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Six Tips To Keep Your Silicone Sex Doll In Perfect Condition

Six Tips To Keep Your Silicone Sex Doll In Perfect Condition  | SxDolled

Six Tips To Keep Your Silicone Sex Doll In Perfect Condition

June 02, 2023



  • Six Quick Maintenance Tips For Your Silicone Sex Doll
  • Final Thoughts

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Just like any other sex toy, sex dolls require proper maintenance to keep them in perfect condition. This article will provide six maintenance tips for your silicone sex doll, including how to clean her skin, avoid damaging her silicone material, and maintain her makeup. By following these tips, you can extend the life of your sex doll and ensure that she continues to provide you with a pleasurable experience and companionship for years to come.

Key Takeaways

Six tips to keep your silicone sex doll in perfect condition: 

1) Massage any wrinkles or depressions on your silicone sex doll's skin caused by bending her joints to restore it to its original state.

2) Clean the doll's skin with gentle cleaning agents like detergent or shower gel if it gets stained with dust or debris. Wipe off any silicone oil seepage and apply talcum powder when dry.

3) Avoid using sharp objects and nails to prevent permanent indentations on the doll's skin or breasts.

4) Silicone sex doll makeup is non-toxic, odorless, and not easily removable.

5) Be gentle when wiping the doll's face to avoid hair loss and makeup removal.

6) If the makeup gets removed, touch it up with standard cosmetics, but avoid applying too much cream as it can make cleaning difficult. Use a makeup remover to clean the doll gently.

Six Quick Maintenance Tips For Your Silicone Sex Doll

1) Due to the medical grade silicone material used to produce sex dolls having a certain level of memory retention, wrinkles or depressions on her skin may occur when you bend her joints. Gently massage that portion back and forth for a few minutes to restore it to its original state. Note, it will be more difficult to recover if you leave it wrinkled for an extended period of time.
2) If the skin of your silicone sex doll has become stained with dust or other debris, clean her with detergent, shower gel, or other gentle cleaning agents. Due to silicone containing silicone oil, some oil seepage onto your sex doll's skin surface is natural. Simply wipe it down with a soft towel and, when dry, apply talcum powder.
3) Avoid using sharp objects when handling your silicone sex doll. For example, using your nails to pinch or press your sex doll's breasts to assess their softness can often result in permanent nail indentations.
4) The makeup on silicone sex dolls is accomplished with a special silicone paint that is odorless, non-toxic, and cannot easily be removed.
5) Do not use force when wiping your sex doll, especially her face, eye shadow, brows, and eyelashes, as this could result in hair loss and makeup being removed.
6) If your sex doll's makeup gets removed, you can easily touch it up with standard cosmetics such as lipstick and blush. However, it is critical not to apply too much cream on your silicone sex doll's face, as this could make cleaning difficult. To remove any makeup, simply wipe her gently with a makeup remover.

For more on sex doll maintenence, check out our article "how to clean, maintain and repair every inch of your sex doll".

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, maintaining your silicone sex doll is crucial to ensure her longevity and to keep her in good condition. By following the six maintenance tips outlined in this article, including gentle massaging wrinkles, using mild cleaning solutions, avoiding sharp objects, and being careful when handling your sex doll's makeup, you can keep your sex doll looking and feeling like new. It's essential to remember that proper care and maintenance are crucial for a satisfactory and enjoyable sexual experience with your sex doll. With these tips, you can keep your silicone sex doll in perfect condition and enjoy the realistic and pleasurable experience it provides.

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