4 Things You Are Doing To Harm Your Sex Doll

4 Things You Are Doing To Harm Your Sex Dolls | SxDolled

4 Things You Are Doing To Harm Your Sex Dolls

January 28, 2023



  • 1. You’ve Used Lubricant
  • 2. You Don’t Clean Your Love Doll
  • 3. Storing Your Doll In Extreme Temperatures And Climates
  • 4. You Ignore Your Dolls Body
  • Final Thoughts

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Have you ever had that one thing that you really liked and wanted with you everywhere and at all times?

It’s safe to say you will likely feel the same with your sex doll.

So, why would you overlook these four details or more so these mistakes when it comes to caring for your realistic sex dolls?

I know that you don’t mean to hurt your love doll, but there are some common things a lot of sex doll owners do that are actually hurting their dolls without even realizing it, and sometimes unfortunately never realize that many of these actions are serious mistakes and lead to the shortening of their sex dolls lifespan.

In this article, we will discuss the four things you are doing to your sex doll that you must immediately stop doing.

Real love dolls are expensive and beautiful, and she’s always there to keep us company during those lonely nights. Therefore, it is our full responsibility to take care of her in the appropriate manner.

Not to mention, sex dolls also benefit people who are unable to enjoy a satisfying or healthy sex life due to erectile dysfunction, other health problems, disability, loss of a partner, or aging.

Listen carefully and remember the following points we are going to go through, making sure not to make these mistakes with your beloved adult dolls again!

Key Takeaways

The four things you are doing to harm your sex doll are:

1) You don't only use water-based lubricants for your sex doll. Other types of lubricants can cause damage to the doll's material and leave stains.

2) You don't clean your sex doll regularly after each use to avoid bacteria build-up, which can lead to damage and infections.

3) You don't store your sex doll at normal room temperature to prevent overheating, melting, or brittleness caused by extreme temperatures and climates.

4) You don't take care of your doll's body by promptly addressing any issues such as cracks, stains, or dirty wigs to prevent larger problems and extend your doll's usable life.

1. You’ve Used Lubricant

Don’t get me wrong, using lubricant is good! In fact, using lubricant is advised!

However, not all lubricants are made the same. There are some lubricants that you definitely want to use and others that you definitely want to stay far away from.

The key mistake here is using the wrong types of lubricants.

Lubricant is a good way to make the silicone and TPE skin of your sex doll nice and wet and ready to receive.

This being said you will only ever want to use water based lubricants… and this is why.

Oil based lubricants, silicone based lubricants, hybrid lubricants, and even novelty lubricants are all not ideal for use with your sex doll as these types of lubricants will do much more harm than good to your sex doll.

In short, oil based lubricants will stick to the silicone or TPE material of your love doll, unable to be removed without the use of harsh chemicals that will actually do more harm than good for your doll.

Silicone based lubricants will corrode and eat at the silicone and TPE skin of your sex doll, making it melt into a gloopy and sticky mess.

Hybrid lubricants whilst most are made with water based lubricants, as the name suggests these lubricants are made by combining different types of lubricants, often silicone and sometimes oil, two types of lubricants you definitely want to stay far away from.

Novelty lubricants include; flavoured, cooling, warming, tingling, etc. These types of lubes are more novelty than practical. The reason you want to stay away from these types of lubes range from type to product. For example, flavoured lubes can very easily grow bacteria if not cleaned properly, potentially destroying your doll and making it unusable.

Even the best and most quality sex dolls can be damaged or even destroyed if used in conjunction with the wrong lubes.

At a minimum, these lubricants can leave stains on your doll’s body or more severely these lubricants can damage your doll’s materials permanently and make your doll unusable.

Therefore, avoid using oil based lubes, silicone based lubes, hybrid lubes and novelty lubes and stick to only using water based lubes, which are pretty much as good as any other type of lube but have the added benefit of being harmless to your sex dolls.

2. You Don’t Clean Your Love Doll

Do you shower twice a day? Once a day? Once even two days?

The point is we all need to clean ourselves to keep up personal hygiene and it’s no different for your sex doll.

Exactly like we all need to take a shower every day to stay clean and healthy, your sexy adult doll also needs to be cleaned or at least kept tidy.

