New Hard Feet Option Is Now Available For Select Dolls!

New Hard Feet Option Is Now Available For Select Dolls! | SxDolled

New Hard Feet Option Is Now Available For Select Dolls!

April 08, 2023



  • Exploring the Feet Options for Sex Dolls: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Exploring Hard Feet: An Innovative Feature for Silicone Dolls
  • The Benefits of Hard Feet for Silicone Dolls: Why You Should Consider Them
  • Final Thoughts

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The market for sex dolls has experienced significant advancements over the years, with manufacturers using materials ranging from silicone to TPE. These materials offer distinct features and properties that appeal to the growing population of sex doll enthusiasts. Both TPE and silicone provide comfortable experiences, but the latter is generally considered slightly harder.

To address the challenge of providing upright support for silicone dolls, manufacturers have introduced hard foot designs. These specialized designs offer improved stability and durability, ensuring that the dolls stand upright without requiring additional support. This is a big step forward from the traditional standing feet (also know as standing foot) modification in realism.

Key Takeaways

What you need to know about the new hard feet option for silicone sex dolls:

1) The market for sex dolls has advanced significantly, with manufacturers now offering hard feet as an innovative feature for silicone dolls.

2) Hard feet provide improved stability and durability, allowing the dolls to stand upright without additional support, unlike traditional standing feet.

3) There are three main feet options for sex dolls: soft feet with no standing support, standing feet with screws/bolts, and hard feet standing.

4) Hard feet for silicone dolls offer increased stability, longer service life, and enhanced realism in posing and movement.

5) Hard feet are recommended for those who want their dolls to stand upright and pose realistically, but it's essential not to make the doll stand for extended periods to avoid potential damage.

6) Hard feet are only available for silicone sex dolls, and select brands like Piper Doll and IL Doll offer this option. When using shoes, flat shoes are recommended for standing dolls, while high heels are better suited for when the doll is not standing.

Exploring the Feet Options for Sex Dolls: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to realistic sex dolls, the type of feet that your love doll has can play a significant role in determining her functionality and overall appeal. There are typically three main feet options available, each with its own unique features and benefits.

1) No Standing

The first option involves TPE or silicone dolls with soft feet that cannot support standing. This option is ideal for individuals who prefer a more realistic and natural experience. This option is typically more for those with a foot fetish or those who don’t plan on making their doll stand/bear a significant amount of weight on their doll’s feet. If you have a foot fetish, this is the ideal option for you as any standing feet option will decrease foot flexibility, and therefore function.

2) Standing with Screws/Metal Bolts

The second option is the traditional standing feet option, the doll is equipped with screws or bolts on the bottom of each foot (these are called standing feet with bolts). When the doll stands, its weight is transferred through the screws or bolts, reducing any damage to the TPE or silicone sole. Allowing the doll to stand, with the downside of having screws/bolts sticking out of the doll’s feet.

3) Hard Feet Standing

The latest option available on the market is hard standing feet. This standing feet option allows the doll to stand without any additional support from screws or bolts, providing increased durability and stability. This is achieved by molding the feet with harder silicone that can withstand greater weights than traditional TPE and silicone.

A hard standing foot basically looks the same as a normal foot, with the added bonus of allowing your sex doll to stand.

The standing feet option (with or without screws/bolts) is highly recommended if you plan to stand your doll, even briefly and while wearing shoes, as it is the only surefire way to prevent harming your doll's feet when it is standing.

In this blog, we will focus on the hard feet option, examining how it works, and exploring the reasons why it is worth considering when purchasing your sex doll.

Exploring Hard Feet: An Innovative Feature for Silicone Dolls

Silicone dolls have been a popular choice among sex doll enthusiasts, and recent advancements in their design have introduced hard feet as a new feature. Hard feet play a critical role in improving the overall stability and variety of poses that your doll can accomplish, providing a more natural and seamless experience.

Typically, standard doll feet require three metal screws or bolts to support the doll's standing, which can detract from the overall aesthetic. However, the hard-foot design eliminates the need for exposed screw or bolt supports, creating a flawless appearance. Moreover, hard feet improve the doll's balance and stability, enabling it to maintain difficult poses with ease.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the features and benefits of hard feet, exploring why they have become an increasingly popular choice among sex doll enthusiasts.

The Benefits of Hard Feet for Silicone Dolls: Why You Should Consider Them

If you're in the market for a sex doll, you may be wondering whether hard feet are worth considering. In this article, we'll explore three compelling reasons why hard feet are an excellent option for silicone dolls.

1) Increased Stability

One of the most significant benefits of hard feet is the enhanced stability they provide. With hard feet, your doll can stand upright without any additional support. This is particularly useful if you plan to use your doll for photography or other visual purposes, as it allows for more dynamic and realistic poses.

Can a doll with standing foot wear high heels? For those with a shoe fetish, you may be wondering if your sex doll can stand in high heels. To put it simply, high heel shoes can be worn on sex dolls with standing foot, however, only flat shoes are recommended for standing. If heels are worn whilst standing, I recommend leaning the doll on some sort of support.

2) Long Service Life

Hard feet are also more durable and long-lasting than soft feet. Soft feet are more prone to wear and tear over time, whereas hard feet are more resistant to damage and can withstand regular use without losing their shape or stability. This means that you can enjoy your doll for longer without having to worry about replacing worn-out feet.

Contrary to advice provided by other sex doll vendors, a sex doll with the standing foot option can not be stored away standing in an upright position. The standing foot mod is only intended to allow your sex doll to stand for short periods at a time.

3) Enhanced Realism

Finally, hard feet can enhance the overall realism of your doll. By providing a stable base for your doll to stand on, hard feet allow for more natural movement and positioning, making the experience of using your doll more immersive and satisfying.

Hard feet are a great option for anyone looking for increased stability and durability in their sex doll. With hard feet, you can pose your doll with ease and enjoy a more realistic and satisfying experience. 

The traditional standing feet had three screws/bolts on the bottom of each standing foot, these were used to support the weight of the doll.

A hard standing foot basically looks the same as a regular foot, but has the added bonus of allowing your sex doll to stand.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when considering hard feet for your doll:

  • Hard feet are only available for silicone sex dolls.
  • Only select brands such as Piper Doll and IL Doll are providing this new hard feet option.
  • If you want to put shoes on your doll, it's recommended that your doll wears only flat shoes when standing. High heels are best reserved for when your doll is not standing.
  • It's essential not to make your doll stand to support its own weight for any extended period of time. Doing so can cause damage to her feet or legs and even affect the stability of your doll.

Final Thoughts

Now that we've explored the benefits of hard feet for silicone dolls, it's clear that they offer increased stability, durability, and realism. They enable you to pose your doll with ease and enjoy a more immersive experience, whether you're having photo shoots, sex, or dressing your doll. Finally, do not ever store your sex doll upright/standing.

In addition to hard feet, some silicone dolls also offer hard hands as an option. If you're interested in learning more about hard hands, check out our other article on this new option. 

Furthermore, sex dolls are not only limited to hard or soft, they have a multitude of customization options for you to pick from including; wigs, eye colour, skin tone, mouth type, shoulder type, feet type, skeleton type, pubic hair, breasts type, areola size and colour, and accessories, just to name a few!

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