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What Factors Affect The Lifespan of A Sex Doll

What Factors Affect The Lifespan of A Sex Doll | SxDolled

What Factors Affect The Lifespan of A Sex Doll

January 08, 2023



  • Material
  • Use
  • Maintenance 
  • Storage 
  • Final Thoughts

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There is an adage that goes "everything always ends in goodbye", an expression of the act of when individuals face the prospect of parting ways from their friends and family (whether that be for a short, long or the last time), it is always inevitably a sad time. Goodbyes and departures are always sad events, whether it be friends, partners, family or even your beloved sex doll. Whether these individuals have been with us for a short or long part of our lives, their departure does not become any less bitter. Unlike human life, where death and other untimely causes could lead to loved ones leaving us, with sex dolls ‘goodbyes’ are completely manageable and, in more cases, than not completely in your control.

Depending on your needs these dolls can mimic the male or females bodies, where there is often a focus on women's bodies due to, currently, the majority of adult doll owners being men.

Sex Dolls will be and are big parts of many people's lives and will occupy a very important place in some of their hearts. Research shows that sex doll owners and their uses of their dolls are diverse. Likewise, studies with sex doll owners indicate that many do not only regard and treat their dolls as “sex” dolls, but sometimes also as “love” dolls or social companions. A clinical case study explained how living with a doll played an important role in helping divorced men to overcome relationship trauma and get ready to approach real women again.

So, before owning a life sized doll, what can you expect for the doll’s lifespan?

It is important to note that with everything in life needs, things need to be maintained whether that be your phone to your car. To elaborate, a car needs to be maintained after a certain number of kilometers, and if you often drive your car in bad road conditions, you'll need to maintain your car even more often.

By the same token, a well-maintained sex doll has a better chance of lasting longer than a love doll that has been casually used and trashed.

So, while there is no way to know exactly how long a real love doll will last, there are steps and procedures you can take to minimise and control your sex doll from this fate and ensure its longevity (but we'll get into these procedures in another article). Today we are discussing the many factors you need to take into consideration whilst maintaining your sex dolls, the following are some of the major aspects that you will need to be wary of in ensuring your adult sex doll's longevity.

Key Takeaways

The factors that affect the lifespan of a sex doll are:

1) Material: High-quality materials like TPE and silicone are more durable and can extend the lifespan of a sex doll.

2) Use: Frequent use and rough handling can lead to wear and tear, reducing the doll's longevity. Proper care and maintenance can mitigate this.

3) Maintenance: Regular cleaning, hydration, and avoiding harmful chemicals are essential for the doll's longevity and the user's health.

4) Storage: Storing the sex doll in a cool, dry place with moderate temperature and humidity levels helps prolong its lifespan.

1. Material

The material of your sex doll is one of the most important factors, the better the material used to manufacture the sex dolls the better it will be able to withstand the harsh conditions of use and other mechanical factors that could cause it to break down.

The most popular materials used for making almost all lifelike sex doll's skin are TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone as these materials are superior in longevity compared to other materials.

If the material/fabric of the costume you buy is of inferior quality, wear and tear will occur sooner than expected. The composition of the different materials used to make the dolls by different manufacturers also affects the life of the doll.

Of course, the downside to this is that high-quality TPE and silicone sex dolls are relatively expensive, especially the latter. This is the normal relationship between quality and price, if you are considering purchasing a sex doll then buying the highest quality love dolls is a wise decision. This is because top quality sex dolls will be easier to maintain and hence, last longer.

In short, more expensive dolls tend to be made from higher quality materials and parts, and will generally last you a long time.

2. Use

Put simply, the more you use your realistic sex dolls, the more wear and tear it will incur and the shorter its lifespan will be.

These dolls usually have an articulated PVC or metal skeleton with flexible joints that allow them to be positioned in a variety of positions for display and for sexual use.

However, whether you use your sex doll regularly or not, this wear and tear can be mitigated by proper care and maintenance, especially in terms of hydration and cleaning. Furthermore, you must handle your sex doll gently; rough handling may result in indentations, tears, or even chipping, all of which will reduce the life expectancy of your love dolls. So, the rougher you are with your doll, the shorter it will last in good condition. Maintaining your sex doll is paramount for a lot of reasons, especially when it comes to your sexual health and your own body. In addition to this, maintenance is one of the easiest ways to guarantee a longer life span for your dolls.

3. Maintenance

Maintenance of your sex doll is very important for many reasons, not only for the longevity of your love doll but even for your health. To elaborate a little further, proper maintenance of your sex doll ensures that no bacteria can grow on or within your sex doll, bacteria which could be seriously harmful to your health.

Most realistic sex dolls are packed with a cleaning kit and instructions inside, to help you maintain your sex doll for the long term.

In addition to this, proper maintenance is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your real life sex doll simply lasts longer. This includes regular cleaning (especially of the more complex parts), frequent hydration with mineral oil, and the use of ONLY water-based lubricants.

Above all, you must avoid harmful chemicals coming into contact with your love dolls, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • acidic solvents
  • alcohol
  • silicone oil

4. Storage

The final important aspect to consider is storage. The ideal environment to store your sex dolls is in a cool, dry place, in a flat position or with a doll hanging kit; extremes of temperature (extremely cold or heated temperatures) and humidity levels are major factors in determining the useable life of lifelike sex dolls.

Final Thoughts

One final thing, above all the previously mentioned factors the most important factor to consider would be to ensure that you are purchasing your sex doll from a trustworthy vendor.

In summation, some individuals want a doll for social companionship, whereas others want a love doll simply for a sexual relationship and sexual pleasure.

All in all, the factors of purchasing a quality doll, your doll's material, your doll's use and your maintenance and storage of your doll are all major factors in determining the lifespan of your doll. Your direct influence on these factors will ensure that your doll will effectively last indefinitely.

Sex dolls are a simple solution to meet your needs physically and emotionally. Whether you require a curvy or slim doll or a busty or flat doll, there is a sex doll out there for you and if there isn’t we’ll simply customise one for you! Buy your sex dolls with us today!

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