Keep your sex toys clean: When I say keep them clean, I mean really clean! If your toy came with instructions, it should advise you of the best way to clean your toy; this could be hot soapy water, disinfectant wipes, or even the dishwasher (yes, some sex toys are dishwasher safe!).

How you clean your sex toy and whether it can be cleaned properly depends on: what your sex toy is made of if your sex toy uses batteries and/or has parts that cannot be washed.

I know that doll owners all use their dolls differently, some doll owners report that they use their doll only for companionship, whilst others solely for sexual purposes. 

With your sex doll, this all depends on your use and regularity of use of your love doll. If you simply leave your doll sitting on the couch all day then you might get away with not cleaning your doll so regularly. On the other hand, if you are having steamy sessions regularly with your love doll you may have to clean her multiple times a day.

I recommend cleaning your doll after every sexual and steamy session.

All in all, it is important to always keep in mind the cleanliness of your doll every time you take her out of her storage box, whether in the shower or the bedroom, however, you get the job done, cleaning is a must.

Not cleaning your doll will be detrimental to your doll in the long term as she will start to build up all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms on your doll’s outer skin, which can damage your doll’s skin and also adds an increased risk to infect you with a fungal and/or bacterial infections. If at anytime you suspect that you have been infected, I recommend consulting your preferred healthcare professional as soon as possible.

Check out our article "how to clean, maintain, and repair every inch of your sex doll" for more detailed maintenance instructions.

3. Storing Your Doll In Extreme Temperatures And Climates

How do you feel when it’s extremely hot or cold?

When it’s 45 degrees or -15 degrees outside?

Another common mistake that most doll owners make is that they tend to store their real dolls in extreme temperatures.

Let me explain, the temperature and climate of the environment where you store your sex dolls are important. Your doll cannot be stored in an environment that’s too high or too low in temperature, they must be stored at normal room temperature.

To add to this, imagine it’s a 30-degree day, a fairly warm day. However, you’ve stored your love doll in a heavy blanket inside a storage box in your closet. This is where issues can quickly occur as your doll overheats, and the material of your doll may become compromised. If you were to take your doll out now, you risk tearing, ripping or potentially destroying your love doll right there and them. And even if you don’t do anything with your doll, the sheer weight of your doll may permanently deform your doll.

Furthermore, the climate is also an important factor to consider, moist climates can lead to moisture collecting on your doll making her more prone to bacteria build-ups. Dry climates, on the other hand, can make your doll dry and brittle.

Fortunately, If you are unable to avoid storing your sex dolls in extreme temperatures and climates, there are several methods that you can try or technologies that you can utilise to mitigate these issues.

Check out our articles "how to store your sex doll" and "the impact of temperature on sex dolls" as additional resources.

For extreme temperatures, you could try hanging your doll, rather than storing her in a storage box or using an electric blanket (on a low setting!) to keep your doll warm during cold temperatures.

For extreme climates you can try these technologies depending on your situation:

  • portable dehumidifiers
  • air conditioners
  • heaters
  • air humidifiers

4. You Ignore Your Dolls Body

Ever see something on your arm or torso, go “eh” and ignore it?

Well, you must not do this with your sex doll.

When you buy a sex doll you take on the responsibility to look after her as if you were taking care of another life.

Some small problems that are easy to ignore, such as cracks on your doll’s body, stains on her skin, dirty wigs, and so on, should be treated seriously as they can lead to bigger problems if left untreated long term, problems that may affect the integrity and usable life of your doll.

This being said, if you find any of these problems occurring in or on your doll, you must act immediately to fix these issues in time and prevent these issues from further occurring in future. Always tend to your sex doll!

Look after your doll and she will provide your with a happier and more fulfilling sex life.

Final Thoughts

Avoiding these four common mistakes will go a long way in helping prolong the usable life of your sex doll. If you love your doll, please stop making and avoid these mistakes!

Sex dolls are a simple solution to meet your needs physically and emotionally. Whether you require a curvy or slim doll or a busty or flat doll, there is a sex doll out there for you and if there isn’t we’ll simply customise one for you! Buy your adult toys or your sex doll online with us today!

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