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Realistic vs. Fantasy Dolls - Which Are Better?

Realistic vs. Fantasy Dolls - Which Are Better

Searching for the perfect sex doll? Well, there are many options to be considered. But one of the biggest debates includes whether you should get a fantasy or lifelike sex doll. Which one is better? What are the differences? Considering that the debate has been going on for quite some time, new buyers might be confused about their options. But don’t worry, this article will give you the pros and cons of both!

One thing you should keep in mind throughout this article is that it is ultimately your choice. You get to decide which one of the two sounds the best, depending on your naughty choices. You might not agree with everything said in this article, and that is ok! This is a general overview of these two types of love dolls.

Realistic sex dolls

Realistic sex dolls

What are realistic sex dolls? In simple words, these dolls are created in a way to look like real people. They can resemble certain fictional characters, celebrities, pornstars, or other people. However, that is often not intended. A lifelike sex doll is just created to look like a human. They have all the nooks and crannies and the important details that you would see in humans.

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This can include certain facial structures, body shapes, freckles, moles, and similar things. They also have different hairstyles, hair colors, and often come with customizable options. To make them seem even more realistic, they tend to be life-sized. On our site, you can find dolls that are 170cm +. It all really comes down to your personal preferences.

These love dolls come in various shapes and sizes, which is perfect for anyone who has a certain preference in mind. For example, some dolls have massive breasts and a bubble butt. Others are petite and skinny. There are chubbier versions, etc. It all comes down to your naughty preferences.

Fantasy sex dolls

Fantasy sex dolls

These types of sex dolls include any dolls that are from the fantasy world or that do not look human. Lucky for you, we understand that many people have a kink for fantasy characters. For example, you can opt for a completely blue cutie with an alien-shaped head. Her name is Earlene, and she comes with a nurse outfit. Another similar option is Ollie, with big tits, completely blue, and ready for action.

On the other hand, we also provide you with different types of fantasy options. There is the Yumeko doll. She looks like a bunny! She has bunny ears and a mouth shaped just like a bunny, too. Of course, all her naughty orifices are very human-like. Another similar option would be Sakura, a dog-like sex doll. Or maybe you would like a demon sex doll instead? Well, Alia is an amazing girl who will dominate you in bed!

As you can see, there is a running theme here. Fantasy dolls are designed to explore the impossible and kinky side of our imagination. The sex dolls Australia are all made from high-quality materials, so that is not something you should worry about. Just browse through all the naughty designs and have some fun!

Establishing an emotional connection

Establishing an emotional connection

Are you searching for companionship, and you are not sure what doll to choose? Well, one thing you need to understand is that all dolls can provide you with companionship. This is more something that depends on you. Some people are not able to form emotional attachments to sex dolls, while others can. So you should not have any issues with this!

Forming an emotional connection for companionship is completely natural. Although these dolls are not real people, they provide you with satisfaction, and they are always here for you. Not to mention that they can look realistic, and all of them feel real.

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Of course, some people might feel weird to buy sex doll. If that’s the case, you will be happy to know that in our store, you can opt for a sex doll torso or just a toy instead. Purchase whatever makes you feel comfortable because that is the main agenda! We provide you with various fun options, so you’ll surely find a doll or a toy that suits your preferences.

Purchasing dolls on a budget

Purchasing dolls on a budget

Let’s be real for a second: lifelike sex dolls tend to be expensive. This is simply because they look incredibly realistic. However, fantasy dolls are not really different. The price varies depending on the details. But considering that details are what makes them seem so high-quality, you probably want dolls that look real but might be on the cheaper side, right?

Well, on our site, we often provide discounts to our lovely buyers. You also have sex doll alternatives to consider. For example, the torso options can still have the head of the doll to make things seem more realistic. But because the torso is missing its arms and legs, the dolls are automatically much cheaper. We also sell sex doll torsos without heads, if that is what you prefer.

If you are worried that the feeling won’t be the same, well, that is half true. The emotional connection might not be there. This is because it is kind of difficult to get an emotional connection to a torso. But it is much easier to give a name and treat a love doll like an actual person. Of course, you are free to do whatever you want.

Which is the right choice?

Which is the right choice

There is no such thing! The right choice is the one you make. You need to understand that everyone has different preferences. So, you should take into consideration the pros and cons of realistic and fantasy sex dolls. Then, weigh and compare them. This should give you an overall idea of which toy would best suit your needs.

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We have all sorts of sex dolls available. They are all designed to make you feel good. So, take your time and browse through all of our designs. This all boils down to personal preference and purpose. If you want an emotional connection and companionship, maybe a realistic sex doll would be better. You could also opt for fantasy ones if you prefer their design. But if you just want pleasure, a sex doll torso should be enough!

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