolls can provide an alternative option for exploring one's sexuality, especially for those who have not yet come out to their families and friends. Male sex dolls are perfect for experimentation, exploring new fantasies, discovering what you like, and trying any position. However, it is important to clean and store them properly and use water-based lube only. Using accessories and props can enhance the experience. Remember, self-discovery and exploration are crucial in building a healthy relationship with oneself, and male sex dolls could provide a safe and secure way to do so.

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