Simplify Sex Doll Vaginal Cleaning with a Vaginal Irrigator

Simplify Sex Doll Vaginal Cleaning with a Vaginal Irrigator | SxDolled

Simplify Sex Doll Vaginal Cleaning with a Vaginal Irrigator

May 18, 2023



  • Preparation before Using the Vaginal Douche
  • Instructions for Use
  • How to Clean Your Vaginal Irrigator
  • Final Thoughts

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Now that we've gone through how to clean a doll head, let's get into how to clean a doll's vagina. To ensure that you can easily clean your sex doll's vagina, we offer a vaginal irrigator with most sex doll purchases at This product is made of soft and durable premium medical-grade silicone material to provide you with the most comfortable and smooth experience. Our vaginal irrigators are perfect for easy and quick cleaning of your love doll.

Key Takeaways

Why you should use a vaginal irrigator to clean your sex doll's orifices:

1) To clean a sex doll's vagina, use a vaginal irrigator made of medical-grade silicone for a comfortable experience.

2) Before using the vaginal irrigator, lay the doll in a bathtub with an absorbent towel underneath.

3) Add mild antibacterial soap to the syringe bulb filled with warm water and gently flush the vagina with the irrigator.

4) Repeat the process with clean water to rinse the vagina thoroughly.

5) After each use, clean and detach the nozzle and syringe bulb with water and disinfectant, then store them in a ventilated place.

Preparation before Using the Vaginal Douche

Before using the vaginal irrigator, lay your sex doll or sit her in an empty bathtub with a thick absorbent towel underneath her. Note, this method is for a fixed vagina and not a removable vagina. 

Instructions for Use

1) Remove the nozzle from the syringe bulb.
2) Add a teaspoon of mild anti-bacterial soap to the syringe bulb and fill it with warm water. Gently shake the bulb.
3) Hold the syringe bulb and insert the elongated nozzle of the vaginal douche into your love dolls vaginal barrel.
4) Squeeze the bulb gently to flush the warm soapy water into the vagina. Keep squeezing the bulb to rinse the inside of your sex doll’s vagina until all the soapy water is used up.
5) Insert the nozzle of the empty vaginal douche into your sex doll's vagina so that the bulb can suck the water in. Repeat this step if necessary.
6) Empty the irrigator and fill it with clean water. Repeat the process above to rinse the inside of your sex doll’s fixed vagina, and then absorb the water.
7) Use a drying stick to thoroughly dry your love doll's vaginal cavity and a microfiber cloth to dry your vaginal irrigator. 

How to Clean Your Vaginal Irrigator

With most vaginal irrigators, both the nozzle and syringe bulb are detachable, making them easy to clean. Before initial use and after each subsequent use, clean both parts thoroughly with a solution of water and disinfectant. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry in a ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Ensure that all parts are dry before being stored away.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the vaginal irrigator from simplifies the cleaning process of your sex doll's vagina. Made of premium medical-grade silicone, it offers you and your sex doll a comfortable experience. Follow the instructions above to easily clean your sex doll's vagina with warm soapy water, then rinse, and dry. The detachable parts of the irrigator are also easy to clean and should be dried before storage. Prioritize hygiene for a pleasant and long-lasting relationship with your love doll.

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