Top 5 Ways To Carry Your Love Doll Around

Top 5 Ways To Carry Your Love Doll Around | SxDolled

Top 5 Ways To Carry Your Love Doll Around

May 13, 2023



  • Top 5 Techniques To Carry Your Sex Doll Around
  • Final Thoughts

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As sex doll technology advances, their realism continues to improve, to the point where it's easy for them to start weighing as much as an actual human being. As a result, transporting these lifelike sex dolls can be challenging if you're unsure of the proper techniques. Fortunately, there are five effective methods available to help you carry around your sex doll without causing harm to yourself or your sex doll. Check them out and discover the best ways to transport your realistic sex doll safely and securely.

Key Takeaways

The top 5 ways to carry your sex doll are:

1) The Potato Sack Technique involves lifting the doll by the waist and placing her over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

2) The Fireman Technique involves lifting the doll by one arm under your armpit and guiding it along her neck to carry her on your shoulder.

3) The On-Shoulder Technique involves having the doll sit on your shoulders with her legs and body resting on your back.

4) The On-Arm Technique is like carrying a partner over the threshold; you cradle the doll in your arms for a romantic gesture.

5) The Alcoholic Aid Technique involves wrapping the doll's arm around your shoulder and lifting her by the waist to support her during transportation.

Top 5 Techniques To Carry Your Sex Doll Around

1) Potato Sack Technique

This method involves lifting your sex doll by the waist and placing her over your shoulder, similar to how one would carry a sack of potatoes. It requires you to use your strength to support her weight and maintain a firm grip. As you lift her, make sure her body is securely positioned on your shoulder to ensure balance and stability. This technique can be used playfully or in situations where you need to transport your sex doll in a casual and unconventional manner. 

2) Fireman Technique

The fireman is a technique commonly used by firefighters to rescue and transport individuals. To execute this move, you lift your sex doll by placing one of her arms under your armpit while gently guiding it along the back of her neck towards the shoulder. This technique allows you to bear the weight of your sex doll on your shoulder while keeping her body secure against yours. It requires a certain level of strength and balance to maintain control and ensure the comfort of your partner during the carry.

3) On-Shoulder Technique

In this carrying method, your sex doll sits on your shoulders with her legs and body resting comfortably on your back. It is essential to be mindful of her head to prevent any discomfort or injury. To execute this technique, you should bend slightly forward and ensure your sex doll’s weight is evenly distributed on your shoulders. This technique can be utilized for short distances or as a way to show affection and playfulness.

4) On-Arm Technique

Symbolizing a traditional act, the on-arm gesture is often associated with carrying a newlywed partner over the threshold after getting married. It represents a romantic and celebratory moment. To perform this gesture, you cradle your sex doll in your arms, supporting her weight and ensuring her comfort. It is essential to have a secure grip and maintain balance throughout the movement to prevent any accidents or discomfort.

5) Alcoholic Aid Technique

This technique is usually used to assist an intoxicated partner in a caring and supportive manner. To utilize this technique, wrap your sex doll’s arm around your shoulder while lifting her slightly by the waist. This allows you to bear a portion of her weight, making it easier for her to be carried. The primary goal is to ensure her safety and well-being during transportation. This technique requires you to be attentive to her needs, providing a stable and secure support system until she reaches the desired destination.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, these carrying techniques offer unique ways to transport and support your sex doll in different situations. Each method serves a specific purpose, from playful gestures to traditional acts of romance. Safety and comfort are essential factors to consider when attempting these techniques. By approaching them with respect and attentiveness, you can create memorable moments and demonstrate your affection in safe and thoughtful ways.

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