Things To Know When Dressing Up Your Sex Dolls

So, you've recently purchased a charming and alluring dress for your beloved sex doll, indicating your eagerness to dress her up. However, are you aware of the proper method for doing so? It may come as a surprise, but there is, in fact, a specific procedure for dressing your sex doll in the most appropriate manner. Unfortunately, the majority of sex doll lovers and owners understand how important clothing is when it comes to styling their sex dolls, but remain unfamiliar with the topics we are going to speak of today. Fortunately, we're here to remedy that. Our delightful and informative guide will walk you through the correct technique for dressing your sex doll in a seductive outfit.



Here's what you should know when dressing your sex doll:

1) Select the Appropriate Size: Choose outfits that fit your sex doll perfectly to avoid damaging her skin texture or compromising her appeal.

2) Consider the Fabric of the Outfit: Be mindful of the material used in the clothing to prevent any harm to your sex doll's body, and wash new clothes to avoid dye bleeding.

3) Consider the Colour: Opt for lighter coloured clothes to minimize the risk of permanent stains on your sex doll's skin caused by dye bleeding.

4) More Is Better: Don't settle for just one outfit; invest in multiple outfits and wigs to add variety and spice up your sex doll's personality and appearance.

5) Use Complementary Jewelry: Add appropriate and non-damaging jewelry to enhance your sex doll's beauty and glamour, without the need for expensive or sharp-edged pieces.


Select The Appropriate Size

Just like us humans, love dolls also prefer outfits that are of the right size. Jokes aside, it is essential to choose clothing that perfectly fits your sex doll partner. If the outfit is too tight, it might ruin your sex doll's skin texture. On the other hand, if the dress is too loose, it would take away from your sex doll’s appeal. After all, you don't want your sex doll to look like a bag of potatoes, right? That would just suck out all the appeal from your sex doll.
Long story short, step one is to pick the correct size. You can go for any type of clothing real women would wear. However, make sure you pick outfits that compliment your sex doll's body shape. For example, you might need to shop at specialist stores for bustier women if you have a particularly busty sex doll. If you're serious about your sex dolls fashion it might even be worth investing in a sewing machine and learning how to use it.

Consider the Fabric of the Outfit

One of the questions you must keep in mind (along with your wallet) when shopping for clothes is the material of the clothing. If the fabric is too rough or hard, it could damage your sex doll's body. Your sex doll's skin is not indestructible and can be harmed by something as simple as a rough outfit.

However, the material of the dress is not the only concern. The dye used to color the material is the real issue. We've all experienced clothes bleeding colour, so it makes sense that dye can stain your sex doll's body. For example, a dress with a "weak bladder‚ÄĚ, so to speak, can leave an unsightly stain on your love doll, which can become a permanent mark. If that happens, you'll have to try to remove the stain with TPE stain remover, otherwise, you‚Äôll have no choice but to take your sex doll to a service center.

A good way to combat dye bleeding is to wash any new pieces of clothing a few times until any visible sign of dye bleeding is gone. Make sure to dry the article of clothing completely before dressing your sex doll up in it. Note, this is not a sure-fire way to prevent dye stains on your sex doll’s skin.

Therefore, in step two it's best to know the type of material used to make any outfit you plan on dressing your sex doll in beforehand.


Consider The Colour

The fabric of your sex doll's clothing is not the worst of your worries. It's the dye that gives color to that material that you should be worried about. This makes sense as I'm sure we have all been tormented by clothes bleeding colour. Now, a dress with a bleeds, so to speak, might leave a nasty stain on your sex doll. What makes it a worrisome issue is the fact that the dye can permanently stain your sex doll.

To prevent stains on the skin of your sex doll, every precaution must be taken. For this reason, you should pre-wash any newly bought clothing. This can greatly aid you in preventing any colour stains that your sex doll's skin might pick up. 

Cleaning stains off of TPE sex dolls can be challenging. I recommend, buying white or light coloured clothes as lighter colored clothing aren't so easily absorbed into your sex doll's skin. Darker colours stain more frequently than a lighter colour. For example, choosing dark blue jeans is not a wise decision.

In summary, pre-wash your sex doll's clothes. It is necessary to take all the possible measures to avoid stains on your sex doll's skin. That is why you should pre-wash newly bought clothes and aim to stick to light coloured clothes.


More is Better

Do you remember learning from your mum that greed is not good? Well, unlearn that when it comes to buying clothes for your sex doll. Never settle for just one outfit, if your budget allows it. Sex doll clothes are essential if you want to get the most enjoyment out of your sex doll. We all crave variety, so go for a couple of outfits. Also, don't buy the same kind of outfit. Why? Because variety is the spice of life. Her personality changes together with your sex doll's clothes. Take your time to pick out all those sizzling outfits you’d want your sex doll to wear. We cannot stress this enough; don't rush and take your time selecting the attire for your sex doll.

Furthermore, most sex dolls are fitted with a wig rather than having their hair implanted into their heads. In these cases you can experiment with different wigs styles and colors to switch up your sex doll's personality every now and then! She will have a different and fresh appearance with each wig. Your sex doll can be a cute young lady with long, bright pink hair, an edgy young adult with  dark hair, or an older woman with red short hair. Whatever hair style and hair color you pick, make sure you have a few other contrasting wigs.

Lastly, if you add the in some appropriate jewellery to compliment your sex doll's new clothing, you can make her look even more alluring. Jewellery will complete the look and also make her seem more glamorous, enhancing her appearance. Therefore, a lovely necklace, bracelet, or wristwatch can greatly enrich the beauty of your sex doll. Keep in mind, your sex doll doesn't need any pricey jewellery. Furthermore, the jewellery shouldn't have any sharp edges because these types of jewellery could potential damage your sex doll's skin.

Cutting to the chase, if you are a sex doll owner or looking to buy a sex doll, it is imperative to understand sex doll clothes and how effectively you can use them. Step three is to pick out a couple of outfits for your sex doll. Dive into that shopping spree for sex doll clothes and sex doll accessories now. Can you imagine your sex doll wearing a sexy lingerie corset and spreading her legs in hot lace stockings and high heels? Or a sultry outfit or dress? Time to go dress shopping! Whatever the occasion you and your sex doll are in whether that be a brunch, by the pool relaxing, sun bathing, at happy hour, a cocktail party, a role play scenario, or a movie night, you will need different outfits to fit the occasion. Let your imagination run wild.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, dressing up your sex doll can be an exciting and enjoyable experience, but it's important to keep in mind the correct procedure for doing so. From selecting the right size and fabric to buying multiple outfits, each step is essential in ensuring your sex doll looks its best. By following our guide, you'll be able to dress up your sex doll in alluring attire without causing any damage to its delicate skin. Remember to take your time and enjoy the process, and your sex doll will be the envy of all your friends.

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