Man Marries His Sex Doll Proving Love Knows No Bounds

Man Marries His Sex Doll Proving Love Knows No Bounds | SxDolled

Man Marries His Sex Doll Proving Love Knows No Bounds

May 29, 2023



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In a delightful surprise, it was reported that Xie Tianrong, a 36-year-old man, has tied the knot with his beloved sex doll named Mochi. Xie Tianrong first came across Mochi on the internet in 2019 and has been inseparable from her ever since. After two years of a loving and devoted relationship, Xie Tianrong has made it official with his synthetic partner.

According to a report by Daily Telegraph, Xie Tianrong had been in previous relationships with girls, but now his heart and attention are solely on Mochi. He pampers her with expensive clothing, shoes, and gadgets, but interestingly, they have never indulged in any sexual acts. Xie Tianrong treats Mochi with the utmost respect, saying he doesn't want to violate her. Xie Tianrong's gentle and caring nature toward Mochi has earned him a reputation as a considerate lover, as he has never even kissed his now-fiancé. For him, the comfort and company of Mochi are what matters most. Although his charming persona would make any girl swoon, Xie Tianrong is already taken.

Xie Tianrong takes excellent care of Mochi, bathing her and keeping her clean, and in return, Mochi has proven to be a loyal and devoted partner. Throughout their two-year relationship, she has always stood by his side, through thick and thin, which has brought them even closer together.

It's interesting to note that marrying sex dolls is starting to become the norm. In November, a bodybuilder in Kazakhstan also tied the knot with his sex doll in a private wedding ceremony. Although the marriage was originally planned for 2019, the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic delayed the ceremony. The bodybuilder even shared a video clip of their wedding on social media, which has since gone viral, garnering thousands of likes worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Xie Tianrong's marriage to his sex doll, Mochi, challenges societal norms, showcasing a unique form of love that transcends physical aspects. Their deep emotional bond and lasting companionship highlight the evolving landscape of relationships and the acceptance of alternative forms of love. This unconventional story reminds us that love knows no bounds and that genuine happiness and fulfillment should be respected, regardless of societal expectations.

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